The Hide of Bondage is a god-level item created by the primeval god Kali.

Characteristics Edit

The Hide of Bondage appears as a black cape with black feathers around the collar. Occasionally tentacle-like appendages will slither out.

These ropes (or tentacles) are drawn to the being with the highest transcendental value within its area of effect. Once bound, even a nastika cannot break free if they were in their human form before being bound.

The specific requirement for usage has not been confirmed, although it has been stated that it is very expensive to use.



It was used by Riche Seiran to capture Yuta after her use of conventional traps failed. Yuta sensed the presence of his mother and subsequently saw the Hide pursuing them. Thinking it was aiming for Kubera Leez, he handed his sword to her. This led the Hide to target Yuta, who seemed to have the highest transcendental value in the group.

Although the Hide bound Yuta temporarily, he eventually managed to bite through its ropes and start moving around. Asha Rahiro obtained the Hide from Riche after threatening to have Yuta bite her.

The Hide was in the possession of Lutz Sairofe for a little over a month, after his brother Ran sent it to him for modification.[1] However, his first attempt ended in failure as the Hide became stuck to his clothes.[2] His second attempt also ended in failure, as the tentacles grabbed Yuta's scarf at the airport in Kalibloom.[3]

Yuta later offers Lutz a way to remove the Hide from his clothes. When Lutz protests that he had just recently tried to modify it, Yuta tells him to modify the scarf instead using the Hide.[4]

Yuta is seen wearing the Hide when he teleports to Aeroplateau.[5] He discovers that he can easily pass through a city's barrier when he has it on, but he intends to give the Hide to Leez.[6] Once Leez falls asleep in her room, Yuta sneaks in and places the Hide on top of her, but he teleports away when she wakes up. Leez chases after him wearing the Hide.[7] The new Hide seems to be attracted to Leez, moving by itself to grab her when she gets too far away from it.[8]


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