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A god-class item (fan translation: god-level item) is a special magical item or weapon that was created and/or formed by the god attached to it by his or her powers.


These items have been created by gods, possessing unparalleled power compared to items created by humans. God-class items themselves are part of the god's body on a cellular level.

Generally they are indestructible, unless the god itself was annihilated completely from the current universe. Even if it has been damaged, the item can restore itself to its original state.


Unlike conventional items that were created by humans, a god-class item cannot be altered with bhavati brahma repeatedly, as it needs a month-long interval in between each alteration to be effective. Some god-class items are easy to change (e.g. Agni, who allows about any changes) while others cannot be altered, especially if the god is known to have a bad personality (e.g. Kubera, who shows his ill will to any magician trying to alter the Golden Knight).[1]

Ownership and rules for usage

Some god-class items were created by a god for their own use; Kali created the Sword of Return to kill Shiva, and simply discarded it when she failed. Nowadays, only one human at a time may own it, ownership lasts a lifetime, and only the owner may use or touch it.[2]

Other god-class items were created by a god for a specific person, such as the Neutral Bow, which was created by Vayu for Rao Leez. The original bow could be used only by Rao, but Lorraine Rartia later altered it so that it could be used by anyone who knows how to operate it.[3]

Yet other god-class items were created for the use of humanity in general, such as Brahma's city defense system.

Currygom has hinted that there are rules in place regarding a god's use of another god's item. Gandharva stated that there would be a significant penalty for Agni for firing the Neutral Bow.[4]

List of god-class items

Currently there are several major god-class items located on planet Willarv.

  • by Indra
    • Vajra - current owner: Asha Rahiro, may not currently be in her possession due to her incarceration
  • by Visnu
    • earrings - original owner: Taksaka; broken by the same force that destroyed the water channel , while in Yuta's possession.
    • 9 items including earrings above and Kitty ear headband, Necklace etc shown only by shadow.
  • Dagger - used by Brilith Ruin when she fought against Sagara during the Atera siege. Possibly Agni's.


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