Healing Touch is a resurrection-aligned transcendental skill.

This skill heals an injured living creature. As long as the creature is still alive, it is possible to recover the physical condition fully, but vigor will be consumed accordingly.

Unlike hoti asvins, it does not affect time, but the regeneration speed. For this reason, it does not work on inanimate objects. Another difference from hoti asvins is that it has no maximum time limit.

The required transcendental value is low, so it can be used by almost everyone with the right attribute. But many refrain from using it because of the severe vigor consumption.


Gandharva used this skill to heal the two halfs he and Maruna saved from hunters near Atera.[1] He also tried to heal Teo shortly after she had been stabbed.[2]

Hura also possesses the resurrection attribute and is able to use this skill. This was hinted when he said he could heal Clophe after the failed attack on Atera[3] and he also later healed Riagara, Clophe, and Pingara after they had been attacked by Yuta.[4]


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