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Hoti Yama
Hoti yama


Death (Yama)




Termination of life


God Yama related Silent magic

Known User

Claude Yui

Hoti Yama is the magic that consumes the lifespan of the magic target. The magic takes its effect after 12hrs, and the target - having been taken to their body's form 12 hours before their heart is scheduled to give out - gets to live only 12 hours more. When Hoti Yama magic is invoked, in 12hrs no change occurs, and after this time the target is old, and can live only 12hrs more. So after 24hrs the lifespan runs out and the target dies. This makes it the perfect tool for murder, since the effects do not manifest themselves immediately. In fact, this magic is considered so dangerous, that it is generally illegal to perform.

Hoti Yama magic is suitable as an attack method only against human beings, i.e. purebloods, Quarters, and Halfs, and has no effect on Sura. It is because Sura have no "lifespan" in the sense of a human and do not die naturally. However, a Sura could still get killed using other means.

One of the only people actually able to use Hoti Yama is Claude Yui, the Priest of Death. The spell isn't only dangerous, but it isn't seen very much anyway because it requires Silent Magic. The spell is mostly used nowadays in killing condemed criminals.

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