Kanna Ajes is the daughter of Praul Ajes, Principal of the Atera Magic Academy. She has a fraternal twin brother, Leto.


  • When Brilith explains to the twins how magic can go wrong, they tease each other because their spells often fail.[1] This is most likely due to the fact that they each have one Nil attribute, which was revealed in Volume 6.


Season 1Edit

Chapter 10: The Night it Rained FireEdit

(2) Kanna and her brother first appear at the Fire Temple library when Miss Tara catches them trying to run off with some restricted books (in her case, Idha Etu Magic). It seems they often sneak into the library... and get caught by Miss Tara, who complains that they do not like to obey rules or listen to their elders.

The Priest of Fire, Brilith Ruin, is at the library when the twins try to steal the books. When she sees that Kanna wants to read a book about summoning magic, she sits with them and explains that the spell is very dangerous to use.

(3) After the attack on the magic academy, the twins join up with their father Praul, teasing him about him talking to a beautiful woman behind their mother's back.

(20) During the cleanup after the second attack on Atera, Urga Ill asks Praul if he found his children. He answers that he did, but does not know what to do with them now (as they both obnoxiously tug on his sleeve).


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