Kinnara clan
Kinnara is the first king of the Kinnara clan

Clan Name

Kinnara clan

Clan Source Attribute


Animal Characteristic

Herbivorous Mammals

Past King(s)

Kinnara (1st)

Current King

Airavata (2nd)?


Vritra clan


Taraka clan

The Kinnara clan is one of the eight sura clans.


Not much is known about this clan. Their first king is Kinnara, whose status is unknown in the current storyline. She was once Vritra's lover, so she spent most of her time around him at the beginning of the universe and their clans were allied. However, once he lost his emotions, they split up and put an end to their alliance.

In The Finite, Shess, a Kinnara clan member and currently the oldest living rakshasa, appeared at his mother's request to help Taksaka understand what happened to Ian's village. He had a small conversation with Ran's grandmother before returning to his clan.


The Kinnara clan are famed for their justice. They also maintain a neutral stance when it comes to sura matters.[1][2]

The Kinnara clan was once allied with the Vritra clan, mostly due to the closeness of their kings. The alliance is no longer effective and the clan had since become neutral.

Shess arrived in the human realm alongside Sagara's army,[3] but refused to help them attack Atera.[1] Instead, he went to Kalibloom where he encountered a frustrated Gandharva. Disappointed, the king noted that if Shess was with Sagara, there was no doubt about the rest of his clan, but Shess denied it.[2]

Later, Shess paid a visit to Kubera, explaining he was sent to the human realm by Airavata to be on his side, but won't support his current actions.

Notable MembersEdit


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