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General AbilitiesEdit

God Kubera's powers are available to humans as hoti kubera (strength) and bhavati kubera (flying) spells.

According to Agni, God Kubera used his incredible strength to tear open a portal into the human realm during the Cataclysm.[1]

Transcendental SkillsEdit

The following transcendentals are listed in the order in which they appear in the story. Follow the links to the specific skill for plot details.

1-29 Shorten Distance
Shorten Distance

Effect: move quickly
1-30 Eye of Earth
Eye of Earth

Effect: find the location of someone
1-08 insight of Leez

Effect: reveals target's thoughts and emotions, past/future; reveals a sura's non-transformable body parts
1-30 Gravitational Field
Gravitational Field

Effect: change in gravity
1-30 Binding of Earth
Binding of Earth

Effect: increase in weight
1-32 Bountiful Earth
Bountiful Earth

unique transcendental
Effect: summon something in nature
1-33 Sinkhole

unique transcendental
Effect: destruction
1-34 Gigantic Force
Gigantic Force

Effect: temporarily increases physical strength and defense
1-34 Binding of god
Binding of God

unique transcendental
Effect: summon
1-35 Rooted Foot
Rooted Foot

Effect: body part becomes stuck to the ground
1-88 Release from Earth
Release from Earth

unique transcendental
Effect: temporary flight


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