통찰 (tongchal)
an insight on Leez's fate
Target designated target
Effect(s) reading emotions/intent of target, potentially glimpsing past/present events
Requirement Gods: 4th Zen and above, direct eye contact with the target

Yuta: No eye contact necessary

Taraka: unknown requirements
Known user(s) the gods, Yuta, Taraka
Blog source Transcendental skills: Agni

Insight is a possible transcendental skill (it is questionable if it is, in fact, a transcendental, or simply an ability)[1] which allows the user to read the emotions and thoughts of a target, reveal the sura parts of a superior sura in human form, and potentially gain glimpses of the past or future of the target. With the exception of Yuta, the user must make and maintain eye contact for the skill to work, and it only works on beings younger than the user.

Regular insight is only capable of offering vague glimpses into a target's past or future, and the future witnessed is not predetermined and can potentially change, as evidenced by God Kubera's insights on Leez.

Information obtained through the use of insight cannot be retrieved a second time through insight, only orally or in writing.[2]

Visnu, Kali, Yuta, and Taraka are known to have a superior form of insight:

  • Visnu is capable of seeing all paths of the future at any time, although doing so is believed to have affected his mind.
  • Little is known of Kali's insight. In the finite, she is mentioned to have insight similar to Visnu. Gandharva also revealed that Visnu and Kali did not have ordinary insight.[3] Kali actively lies about the information she gains to further her own goals; Visnu is later revealed to lie for his own gain as well.
  • Yuta's insight allows him to read the thoughts of anyone younger than him even without eye contact.
  • The true extent of Taraka's insight is not clear. Yuta claims that the information she gets is distorted,[4] but Agni has stated that her insight skill is exceptional.[5] Yuta's point of view is likely due to the fact that he sometimes erases unpleasant things from his memory, so it is unreliable as a result.

Knowledge of insight is unknown to humans unless a god has revealed it to someone directly.[6] The following humans are aware it exists:

  • Asha Rahiro learns of it from Visnu when he visits her on Carte in the year N5.[7]
  • Kasak Rajof knows of it, as well as the fact that he possesses information that cannot be retrieved by insight a second time.[2] It is strongly implied that he learned about it from Visnu, who spent time with him when he was a child.
  • Claude Yui reveals to Chandra that he knows about insight, but does not reveal which god told him.[6]
  • Agni describes insight to Leez Haias simply as the broad perspective of someone who has lived a very long time and experienced many things.[8]


  • Currygom admitted in the Episode 32 afterword that she only listed insight among Agni's transcendentals so that she could publish his list of transcendentals. (Her personal rule for releasing a character's transcendentals list is that there has to be at least five, and Agni had only four at the time.) She was vague as to whether or not insight was an actual transcendental.


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