The Kubera universe has many colorful and varied inhabitants.
They can be categorized as follows:

  • Pureblood humans are humans with less than 25% sura blood. Humans live in the human realm
  • Quarters are humans with at least 25% but less than 50% sura blood. Quarters usually live in the human realm
  • Halfs are individuals with 50% or more sura blood, and less than 50% human blood. Halfs usually live in the human realm, often in villages secluded away from the larger cities due to the discrimination they experienced post-Cataclysm. They require a magician's sponsorship to travel into and stay in cities.
  • Gods are those who can almost endlessly resurrect. They preside over various domains and are the source of the magic humans currently use. They stay mostly in the god realm although they can be summoned into the human realm via Idha Etu magic.
  • Sura are ancient beings that can live only once, but the strongest of sura are the strongest beings in the universe. Sura that can take human form, otherwise known as superior sura, are largely confined to the sura realm; sura that cannot take human form, otherwise known as inferior sura, live in the human realm. The four sura ranks are nastika, rakshasa, upani, and mara.
  • And above everyone else govern the primeval gods, who can resurrect endlessly, and live basically forever. Only their physical body can be destroyed inside a current universe.

Other categorizations:

  • Magicians are pureblood humans and Quarters who are able to borrow power from the gods. Halfs cannot use magic.
  • Fighters are pureblood humans, Quarters, and Halfs who are highly skilled in combat and weapon techniques, often using transcendental skills as well.

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