Haas Lehn is a pure-blood human and a childhood friend of Kubera Leez. He is a survivor, along with his brother Kaz, of the destruction of their village. The brothers reside in Atera for Seasons 1 and 2, where Haas attends the city's magic academy.


Haas is often drawn as light-blueish, outlined figure that has no distinctive features. When he is more properly drawn, he appears as a young man, with slightly tanned skin tone and short yellowish-brown hair. He initially wears blue trousers and a light blue jacket with a hood (he is not seen covering his head with the hood). He is later seen wearing grayish trousers, a green belt around his light-blue jacket and a greenish-gray bag over his shoulder. From a picture of the mobile game Kubera, he seems to have eyes matching his hair color.


Acting his age, Haas appears more mature and composed than Kaz. He seems to have a good understanding of situations and is looking after Kaz in times of trouble.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Haas has a high divine affinity and considerable magic talent, but did not attend a magic academy until after his village was destroyed. He didn't want to leave his brother behind, who is unable to become a magician. Guard Roen gave him a book and he taught himself some magic, including teleportation. He now attends Atera Magic Academy.


  • According to Anna Haias in Leez's first dream (after she met Asha Rahiro), Kaz and Haas still have a place in Leez's future, though at the time she is not aware that they are still alive.[1]


Season 1Edit


One of the few opportunities to see him properly drawn.[2]

Chapter 1: A Girl with a God's NameEdit

(1) Haas merely tags along when Kaz presents his pun present for Kubera Leez. Upon seeing Kaz get violently rejected, he sighs about his brother's way of doing things and suggests they buy another present.

Chapter 2: The Queen and the BumEdit

(1) Haas appears with Kaz in Atera shortly after their village was destroyed and was seen among the crowd of Brilith admirers. When Gandharva and Maruna attack Atera, he obtains food for himself and Kaz, and promises to help out others for the food as intended. He does not recognize Maruna (in sura form) as a sura, but feels bad about the creature and notifies other people around him of its presence.

He is still in Atera with Kaz when Sagara and her army attack, and is initially seen talking with Kaz near a crowd of people in the temple square, as Sagara bumps into Kaz. He is still in the temple square and talking with Kaz when Cloche in sura form attacks, and witnesses her quick defeat. Once the battle is over, he and Kaz listen to an explanation about Brilith Ruin and the barrier.

Currently he enrolled in Atera Magic Academy as a freshman. Enrolling students can choose the color of their hoodie, but the color of the belt divides them into grades.[3][4] He is probably staying in the dormitories provided free of charge by the Academy together with his brother Kaz Lehn.[5] (the sign on the wall next to Agni)


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