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Start of series

Kubera Leez appears as a teenage girl with green, wavy, shoulder-length hair, green eyes and bronzed skin, all of which she inherited from her mother, Anna Haias. Her hair is shoulder-length and has two distinctive curls at the sides, which she puts up as pigtails. She is slightly shorter than the average height of Willarv women, but has a full, slightly chubby but athletic figure. Leez has a supposedly weird, unattractive face, and displays a wide range of facial expressions.[1] However, the author stresses that she is drawn in a beautified way, as she is the main character (she is sometimes drawn correctly).[2][3][4]

1-07 unfiltered Leez


Leez is aware that she is 'ugly', but doesn't seem to mind too much unless someone is making fun of her.[5][6][7] On the other hand, she does seem to mind her breasts, which she refers to as useless 'lumps of fat.'[8] She doesn't pay much attention to her image, as she has messy eating habits,[9] doesn't pay much attention to her state of dress,[10][11] and sometimes drools or picks her ear while in the company of others.[12]

From time to time, other characters will note that Leez resembles the famous fighter Rao Leez, but most decide that it is merely a coincidence since he was generally known to be childless. Ran Sairofe eventually realizes her connection to her father, but usually calls her "chickie" instead of Leez because the name reminds him of her father.[13] Claude Yui mentions that she resembles Rao after they discuss the Neutral Bow.[14] During the Test of the Sword, Zard Blain remarks that she reminds him of Rao, but Clari Utas seems offended that he would compare Rao's face to hers.[15]

Throughout the story, Leez wears a collared yellow shirt with long sleeves that can be rolled up, and an orange skirt. This outfit, made by a magician and with apparently good protective properties (but no other special functions), is the last present that her mother ever gave to her.[16] She also wears sports shoes, and a carries a backpack when traveling.

She eventually finds herself wearing the Golden Knight, a god-level item by God Kubera, on her right arm.[17] Unable to take it off, she heads to Kalibloom and asks the Priest of Earth to help her remove it, but she is forced to keep wearing it after he refuses to tell her the method.[18] She also eventually obtains the Sword of Re,[19] which she can summon to her from any location.[20]


2-28 new Leez

growth spurt

Leez is shown as an adult in insights by God Kubera, Agni and Taraka, when she is under the effects of hoti yama, and in various other scenes from the future. As an adult, she is taller and her breasts are larger, and her hair has grown to waist-length. Her voice sounds more mature,[21] and her face also changes to resemble a female version of her father's (considerably more attractive)[21][15] face.[22][23] An insight shows her back to be full of scars.[24]

The insights show her wearing the Hide of Bondage, which is composed of a form-fitting black suit with two straps across her chest, and a black cloak rimmed with black fur. She still wears the Golden Knight, and wields the Sword of Re. In one of these scenes, she appears to wield God Kubera's spear.[25]

During her time under the hoti yama spell, Leez enjoys the appreciative looks she receives from passersby.[21] She is more unsettled when Gandharva comments on her beauty (possibly because she is trying to hide her appearance), only to be confused when he adds that he isn't talking about her face.[26] Teo Rakan remarks that she looks exactly how Rao Leez would if he were a woman.[22]


Current Leez

No. Shakun does not look abnormal. How could I ever have confused a face like yours with hers?
– Gandharva, after mistaking Leez for Shakuntala.[5]
Is this for decoration? It has such a funny shape. [...] Why is it so curly?
– God Kubera, commenting on Leez's trademark curly hair.[27]
...You resemble him. The fighter. The one whose name was on the Neutral Bow.
– Claude Yui, after interviewing an overly-trusting Leez[14]
For some reason, she reminds me of Rao. Doesn't she look a bit like him? -You're joking, right? How can you compare Rao to a face like hers?
– Zard and Clari, commenting on Leez's resemblance to Rao Leez.[15]
I know I'm ugly, so you shut your face!
– Leez facing off against Sagara.[7]
Haah, it would've missed me if I was only a bit thinner. These lumps of fat have never been any help to my life. Hmph!
– Leez, complaining about her breast size.[8]

Grown-up Leez

I doubt there's anyone else out there with curly blue-green hair, a 'figure to die for', and surprising strength.
– Asha quoting people who saw Leez while Leez was under hoti yama.[26]
My gods, that woman looks exactly like Rao!
– Teo Rakan, after seeing the face of grown-up Leez (who is under the effects of hoti yama).[22]


Outwards personality

Outwardly, Leez has a loud and cheerful personality. Currygom states that she wears her heart on her sleeve, so when the story is told from her perspective, there are not many scenes where she talks to herself.[28] She has an impulsive tomboy attitude and gets easily distracted: throughout her journey, she wanders off several times, often before a person finishes talking to her, causing much grief to her travel companions.[2][29][21][30] Those who know her father note that she shares many traits with him, including a tendency to trust, often smiling, frequently eating large meals, and easily falling asleep regardless of the context (see:Notes section of Episode 2-108).[13] She is generally friendly and genuinely believes that "if a person doesn't do anything bad, they should be seen as good, and treated accordingly."[14] However, she also likes to fight, and may end up hitting someone too hard before realizing it, only to sometimes worry about the damages later.[16][5][3][27][31] She appears to be more careful in Season 2. As a young girl, she dreamed of becoming a stronger fighter than her parents,[32] though she is currently more interested in magic as a means to achieve her revenge.[33]

1-41 little Kubera

little Kubera

Growing up in a small village, Leez has a very innocent outlook on life and a strong sense of justice, which others describe in various positive or negative terms: naive,[3] honest to the point of exasperation,[17] able to live without the law,[34] and sweet little child.[35] Her beliefs apply against criminal acts such as chasing after thieves in Season 1 (despite the lack of rewards),[36][17] but also extends to everyday behavior such as not wasting food.[37][34] In both cases, she appears to genuinely believe that sinners will be punished by Agni. Even so, she will refrain from acting against something she believes is unjust if it is unfortunately legal, or if Asha tells her not to. For example, she doesn't immediately try to save a half that was on auction,[29] but later helps then tries to justify herself by claiming that someone else was 'already taking the half away.'[31] In Kalibloom, she also helps Gandharva, whom she mistakes for a half, by suggesting an arm-wrestling match.[21]

Despite her apparently naive personality, Leez has been shown, at times, to be surprisingly accurate at reading people emotionally, much to the surprise of those around her. When given the choice to live or to die, she correctly interprets that God Kubera is pushing the responsibility of the decision onto her.[38] She is able to help Gandharva understand his daughter's feelings,[22] and is able to comfort Yuta who was depressed from the fact that everybody wanted to use him.[39] However, this appears to be limited by the scope of her own experience. She is unable to understand the persecution of Halfs, for example (lacking the corresponding history knowledge), nor Ran's phobia of them, nor does she bother to ask.[40] When Asha becomes increasingly cold towards her in Kalibloom, she can think of no other reasons beyond having wronged her somehow.[41]

Leez was prevented from receiving an education her entire life because of the need to hide her Name.[42] As a result, Leez lacks common knowledge on a variety of topics including magic,[43][44][45] suras,[46] and cities.[17][47][48] This makes it difficult for her to correctly interpret and react to ongoing events. For example, she mistakes God Kubera's transcendental skills for magic. Leez is generally curious and is often shown asking questions about the things she observes.[2][46][47] However, she doesn't appear to actively seek general knowledge, and generally tries to avoid Asha's lectures. On the other hand, she has gone to great lengths to learn skills and knowledge that are useful to her goals, including reading university-level books to learn bhavati kubera and repeatedly jumping off a cliff to master it. For a full list, see Notes section of Episode 2-109.[49] Leez also never repeats a question twice. Instead, she may recall and interpret past events as she gains additional knowledge.[50][33][51]</ref>


1-45 happy with curry fish filets

happy with curry fish filets[52]

  • Eating large amounts of (any) food, especially mushrooms (her favorite food).[16][53][6][54][55][56][57][18][25][35]
  • Picking mushrooms.[16]
  • Sleeping.[58][13]
  • Competing.[27][59]
  • Bragging and receiving compliments.[16][3][17][60][46][21]
  • Swimming / taking baths in cool water,[50][61] and generally cool places.[18] (not too cold though)[62]
  • Making friends.[60]
  • The clothes that are her mother's last birthday present.[16][50]
  • At the start of the series, she was also looking forward to maybe receiving a princess dress, new makeup, or a huge currygom doll from Kaz, though she lists all of these below mushrooms.[16] That said, even when given the choice of alternate outfits, she has chosen mostly practical clothing until now.


1-43 traveling blues

miserable heat[63]

  • Math: she's extremely bad at this.[16][64][65]
  • Asha's long lectures.[10][64][55][66]
  • People (God Kubera) fiddling with her hair.[17][64]
  • Being made fun of.[16][17]
  • Being called 'Chickie.'[33][15]
  • Hot weather.[63]
  • People who are picky and don't finish their food.[37]
  • People who mistreat halfs.[52][21]
  • Suras (at least the sort that would attack humans).[32]
  • Since her village was destroyed, she dislikes being in crowded areas, as she worries that others may be harmed when she is targeted.[22][22]

Attitude towards others

Though she was initially told off by Asha for being rude,[67] Leez appears to be generally polite and deferrential towards adults and those of higher authority, bowing to them in greeting or in thanks,[52][68][69] and cooperating with their investigations.[14] Even after Claude Yui cast hoti yama on her, she merely starts referring to him as 'Claude-ssi' instead of the more respectful 'Claude-nim'.[70]

On the other hand, she has a very casual attitude towards those she perceives as equals or of lesser (appeared) age. God Kubera, in particular, notes that she tends to change her attitude based on appearance, and that she is "weak to the strong, and strong to the weak." She treats God Kubera differently depending on his age appearance,[4][64] but also treats Yuta as a child despite knowing that he's older than her.[10] After Yuta develops, she immediately changes her behavior towards him: she no longer impulsively hugs him, much to his chagrin.[20]

Despite being generally polite, Leez sometimes makes rude comments without really meaning to, such as commenting that "Mister" must be going bald,[24] or deducing that he's a pervert.[4] She also often teases Ran,[71][72][59] and sometimes, to a much lesser degree, Asha.[31][60] She used to regularly beat up Kaz for making fun of her,[16] though she was aware that he was an exception that could survive her punches,[3] and may still hit someone who makes fun of her, without thinking. However, in general, she is quick to trust. Depending on a person's actions, her opinion of that person can improve quite quickly.[24]

Leez often places the needs of others before her own, while often repressing her own needs, apparently believing that smiling is better than being sad,[24] and hoping that others will open up to her one day if she works hard.[6][51]

  • In Atera, when Agni looks sad, Leez thinks of how to cheer him up as well.[3]
  • While searching for a birthday present for Asha, she hears a child crying that he might get kicked out if the stolen box isn't retrieved, adding that he has no family. She then immediately chases after the thieves.[36]
  • She helps Yuta and a Half against Half hunters, then risks her life twice to save Yuta against stronger opponents, planning even to lure Maruna away just so Yuta can run away.[43][73]
  • In the water channel, she accepts to 'cast the dice' in Mister's place, while offering to watch over him to see whether he becomes sad or not.[11] However, God Kubera realizes that she's suppressing her own sadness regarding the loss of her village.[64] In Kalibloom, she tries to cheer him up again when she sees him down, while she dismissing her own concerns regarding Asha.[25][74]
  • She encourages Gandharva (disguised as a human) on matters related to his daughter, without bringing up the fact that she just learned that her own father is dead.[22]
  • When Parr cries over the loss of Teo, she recalls the loss of her own village and tries to cheer up Parr.[75]
  • She tries to cheer up Yuta even though she was feeling down because of her worsening relations with Asha.[39]
  • Though she decides not to leave with Ran, she gives him her father's last memento, the Neutral Bow, to express her gratitude towards him.[76]

Leez becomes extremely protective towards her friends. Yuta's safety, for example, is one of the few issues on which she'll confront Asha.[77][78] She's relatively forgiving towards those who wronged her (such as Claude),[70] but much less forgiving towards those who could or have harmed those close to her (something Currygom also pointed out in her blog). In particular, she bears great hatred towards Maruna for killing her village (see next section), and great scorn towards Taraka after she took Yuta away.[79]

According to her profile on Currygom's blog, Leez looks up to strong women, due to her mother's influence, an admiration which is also shown in the series.[32] However, she tends to get jealous of stronger men: she was competitive towards both Mister and Ran. In a man/woman relationship, she prefers to be in the dominant protector role, rather than being the one protected. This manifests in her attitude towards Yuta, towards whom she takes on an enthusiastic protector role. Her profile concludes that to get her interest, a man should pretend to be weaker than her, which is apparently what Yuta does in while in 2nd stage.[8] Leez also doesn't have any particular standards for looks, but does have standards for coolness, which apparently includes "not being picky and being able to finish all your food."[37]

1-49 Roen and mom

listening to stories of mom's Half friends[32]

Towards various species: since childhood, Leez harbors a dream of making Half friends, due to the fact that her mother had Half friends as well.[32] After she starts traveling with Asha, she realizes, much to her disappointment, that Halfs are being persecuted against, but she still attempts to make friends with Halfs or help Halfs throughout her journey (although two of them, Yuta and Gandharva, were actually suras).[29][32][80][21]

On the other hand, she appears to have a generally negative view of suras: prior to her encounter with Maruna, her knowledge of suras seemed limited to childhood stories describing them as monsters.[17] When Asha first asks her whether she could befriend a superior sura, she is reminded of Maruna and shows disgust.[32][35][81] Since her village was destroyed by Maruna, she also shows outright revulsion towards suras from the Garuda clan, though her reaction towards suras from other clans appears to be tamer.[82] She also tells Gandharva that suras are evil creatures who'd kill many innocents to get what they want (though it isn't clear if she was talking generally, or just about the suras that'd attack humans).[22] However, she eventually realizes that Yuta is a sura and has no problem with this fact, as she believes him to be a good person.[20] In general, it isn't clear whether she views Yuta as an exception, or if she just hates suras that'd attack humans.

Leez's opinion of gods also appears to be shaped by stories and legends, rather than actual information. Her opinion of Agni, for example, is that he is the "cruel and cold-hearted god who throws people into Hell"[3] (apparently true) for sins such as "stealing" and "not finishing one's food" (...), though her opinion of him has changed after he helped her twice.[40] Overall, she appears to be relatively pious, praying to the gods for good weather, good health and mushrooms. Even so, she doesn't appear to have a negative impression of non-believers.[55]

Psychological issues

Though Leez puts up a cheerful front, she actually suffers greatly from the loss of her village, and perhaps also from the realization that she was lied to all along.[42] Her true state of mind is shown in Agni's insights, who describes her heart as 'tattered and bruised',[83] as well as God Kubera's, which show her longing to be reunited with her village.[17][64] This is worsened by the realization that her father died long ago, and that he died while trying to return to her.[84][22] She has confided her loneliness to Asha early in the series,[4] but has since then only confided to Yuta.[85][86] Leez is shown to eat a lot throughout the series (though it was also true when she was in her village), and it is revealed later on that for her, eating is also a way to reduce stress.[39]

Leez's attempts to befriend others, in particular Asha, appears to stem from a need to form new bonds to give herself a new reason to live,[4] and the fact that she was unable to protect her village appears to make her more desperate to protect her current bonds.[79] Despite this, Leez soon realizes that she is being left out of the group,[87][51] and has to deal with Asha's unwillingness to speak to her and unwillingness to listen to her, when she tries to justify herself.[35]

To cope with this, Leez has decided to either feign ignorance, evade the topic or take the blame onto herself, all the while hiding her true feelings and frustrations:

  • She doesn't bring up sensitive topics, like the truth about her Name,[6] or Asha's murders.[88]
  • She acted ignorant of Yuta's identity, despite realizing early on that he isn't a Half.[51]
  • She pretends not to notice that Asha lies to her after Asha sliced her head with bhavati marut,[15] and pretends to be fine whenever she realizes that important information was withheld from her.[45][30][35][48]
  • Whenever one of her companions are frustrated with her, she accepts the blame, even when it was not her fault, or when it was due to a misunderstanding.[30][35]
  • She pretends to have amnesia when Yuta ate her face, and she pretended not to hear anything when she learned that Asha had, in fact, left her to stay at the Temple of Earth, and everyone knew of this except her.[89]

All the while, she tries to maintain a cheerful front and keep befriending the others in her group. Part of this is due to personal beliefs, as she believes that smiling is better than being sad,[23] and because she hopes that others will open up to her eventually.[6][51] However, this is also a result of Asha telling her to stop whining,[2] and because she's afraid of being abandoned if she acts depressed.[6][87] Leez rarely talks back to Asha, eventually revealing to Yuta that she actually prefers for everything to be her own fault, so she can find a solution through her own efforts.[39] Even so, the mental strain has been increasingly difficult for her to bear. Both Ran and Yuta realize her distress to varying degrees, as well as the fact that she's pretending to be fine.[90][81] She has become increasingly timid,[90] and at times, has trouble keeping up her cheerful front.[89]

Although Leez likes to brag, she is often shown to regret the fact that she could never go to school when her ignorance is pointed out.[42][47][91] Though she tends to brush off Asha's frequent put-downs and lectures, these have apparently greatly impacted her sense of self-worth: after Asha saves her from drowning, Leez reveals that she considers herself to be nothing but a burden.[92]

Leez also harbors guilt for what happened to her village, and at having put many people in danger.[93][42] She confides to Gandharva that as a result, she feels uneasy about being in highly populated areas, as her presence might endanger many people.[22] And although Leez rarely talks about Maruna, brief glimpses show that she harbors constant hatred and a great desire for revenge: she swears to Asha that she'll find any way possible to kill her opponent,[94] and swears revenge again while looking at a Garuda clan entry at the sura exhibit in Kalibloom.[82] After Yuta develops into 3rd stage, she confides that in her mind, she's thought of killing him 'thousands of times',[20] and later reiterates that she can't give up.[65]

Perhaps as a consequence of all her other issues, Leez now appears to think very little of her own life:

  • She goes to rescue Yuta against Taraka without regards to her own safety.[79]
  • During the Test of the Sword, she is more worried about failing her test than about dying.[7]
  • Though angry at Claude for nearly killing her, she thinks asking him a difficult question is enough to get even.[70]
  • When she tries to protect Yuta against Maruna in Kalibloom, she doesn't consider that Yuta would not want her to sacrifice herself for him,[95] and later returns to him even though she doesn't stand a chance.[51]
  • She nearly drowns just to get the Neutral Bow back.[92]
  • Finally, when she has to learn bhavati kubera, she attempts to do so by repeatedly jumping off a cliff to her death, even though she is scared and hurt. She doesn't consider that her other companions would be worried about her.[65]

Future personality

1-87 crying Leez

In the future, Leez appears to have abandoned her happy facade. Instead, she openly states that she'd be happier off dead,[24] and is shown frequently alone and crying.[96] She lives solely for the responsibility of protecting the Name, as she has no family to protect, and no longer finds a purpose in revenge.[53] She also appears to have abandoned her idealism, stating instead that she doesn't seek to save many lives, and asking an unknown person whether he's disappointed.[83] In another scene, she also tells a person, probably God Kubera, that if he had seen what was truly important, he wouldn't have given her the choice.[4]

Most insights show her bitter towards God Kubera for what he has done,[11] with one exception.[19] However, she still appears to care for some people: in the Insight where Yuta attacks her, she is shown holding his cheek, and later expresses sadness at the fact that she was not able to alleviate his pain.[96] In an Insight by Yuta, the one thanking him for staying by her side might be future (not present) Leez.[65] To alleviate her loneliness, Agni also tells her that she will have someone by her side, though it is unclear who this person is.[83]



I'm incompetent, I'm ungrateful, I overestimate myself, I have no common sense, I let emotions dominate my behavior, and my head may be mostly empty, but I want you to acknowledge that I am more than just a burden."
– Leez, shortly after meeting Asha.[58]
She's just baggage. Useless and heavy baggage that can't be thrown away. She may be stupid, but she is kind in nature.
– Asha, after pushing Leez out of the barrier room in the Temple of Fire.[93]
Ahahahah sorry! Things were getting a bit serious there. If being sad isn't going to solve the problem, smilling is so much better!
– Leez to Mister, after she's momentarily depressed from thinking about her mother.[17]
You strengthen your hair and eyes and eyebrows every night? [...] I get it. Your hair falls out at night, so you strengthen it so you don't become a baldie.
– Leez sometimes comes to strange conclusions.[24]
... you change your attitude according to appearance? Weak to the strong, and strong to the weak... it is not the most desirable attitude, but allowing for your youth...
– God Kubera, commenting on how Leez changes attitude based on his appearance.[4]
Hey, what do you think? You like people who aren't picky about their food, right? [...] I think a good appetite is a must-have requirement for coolness!
– Leez's criteria for coolness: finishing your food.[37]
After I change my name and go outside the village, I'll have lots of Half friends and stuff... I'll be a really strong warrior! Even stronger than mom and dad!
– Young Leez, hoping to follow in the footsteps of her parents.[32]
You don't need to be embarrassed! We all have times in life where we want someone else to make the decisions for us.
– Leez, upon realizing that Mister is asking her to 'cast the dice he's supposed to cast'.[11]
There are many humans who do not discriminate against Halfs. There are also many who advocate justice, and a significant number of them are stronger than her. You can find dim-witted, uncalculating humans like her anywhere. And of course, the world is teeming with those who have better looks.
– Taraka's assessment of Leez.[97]
It's not really intuition. It's just... that's what I believe. If the person doesn't do anything bad, they should be seen as good, and treated accordingly.
– Leez, when Claude comments on the fact that she's quick to trust.[14]
I'm going to work even harder... to make my father proud!
– After Gandharva tells Leez that his father must be proud of her.[98]
You pray to Agni-nim that the weather will be nice, you pray to Asvins-nim that you won't get hurt, and you pray to Kubera-nim for lots of mushrooms!
– Leez to Mister, on praying to the gods.[55]
And just like that, you become the sweet little child, [...] and everyone else takes your side... In a way, being able to do this without any malice is a talent you're born with.
– Asha, on Leez's natural talent to make everybody take her side.[35]
You know... when you can't share the reason for your sadness with others... Simply having a shoulder to cry on can be very comforting. Am I such a person to you?
– Leez, attempting to cheer up Yuta, like Agni did with her long ago.[39]
Whenever you're feeling down, eating can relieve stress.
– Leez, trying to cheer up Yuta with food.[39]
If the child takes after him, he or she would be strong, and eat well, sleep well, laugh well, maybe with curly hair and a trusting personality, just like him. Also leaping into danger without hesitation, without knowing the true value of life. A pureblood able to use transcendentals, magic without calculations, and god-level items.
– Ran, noting Leez's resemblance to her father.[13]
Let's talk about something more positive. [...] We might regret it later. I read this from the biography of a fighter I admire -You never know when you'll meet again, so always put forward your best self before parting ways. So we should let go of things that cause us grief. Please?
– Leez attempting to get Ran and Asha to stop fighting before they part ways.[76]

Sense of justice

Look! If you do bad things you're gonna go to hell. You know? Then Agni will punish you.
– Leez, trying to get Mister to return the bracelent.[27]
You're honest to the point of exasperation. [...] It means you'll never be rich, no matter how long you live.
– God Kubera, seeing Leez determined to return the bracelet.[17]
You can't leave food on your plate! They mix it all together and force you to eat it in Hell!
– Leez during dinner in one of Asha's recollections[34]
The wearer of the bracelet wouldn't let me see the light of day. There are some people who slip through the clutches of the law... and there are some people who could just as easily live without.
– Asha, commenting on Leez's sense of justice.[34]

Psychological issues (by Leez)

I lost everything that was precious to me... and I thought I couldn't live if I had nothing left. So I wanted to make new precious things... I wanted to start trying harder.
– Leez after losing the birthday present she planned to give Asha.[4]
Of course I'm curious about lots of things... but... I won't ask. [...] So, tell me when you want to!
– Leez explaining to Asha why she isn't asking her anything.[6]
It's not that I won't ask, it's that I can't. Because if I ask something I'm not supposed to, and you leave me.... then I really will be all alone.
– What Leez really thought about Asha's question above.[6]
Am I going to lose him? Like I lost everyone else? Helpless to do anything but watch. [...] Don't worry, Yuta. I'm not going to run away to save my own life. Not anymore.
– Leez confronting Taraka to save Yuta.[79]
So I was the only one that didn't know. Again... ahaha...
– Leez, upset that once again, she wasn't told important information.[45]
Well, because I'm just a burden... I'm sorry. It's all my fault. Everything's my fault. I'll do everything you say. So Asha... don't hate me... don't leave me.
– Leez, after nearly drowning, and apologizing even though she doesn't know why Asha is mad.[92]
If someone says they're leaving because being in a city makes them anxious, almost everyone would laugh. But I wouldn't. Because I know a city isn't actually any safer. -Because I know the whole city might be put in danger because of me.
– Leez, revealing her anxiety at having everyone endangered because of her.[22]
So I closed my eyes. It was better to be a naive friend than a friend who couldn't be trusted. I didn't want to admit that I was the only one left out. [...] I thought that even if it wasn't true, if you trusted me enough to tell me, someday... it would make me... really happy.
– Leez, on feigning ignorance over Yuta's identity.[51]
This is what friends do. They trust each other.
– Leez, claiming she trusts Asha even on the fact that her murders were accidents.[99]
But this is my fault. I has to be my fault. Because if it is, with effort I can reconcile with her. I don't want it to be a situation that I'm incapable of resolving.
– Leez would rather blame herself rather than accept that she can't to anything about it.[39]
But Mister, what if people leave... even when I trust them and hold them close? My mother, the people of my village, Mister, even Yuta... Asha, too. Just look at me. In the end, there's nobody left. Nobody...
– Leez, after Yuta leaves.[100]
If I fail this too, I'll always remain helpless like I was before. I hated that... when I finally had the opportunity then, I couldn't do anything. So Yuta... I can't give up now or ever. I'm sorry.
– Leez thinking of the time she confronted Maruna in Kalibloom, and explaining to Yuta why she has to learn bhavati kubera.[65]

Psychological issues (by others)

You're swallowing your tears. You pretend there's nothing wrong, but you're desperate for a shoulder to cry on, aren't you? Cry. It's better to let it all out. No one will tell you off.
– Agni trying to cheer up Leez after she lost her village.[53]
Once, I met a child crying as if she'd lost her whole world... and I managed to make her smile. What could have happened since then? She's crying even harder than before. Listen... if you keep crying only on the inside, someday you'll end up forgetting how to cry altogether. So don't. Let yourself cry properly. [...] Only seventeen years old, and your heart is in tatters. You don't have anyone to confide your grief in.
– Agni in Kalibloom, revealing Leez's true state of mind.[83]
You suffocate this child, and try to bend her to your will... but I respect the path she has chosen. It does not matter whether she is strong enough to win. It does not matter if this ends with her death. If she must live her life as a pawn... then the sooner it ends, the happier she will be.
– Leez, being controlled by an unknown person.[101]
Leez... you're the one who should be running. Why are you always like this? Why do you have no sense of self-preservation? Why do you always try to protect me, even from enemies you know you can't defeat?
– Yuta, after Leez tells him to run from Maruna while she distracts him.[95]
What do I say to a child who's somehow not bothered by the pain of dying? And how can she talk so casually about this?
– Ran, after Leez casually tells them that she's been practicing bhavati kubera by repeatedly jumping to her death.[65]


Not a single day goes by in which I do not wonder, if only my father had not given me your name, if only you had not found me, if only... on the first day that I met you, if I had died then... Then, I would have been so much happier than I am now.
– God Kubera's Insight of Leez's future.[24]
You have even more reasons to live now, than when I first asked you the question... but if you choose life based on those few reasons, you will, without a doubt... end up regretting your choice.
– Mister, on how Leez will end up if she chooses to live.[11]
I saw a few scenes from her future... and in all of them, she was alone, fighting countless sura, or standing alone on a deserted plain, or crying... crying rivers of tears.
– Taraka, describing the Insight she's had of Leez.[96]
You are curious why I continue to fight? Then I will tell you... but you will not like the answer I give. From the beginning of this road, I had no family to protect. Thoughts of revenge may have sustained me once... but no longer. Still, I choose to fight one, because I have a duty to protect this Name until the end. Does it disappoint you? That I do not seek to save the lives of others?
– Future Leez, revealing the reason she continues to fight.[83]


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