King of Toxic Mist
독무(毒霧)의 왕
2-40 King of Toxic Mist Sagara
Earth + Darkness
Target Self-centered range / Onself
Effect(s) Damage (miasma), immunity to physical attacks (while active) + full recovery
Requirement Being Sagara, human form only
Known user(s) Sagara
Blog source Sagara's skills

King of Toxic Mist (독무(毒霧)의 왕) is one of Sagara's unique transcendental skills.

This transcendental breaks down the user's body and then reassembles it. The miasma causes damage to everyone standing in a certain range around the caster.

In addition it recovers the user fully with the exception of the vigor level.

Sagara has to be in male form to cast it, so she uses it for recovery purposes rather than for combat.


Sagara used it in Atera to heal herself from Brilith's Bhavati Agni[1] and to fight Leez and God Kubera in Kalibloom. [2]


  1. Season 1 Chapter 77: The Night it Rained Fire (14)
  2. Season 2 Chapter 40: The Test of the Sword (7) (and following)

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