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1-67 Hura's sura form

Basic Information
Race Sura
Clan Asura clan
Rank Rakshasa
Stage 4th
Clan attribute Darkness
Gender androgynous
Personal Information
Height/Weight 170cm / 60kg
Non-human traits purple skin


four arms
First Appearance
Webtoon Chapter 67

Hura (후라) is a sura of the Asura clan and the only support sent to Sagara in the human realm from that clan.


In human form, he looks slender and feminine, with purple skin. He has long dark purplish-grey straight hair which is cut slightly diagonally in front (covering his right eye). Hura has a pink left eye, with a pink pupil, a sharp and slightly elongated nose and unnaturally long and thin fingers. He wears pink high-heels and purplish-black suit that covers the lower part of his body as well his arms and hands, with stirrups around the feet and shoes. On top of the suit he wears a purplish-grey poncho that extends just below his hips.

In his sura form, he looks insect-like and is quite small compared to other sura.  His body is purplish-black colored and he has two legs, four arms, and four insect-wings. He has fully pink eyes, long dark purplish-grey hair, a shield like scale with two extensions on his head, and a deformed toothy mouth. He has a pink pattern on his legs, scale and upper parts of the wings.


He has a mischievous personality and has been shown playing around and daring other sura for fun. Hura seems to get bored quickly and is not suited for waiting, and his impatience causes him to repeat his mistakes and annoy other people. He doesn't care for others opinions and dislikes following orders. For example, despite being sent to help Sagara's army he refuses to do as Riagara says because he isn't an Ananta and, as such, shouldn't have to answer to her. Even though he likes to brag about himself, whenever things get dangerous he's quick to back away. Upon realizing Kasak is the equivalent of a 5th stage rakshasa he complains no one warned him about facing someone like him and Riagara manages to make him admit he refused to eliminate the humans in Atera because he was scared, since there were a lot of magicians.

Transcendental SkillsEdit


Season 1Edit

6: Longing for YesterdayEdit

Hura arrived in the human realm via Kubera's gate along with the rest of Sagara's army. [1]

10: The Night it Rained FireEdit

In preparation for their attack on Atera, Hura, along with Cloche, Clophe, Riagara, Pingara, and Maruna, wait outside the city for Sagara's signal. He soon makes Cloche mad and challenges Riagara, transforming and flying off to invade Atera that is protected by the barrier. After a few attempts of entering that were blocked by Atera's defense mechanism, he returns to the others and is later seen yawning out of boredom. [2] Witnessing Maruna's attacks on the barrier, he further agitates Cloche, and is quite happy once the barrier falls. He then transforms to his sura form once again and moves to attack Atera along with his companions. He is together with Riagara and Pingara when Kasak arrives. After a short talk, Kasak attacks them with his Destructive Breath, that he manages to survive with his Twelve Comeback ability. Later, he is used as Kasak's main target, that he partially manages to evade, while trying to regenerate and run fast enough to survive, while Riagara convinces Maruna to take on the Half-dragon himself. Hura is finally granted relief when Maruna kidnaps Agwen and flies away with Kasak giving chase. Once the battle is over, he finds Cloche and Clophe in the forest and shows no signs of fatigue. He starts by showing off, and witnessing Clophe's difficulty in standing, kicks him to the ground and threatens to eat both Clophe and Cloche if they don't do as he says.

Season 2Edit

Along the rest of Sagara's army, he reappears in the second season of Kubera in the vicinity of Kalibloom. The group is left waiting again, after Sagara goes to the Chaos Temple herself. Eventually, they find upani corpses and with Cloche's abilities they discover that they were killed by a black shadow with wings. Upon hearing Hura boast that eating preys alive is common in the Asura clan, he's considered a suspect by Riagara and Pingara. However, this assumption is quickly dissmised by Hura claiming he would never attack his allies and Kasak becomes the main suspect.


  • Hura seems to be suited for stealth due his small sura form, healing, and regenerative skills.
  • He's the only Asura sura to have participated in the Atera attack, and the only one seen inside the story, aside a brief appearance of King Asura himself.
  • He is not very popular. Even in his clan he is known as the "King of Idiots," which raises the question of whether Cloche is right and the Asura clan sent him to get rid of him, rather than to support Sagara.
  • His file:


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