Kubera, usually referred to as God Kubera, is the god of Earth, who is renowned for his wealth (among humans) and his highly apathetic nature (among the gods and suras). He is also the patron of the 10th month. Leez, not knowing his real name, calls him Mister (Ajussi in the Korean version); at one time she tries to name him Alexander but he tells her it is best that he does not have a name. He is currently in the human realm.

The gods and suras in the present do not call him by name, which has some unknown significance, while it seems that humans have no idea about the current circumstances surrounding his name (except for Asha).


Kubera has short, straight unruly gray hair during the day that turns golden at night, reddish brown eyes (which also turn golden at night) and a straight nose. He usually wears a black, tattered cape on top of what seems to be a tight musky green shirt, and a pair of brown trousers. His shoes also are black.

Like the other gods, his height and apparent age can change at will, but he usually appears as a child among the humans in order to not bring attention towards himself. His change in hair color from straw in the day to gold at nightfall is due to the effect of one of his transcendental skills.


Somewhat mysterious, Kubera is not talkative. He can change behavior rather abruptly, but most of the time, when he talks, he does it in a plain tone and with an apathetic expression. He does not care much of other people's opinions, but seems that he prefers feeding starved animals.

Thanks to his expressionless face, as noted by Sagara, he can easily lie to people.

Due to his old age, he does seem to suffer certain forms of childish episodes, pursuing pranks on Kubera Leez's hair style and enjoying it. He seems to genuinely enjoy Leez's company, though.

Skills and Abilities

His powers are available to humans as hoti kubera (strength) and bhavati kubera (flying) spells.

Transcendental Skills

Show/Hide Transcendental Skills


  • In the Korean version, he is most often referred to as 신쿠베라 (Shin Kubera/God Kubera). The shortened version of his name used by Currygom and the South Korean fans is 신쿠 (Shinku).
  • In the Prologue, he seems to represent force, opportunity, and promises.[1]
  • Almost nothing is known about him among humans.[2]
  • He is the only god able to enter the human realm without a summoner, despite the changes in the rules that took place during Cataclysm.
  • In the water channel, he is seen in a child form wearing a swim tube in front of Leez at one point. She thinks that it is his hobby to wear them.
  • His favorite habit, other than feeding animals, seems to be stalking Leez.
  • He has at times tried to have Leez killed and at other times saved her from death at the hands of Sagara.
  • His portal, besides the widely unknown ability of the Sword of Return, is the only known way to pass through the wall between realms.



In the beginning, Kubera was unable to control his immense physical strength. Searching for a way to live normally, he created the Golden Knight, a simple metal bracelet that suppressed his strength, bringing it down severely. However, Kubera was still able to summon his former strength at will.

Over time, Kubera learned how to cope with his powers without the help of the Golden Knight, so he went to other gods, looking for someone in need of the bracelet. The other gods refused, having found their own way to control their powers. Then Kubera kept the bracelet with himself, still looking for someone to give it to, until he met a human knight, Enan.

It's highly suspected that he killed Ananta, at a certain point, but at the cost of losing his name in the process, thus starting his endless journey in search for someone of the same name as him.

During the N0 Cataclysm, Kubera tore through the wall between realms using only his own strength in order to enter the human realm.[2]

Season 1

Still looking for something - or someone -, Kubera made his appearance in Atera, near the shop managed by Lorraine Rartia, and just before a couple of thieves stole a box that contained, among the other treasures, the Golden Knight. Leez happened to assist at the event and ran after the thieves, unknowingly followed by Kubera in child form, who previously had a small talk with the girl.

Thanks to his powers, Kubera made the box so heavy the thieves couldn't take it much further outside the city, and they were forced to abandon the treasures when Kubera appeared before them in his adult form, scaring them away. Leez arrived shortly thereafter, and tried to take the Golden Knight to give it back to its rightful owner, not knowing he was right before her. She didn't recognize the adult Kubera, who challenged her into a race for the ownership of the bracelet. Leez lost the race, but right after she took the bracelet on her right arm, Suras appeared. Since she was panicking after having lost her inhuman strength, Kubera taught her how to use the bracelet, and was surprised in discovering that the girl may had the requirements to use the item to its fullest.


Kubera feeding a rabbit

After dispatching the suras, Kubera took Leez inside Atera's barrier, and left her on the city's walls. After seeing an insight regarding Leez, he changed behavior abruptly and asked Leez if she wanted to live or die in that instant. Seeing that the girl was still too young to give a thoughtful reply, he left her to think about it, not before taking the childlike form again and warning her not to talk about him with others.

His second appearance was near Rindhallow, where he agreed with Gandharva to open a portal to the sura realm. However, he had also a secret agreement with Sagara and her underlings, allowing them to pass into the human realm and thus making Gandharva despair, since he couldn't pass through the portal if the Ananta clan was there.

Season 2

He was last seen discussing with Sagara about attacking Atera and Rindhallow, while he was feeding some starving animals in Rindhallow's icy environment.


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