Hana is a half-blood human of Yaksha clan heritage. She is Lutz and Ran Sairofe's mother. She died during the Cataclysm in the year N0, 15 years before the story begins.


Hana appears to be a woman with tanned skin tone. She has long light gray hair, which she puts up in pigtails (similar to her son Ran). So far her eye color has not been revealed, since her long bangs usually cover up her eyes. Her sura attributes are a long light gray tail, and light gray fur on the lower part of her arms.

She usually wears clothes typical for exercise or combat, often a simply colored tight tank top (in black or white), and long or short sport trousers in darker colors (gray or gray-blue).

Her preferred weapon of choice seem to be a pair of identical swords which she carries around with her in a scabbard adjusted at the belt.


  • In Asian martial arts, a choice of double weapons or double swords is often traditionally preferred by female fighters. It is possible that this is the reason Currygom gave Hana two swords to carry at all times.


1-60 Ran and his mother

Hana threatening her son[1]

So far Hana has made only a few appearances, and only in flashbacks.

She was seen gifting gloves advertised by a famous fighter to her son Ran,[2] and later explaining to him the problem with relationships between a long-living being and a human.[1]

She was killed in year N0 during the Cataclysm, when she turned insane and brutally attacked her own family due to emotional resonance.

In a flashback, she is seen looming over a crying little Ran.[1] It has not been revealed yet how Ran survived. Later on, Ran begged his aunt, the Priest of Resurrection at the time, to revive his parents with hoti vishnu after he froze their bodies.[3]


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