The Kubera FanCafe, also commonly called KuCa, is a Korean-language community for fans of the webtoon Kubera. Members can share fan art and fan fiction, and discuss the webtoon. The author Currygom has also set up a few rules regarding what types of art can be shared. Non-Korean fans have been able to join the community in the past few years.

It appears that people outside South Korea cannot currently sign up for the various Naver Cafes because of their new authentication system that requires either a South Korean mobile number or an I-Pin identification number.

Kubera FanCafe

If you have not signed up yet, the first thing you may notice (besides everything being in Korean) is that some of the links will take you to blank pages. You will need a membership in order to read all the content in KuCa.

How to sign upEdit

In 2012, Mizura created this thread on how to sign up to KuCa, but the process may have become easier since that time.

Sign upEdit

You have to sign up for a Naver account first, then sign up for the Kubera FanCafe after that.

An easy way to register with Naver is via the Naver Cafe app. The Terms of Service and sign up pages are in English if you download from the U.S. App Store. Signing up requires your mobile number. Make sure you choose the correct country code in the drop-down menu before pressing "Verify", then enter the confirmation code that will be sent to your number.

Be aware that your account will be deleted if you do not log in for a long period of time. (The time limit is probably one year, but this needs to be verified.)

App menu:

  • 카페홈 - Cafe Home
  • 내카페 - My Cafe
  • 채팅 - Chat
  • 내소식 - Followers
  • 글쓰기 - Message

App navigation:

  • 닫기 - Close (return to previous screen); often appears in upper left corner

(There are not yet directions for joining the Kubera FanCafe from the app. Try following Mizura's instructions starting with part II. Signing up to KuCa.)

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