Jatayu is a rakshasa from the Garuda clan, and younger sister of Samphati. Sometime around the year D700 she was eaten by Yuta, who then took her name as his own. Her death led to Samphati's unprecedented development to 5th stage.[1]


Jatayu appears as a young girl with pale skin, short coral pink hair, and yellow-green eyes like her sister, Samphati. She wears a black dress with pink straps and details on the top. Under her dress she wears black knee-high socks with pink details similar to those on her dress. She has fanged teeth and her hands and forearms are covered in black gloves edged with feathers.

According to Yuta, she has pretty dimples.[2]


  • Yuta took her life and her name when he still lived with Taraka, shortly before he fled to the Garuda clan.


Season 2Edit

Chapter 31: Your Justice and MineEdit

(17) While Yuta is under the effect of what is possibly one of Sagara's transcendentals, he is under the illusion of being back in the sura realm ~300 years earlier and facing Jatayu, who asks him if he wants to play.

(18) As Yuta tries to remember what he was running away from, Jatayu accuses him of forgetting things for his own convenience. When he calls her "Jatayu", she suddenly has a bloody wound on her neck and head, and yells at him to stop calling her that because it is no longer her name since he took it when he ate her. Yuta apologizes over and over for what he did, but Jatayu tells him to stop since he is making her look like the bad guy. She then says she wants a greatly satisfying ending to the last 300 years and for that to happen, he has to be the bad guy.


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