Gods can refuse to answer the summoning call

Idha Etu literally means "exist here" but was translated as "In this place Alight" by the Company. It is the spell used to summon a god.[1] In the past it was used more often, but after the events of the year N0, it became too dangerous to invoke a god due to a change of rules.

When casting this spell, the magician follows Idha Etu with the name of the god, e.g. Idha Etu Agni to summon Agni. The spell requires two steps:

  • First the summoner must tear a hole in the wall of realms, to create a path for the god's arrival. This requires three things:
    • part of the summoner's lifespan
    • a desperate longing
    • a third, unknown factor
  • Second, the god must be available and choose to come.

In most cases, the summoner dies before the spell successfully reaches the god. Gods can refuse the call, depending on their temperament, which adds more risk to using the spell.

In the event of success, the god's presence causes a continuous drain on the summoner, resulting in constant pain and early death.[2] Furthermore, the god drains part of the summoner's vigor when using abilities. If the summoner has no vigor left, his/her remaining lifespan is used instead. In N0, Chandra thus drained the life of his priest, unaware that the rules had changed.[3]

As a result, most magicians have given up on summoning magic.

Known summoners

In the storyline, the following magicians successfully summoned a god:

  • Jibril Ajes, a past Priest of Fire in Atera around the time of the Cataclysm, successfully summoned Agni. She died not long after a major battle with the suras, which drained her remaining vigor and lifespan.
  • Brilith Ruin, the current Priest of Fire and daughter of Jibril, was able to summon Agni twice,[2][4] and she has a special relationship with him.
  • A past Priest of Darkness in Rindhallow summoned Chandra during the Cataclysm to aid in the fight against the suras, but since Chandra was unaware of the new summoning costs invoked by Visnu, the summoner died quickly along with many suras when the god unleashed his full powers.
  • Trisilla Ajes, the last Priest of Wind on Planet Carte, summoned Vayu during the evacuation of Carte in the year N5.[5] Asha Rahiro was one of the survivors who escaped as a result.
  • Laila Hemawati, the Priest of Darkness, summoned Chandra during the sura attack on Rindhallow in the year N16.[6][7] She still holds a grudge against the god for killing the earlier priest, who was her mentor.[8][9]

Known failed attempts at summoning

  • Saha On admitted that he tried to summon Surya three times (with a major cost of his remaining lifespan) since the Cataclysm, but the god never answered the summons.[7]


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