Horizon Gate is a transcendental that opens a gate to the Taraka clan stronghold.

Just like Slaves of the Horizon, this skill was originally known as one of Kali's unique transcendentals, but later turned out to be a skill that Taraka is able to use as well.

No one else besides Kali and Taraka are known to be able to use this transcendental; however, it is possible for the wielder of Kali's god-level item, the Sword of Return, to open the gate, though this fact is not widely known.


  • Currygom's English name for this transcendental was given as "gate of horizon" in Volume 8. It should be noted that she admits that her English is not very good, and several of the English names she has given for various things have been renamed in both the webtoon and the wiki.


Taraka uses this skill to open the gate from the water channel.[1] Yuta also opens the gate for himself and Leez using the Sword of Return.[2]


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