The Planet Willarv Human Search System (also referred to as the HSS) is located in Eloth. It was created by the primeval god Brahma, along with the magic testing sites.[1] It is a device within a closed space that lets the user locate designated humans given a specific time reference. Any living person can be found as long as the search is for the person's real name.

Only rank AA magicians are allowed to use it.[2] Each AA can only use it once a year, so they rarely use it in order to ensure its availability in times of need.[3]

Usage of the Search System is under a strict time limit; once the time is up, the space disappears (the user inclusive).[3][4]


The search system appears as a dark space with reddish-black background, a turquoise glowing console on a runway and a small rectangular turquoise screen. A voice announces the results of the search.[3]

Floating in the space are six grey circles, colorfully labeled with the name of each of the major cities: Mistyshore, Atera, Rindhallow, Eloth, Aeroplateau, and Kalibloom.[3][4]

Searched humans appear as lit yellow dots.

There is a lounge outside.[3]

Human Search System - images
2-117 Tilda and Saha watching Ran.png
observation window (outside of the space)
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2-94 human search system screen.PNG
search screen
2-94 human search system loading.PNG


  • Because it is introduced as "Planet Willarv Human Search System", it can be assumed other planets have search systems as well.


Chapter 4: AAA MagicianEdit

(5) During Asha Rahiro's magic exam in the year N11 in Rindhallow, she was aiming for the AA rank in order to have access to the system. Instead, she received an A++ rank from Laila Hemawati, who gave her written consent to use the system. Asha would also need consent from the other three AAs, all in Eloth.

Chapter 24: TabooEdit

(6) Saha On uses the system to research Asha Rahiro's murder cases, presumably checking up on humans with the name of a god. As he nears the end of his time limit, he requests a search for the year N11 - 35 humans still living. He searches the year N13 - 19 people still living. As he begins to search for the year N16, Tilda yells at him to get out immediately, and he is unable to find the results.

Later in the lounge outside, Saha On reveals that he forbade Asha from using the system.

Chapter 28: Emergency/FlightEdit

2-117 Ran using the HSS

(5) Ran Sairofe's first duty as an AA-ranked magician is to use the search system. As Saha On looks on, he instructs Ran to search for those whose real name is "Kubera," based on the current time. The search displays the location of three individuals: one in Eloth, one in Rindhallow, and the last just outside of Aeroplateau.


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