Healing Touch is a transcendental skill that heals a living, injured individual. If the target is not completely dead, it can be restored to full health. But unlike hoti asvins, it does not affect time. Instead, it increases regeneration/healing speed. This skill cannot be used on an inanimate object which cannot heal on its own, nor on body parts that cannot be regenerated—for instance, a body part sealed with a transcendental skill. There is no time limit to use this skill, unlike hoti asvins.

It does not require a high transcendental value so there are many who can use this skill; however, it is not used very often because it consumes a large amount of vigor.


Gandharva used this skill to heal the two halfs he and Maruna saved from hunters near Atera.[1] He also tried to heal Teo Rakan shortly after she had been stabbed.[2]

Hura also possesses the resurrection attribute and is able to use this skill. This was hinted when he said he could heal Clophe after the failed attack on Atera[3] and he also later healed Riagara, Clophe, and Pingara after they had been attacked by Yuta.[4]


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