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Before Maruna destroys her village on her 16th birthday, Leez spends her entire childhood living in a small village near Atera with a population of 112.[1] Leez is raised by her mother Anna Haias along with two orphaned childhood friends, Haas Lehn and Kaz Lehn, who are allowed to go to school, unlike her.[2] Growing up only around kind villagers, Leez ends up with naive beliefs such as Agni punishing sinners for stealing or wasting food.[3][4][5]

Leez's father, Rao Leez, is absent from her life, as she only knows him from a photo and from his autobiography.[6] Growing up, she wonders where her father is and hopes to meet him one day.[7] However, after she starts her journey, she eventually learns that her father left planet Willarv for planet Carte just before the Cataclysm; he was spotted on the last transport from Willarv to Carte, but he was absent when the ship landed, and is currently presumed dead.[8] She later tells someone that despite missing her father, she still wishes for him to be all right somewhere.[9]

Because of her name, young Leez is not allowed to leave the village save for mushroom-picking trips in the forest, and is warned never to tell her name to outsiders.[10] Having a god's name also prevents her from obtaining an ID card,[11] and much to her chagrin, she isn't even allowed to go to school.[2] Because of this, Leez initially objects to her name. However, her mother tells her that her father gave her this name because someone told him that by raising his child under the name for 15 years, the child will become happier than anyone.[2] It appears the other villagers also didn't home-school her: we later learn that Leez doesn't even know basic facts that are taught at village schools.[12]

Instead, Leez's village life seems to consist mostly of helping her mother with household chores, cooking, various part-time jobs and picking mushrooms.[13][8][14] From time to time she bickers with Kaz, who likes to tease her on her lack of education. This causes her to punch him in return and send him flying, an act that apparently causes him no lasting damage.[6][13][15]

Season 1

1: The Girl with a God's Name

(1) Kubera awakens on her 16th birthday to find a box with a yellow dress inside, and a letter addressed to her from her mother, who instructs her daughter to stop using her real name and choose an alias to use from that day forward. From that day forth, Kubera is finally allowed to leave the village. Excited, she stops by the kitchen to thank her mother and leaves to pick mushrooms.

On her way out, she encounters her friend Kaz and demands a good present from him. He gives her a book on multiplication tables meant for younger children, so an angry and insulted Kubera sends him flying with inhuman strength. As she storms off, Kaz and his brother Haas decide to get her a better present.

Despite assuring the guards at the village's guard tower that she would not go too deep into the woods, Kubera cannot find any mushrooms, and decides to stray from the path. As she was about to give up her quest for mushrooms, she suddenly finds a patch of mushrooms, on top of which lies a sleeping, blue-skinned man.

(2) In her excitement over finding a rare curry mushroom patch, she trips over the blue-skinned man, waking him. The disgruntled man tries to freeze her, making Kubera suspect him of being a Half. The man (Gandharva) then temporarily mistakes her for his daughter, Shakuntala. Curious as to what she is doing in the woods, Gandharva asks her about the curry mushrooms, but cannot understand the mannerisms of humans. When Kubera demonstrates that humans cannot swallow big objects, he is amused enough to let her go. Eventually, Kubera finds herself on top of a cliff overlooking her village. Just as she notes that it is not as far as she thought, the village disappears in a burst of red of light.

(3) Horrified, Kubera temporarily blacks out, then sees that she had just run down the cliff. She then races to her village, finding nothing but rubble left. She sees a red and white sura standing nearby and tries to confront him, only to have him attack her. A magician suddenly appears and barely saves her using a hoti vayu hoti chandra fusion spell, which teleports them behind the cover of some nearby trees. When the magician offers to take her to safety of Atera, Kubera refuses, and proclaims that she is going to take revenge and kill the red creature even if she dies in the process, since she has nothing left to live for.

(4) When Kubera ends her outburst, she notices the red creature looking back in her direction. When she finds herself unable to get up, the magician scoffs at her for all her big talk and proceeds to hurl a string of insults at her. She then tells the girl she can die here for all she cares, and says a farewell. Kubera then yells, "Hey!" prompting the magician to say her name is Asha, and the hoti chandra spell is keeping them hidden from sight; however, the moment she steps outside the boundary of the spell, she will be visible to the red creature and put them both in danger. The girl thanks her for the explanation and apologizes for her earlier rudeness, and states that she does not want the magician to remember "Kubera Leez" as an awful person. Asha suddenly has a shocked expression on her face upon hearing the name, and as Kubera tries to leave in the opposite direction from the red creature, Asha casts hoti brahma to create ankle restraints to stop Kubera in her tracks. As the girl protests, Asha says she will protect her because she has the name, and teleports them away with hoti vayu.

Once Asha feels she has put enough distance between them and the village, she says they can walk now. Kubera continues to argue that she does not want to go. Asha tells her she can stay and become sura food, but the reality is, she knows the girl wants revenge and wants to live, just like another girl who lost everything and chose vengeance over tears. Their conversation is interrupted by the sura, who transformed into an enormous, bird-like creature to follow them. Asha grabs Kubera's hand and begins to run; the girl protests at first, and then notices the red bird about to attack.

(5) Asha teleports them both far away, but Kubera loses consciousness, and dreams of her mother and fellow villagers telling her to choose a new name, and she decides on her parents' last names. During her birthday celebration, she asks why Kaz and Haas are absent, and her mother replies that they still have a place in her future. Her mom then tells her to wake up from this dream, and Kubera finds herself lying on her back under the shade of some trees.

She sits up and sees Asha lying next to her with her right arm trapped under a giant boulder. As she tries to figure out how to rescue Asha, she fails to notice the bleeding wound on her left arm. She worries that Asha's arm could be badly injured, but the magician responds that her right arm is useless anyway, and proceeds to cast hoti agni to send a fireball into the boulder, demolishing it. Once the magician frees herself, she expresses her disappointment in Kubera, telling her she had neither the power nor courage of the one she was named after, and yet she was a burden she must carry. The magician introduces herself as Asha Rahiro, a 20-year-old magician; the girl in turn introduces herself as Kubera Leez, but states that tomorrow she will be known as Leez Haias. Kubera insists that she will not be a burden, and Asha agrees somewhat since the girl could still function with an injured arm, something Kubera did not realize this whole time.

2: The Queen and the Bum

(2) Leez is hungry and complains about the distance they have to walk to get to Atera. Asha chastises her about her attitude, and Leez wants to argue back, but stays quiet upon remembering what Asha told her earlier about not whining to her.

At Atera's checkpoint, Leez inquires about the A++ on Asha's magician license. Asha briefly explains that it is a magician ranking higher than A+ and lower than AA. Leez learns that Asha has fans, and that she graduated from a university at age 16. Leez, being 16 herself, accuses Asha of lying, who replies that Leez would be lucky to get into a university at all by age 20.

As she is seeing a city for the first time, Leez is in awe of the buildings and people around her. She wants to explore the city, but Asha hurries them towards the Magic Guild. Leez, however, is distracted by the sight of skewered mushrooms for sale, and accidentally breaks the glass display as she leans in, drooling. Embarrassed by her behavior and seeing that she has no money, Asha tosses her a gold coin, and Leez realizes for the first time how much she is relying on Asha, not only for food, but also for protection and support. She fails to hear Asha tell her to stay put until she returns, and worries that there is only one skewer left. A man in a black hoodie appears and asks the seller for the skewer and some sandwiches.

(3) The seller greets the man in the hoodie, Babo Kim, who wants to make a deal on the food and get a free curry soda. The man then notices Leez standing next to him. As he looks at her sad face, he becomes surprised by the cryptic insight of a woman, telling him that she keeps fighting only to protect this Name. She faces countless suras before her, and has a black cloak, a gold bracelet, and a sword in one hand. Once the insight is over, Leez asks him if she could have the skewer since she was about to buy it, and he tells her okay. He asks her why she is crying, but she replies she is not. When she asks the seller for the skewer, he angrily tells her that she has to pay 2 gold coins for the broken glass first. Babo Kim says he can repair it, and Leez becomes suspicious because this guy is being too nice. However, when he offers to buy her 10 skewers, she decides he is not suspicious at all. Babo Kim easily repairs the glass under the pretense of casting hoti asvins. However, being Agni, fire comes out instead of the normal spell, puzzling Leez and the shopkeeper. Luckily, they are both oblivious, and buy his story of having a suit that makes fire effects.

Leez and Babo Kim finish off their food just outside the temple walls, and he asks her again why she is crying. She starts to choke on the last mushroom, so he offers her a drink of his curry soda. Once she chugs down the entire bottle, she again denies that she is crying. He then tells Leez that she is very sad inside, and that it is okay for her to let it all out, and so she begins to cry over her village and her mom. Babo Kim pats her on the back as she claims her throat is sore from choking. He then tells her that she should do something fun to forget about the sadness.

(4) Babo Kim takes Leez to a park at the top of the temple so he can show her something fun. Tiny, light emitting creatures begin to appear, attracted to a loop of fire he created in the air. When he places the "necklace" on Leez, more lights begin to swarm around her until her head is completely covered. Babo Kim bursts into laughter because they stuck to her "interesting" face instead of drifting away, and in turn she punches him in the gut with enough strength to kill a normal person, the same way she used to hit Kaz. She immediately feels bad and checks to see if he is okay, only to have him tell her that he is already healing up, giving her the excuse that it is all his suit's doing. Leez is impressed by the "suit" and asks to touch it, naively commenting that his abs feel so "real." He points out that she is no longer crying as much and asks if she is feeling better. She continues to deny that she was crying at all, but he says he meant on the inside. As he talks a little about insight, she notices that he looks somewhat lonely and wonders how she can make him feel better. Babo Kim suddenly cheers up and says he was not serious, so Leez begins to punch him again without worries. When she stops, she introduces herself as "Leez Haias," and he in turns says he is "Babo Kim." Leez resumes punching him for not being serious, so he says he is Agni. She recalls her childhood stories of the cruel and cold-hearted god who punishes sinners in Hell, then looks at the idiotic guy in front of her, and goes right back to punching him, saying he will be headed to Hell himself for blasphemy.

(5) Agni insists he is telling the truth, but Leez says he looks as much like "Agni" as she does like Kubera. She panics at her words until Agni tells her that she looks nothing at all like Kubera, who is a tall, unfriendly male with an expressionless face, essentially her opposite; their only similarity is their immense physical strength. Leez still thinks he made all this up, and tells him she will remember him as Babo Kim-oppa.

At that moment, Leez hears Asha's voice demanding to know what she is doing there, leaving Leez to wonder if magicians have the ability to find people. Asha then threatens to cut off one of her ears for being disobedient. Leez observes Agni behaving strangely around Asha, then realizes that he tries to be friendly with everyone, not just her. She then thanks Agni for helping her feel better and leaves with Asha. Only after Asha tells her that magic cannot be used without an incantation does Leez think back to the strange magic that Agni used. However, she dismisses the suspicion, reasoning to herself that he either muttered the spells or else it was another function of his suit. The two of them later arrive at the Magic Guild to pick up the keys to their rooms on the top floor, and Asha sends Leez ahead to wait for her.

(6) Leez sees two doors with "Sweet dreams" signs; the door to room 511 looks normal, but the one to room 512 appears to be bloodstained. Asha arrives after some time, looks at the doors, and hands Leez the key to room 511. Leez thinks the rooms inside must be the opposite of the appearance of the doors and she is getting the bad room. She then steps into a dark room, not knowing how to turn on the lights until Asha shows her. Leez is amazed at the size of her room, but the door vanishes once Asha closes it for her. Asha promises to tell her how to leave the room tomorrow.

3: The Sorrow of Loss

Leez sleeps peacefully through most of the night. Even after Agni sets Atera on fire, she seems unaffected by the heat. Asha casts hoti kubera on her left arm before breaking into the girl's room in order to wake her up, but she protests without fully waking. She continues to sleep, seemingly confusing Asha for her mother, and Asha plays along while carrying her over her left shoulder to safety (after apparently dressing Leez first). As Asha looks down from a 5th floor window, Leez runs her fingers through her cloak and asks "Mom" if this is a new, comfortable bed sheet, to which Asha replies that it is, so Leez asks to sleep a bit longer. Asha creates steps of air using bhavati vayu and descends from their floor, telling Leez to have sweet dreams.

(5) As Asha continues to carry a sleeping Leez through the burning city, she suddenly wakes up and demands to be let go. The magician responds by tossing her to the ground a few meters away, making Leez upset for the rough treatment. As she continues to sit and stew, she thinks how Asha is ill-mannered and unsympathetic, apparently having no memory of her "rescue."

Not much later, Leez asks Asha if they are evacuating to the Fire temple because the city is in flames and the city's barrier is inoperative. Asha replies that they are not evacuating, since she intends to restart the barrier. She explains that there are no priest candidates to operate the barrier because Brilith does too perfect of a job of maintaining it. Leez complains that walking would take too long and offers to carry Asha on her back the rest of the way, but Asha declines.

(6) Leez asks if they could at least run, since they were taking to long to reach the Fire temple. Asha seems to notice something, and tells her to go in a different direction. Leez starts to complain, but stops when they see a giant heat wave coming their way.

(7) As Leez lies on a pile of leaves, Asha, with a brief look of concern on her face, slaps her awake. Leez is confused and asks where they are and what happened. Asha replies that they are at the temple. Leez asks why she has no memory of anything since the heat wave. Asha seems annoyed as she tries to explain, but something seems to prevent her from talking. Leez seems just as annoyed, and decides Asha is just trying to get her to thank her for carrying her there. However, Asha denies carrying her there and tells her they need to go.

A temple guard tries to describe how a girl with green hair was running very fast while carrying someone on her back, when she suddenly jumped up and over the temple wall. His fellow guards decide he is hallucinating from the heat.

(8) Asha and Leez enter Brilith's room, where she lies unconscious in her bed. Asha asks the temple magicians what is going on, and they begin to bicker amongst themselves. Asha then asks them to take her to the barrier stone so she can put the barrier back up, but they tell her she does not have the required triple attribute.

The sky begins to turn red as they continue to argue; as talented as Asha may be, they are unwilling to allow her to risk her life; besides, there is no danger of something like a sura attack. Asha then points out that the sky is now red, but the magicians argue that it was also red the night before, though it seems a bit different this time. Upon hearing this, Leez remembers the destruction of her village. Asha insists they have no choice now and asks them to lead the way. Leez begins to blame herself for leading the red sura to the city.

Once Leez gets a hold of herself, she bursts into the barrier room and tells Asha that she will start up the barrier, since she has a triple attribute and wants to pay back Asha for all her help. Asha scoffs at the idea, but when Leez begins to compare this situation to that of her village, Asha immediately covers her mouth and tells her to keep her name and the destruction of her village a secret. She then throws Leez out of the barrier room and locks the door. Leez demands that she open up, but continues to be ignored as the attack in the sky begins.

(9) After Asha successfully blocks Maruna's attacks and the night sky returns to its normal color, Leez hears a voice shouting Asha's name, so she busts a large hole in the door and runs in, only to see Asha lying on the floor while being supported by a temple magician. Convinced that Asha died while protecting the city, Leez yells out her name, only to be told by Asha to shut up. They bicker a bit, and for brief moment she sees Asha as a man instead of a woman.

4: AAA Magician

Leez is able to stay in the Fire temple because she is a friend of Asha, but she is prohibited from seeing Asha or wandering about. Because of her confinement in the temple, she quickly becomes bored.

A month passes by before she encounters Lorraine and Ruche at the Fire temple plaza. Lorraine takes her to see Asha, but Ruche objects to waking Asha if it will make her grumpy. With nothing left to do, they take Leez to visit Brilith. Ruche asks Brilith to tell them stories about Asha, but Leez wants to hear Asha's life from Asha herself. Because Ruche appears to be so adamant, Brilith tells them of the time they were partners for the magician examination four years ago. Leez is unable to understand most of the story, because she is not used to the magician system.

At that moment, Asha wakes up and the four of them go to visit. Ruche reveals that it is Asha's birthday (the 21st of the Month of Marut), and Leez is shocked and dismayed that she did not know. She becomes increasingly dismayed as Ruche, Lorraine and Brilith each give Asha birthday gifts. Realizing that she is not as important to Asha as the other three, Leez leaves the room. Outside, after doing a little reflecting, she quickly cheers up, and decides to buy a present with the one gold coin she has.

5: The Golden Knight

While Leez scales a wall to get into the city, she is caught by Asha who confines her to the Fire temple. She quickly realizes that there is another way to escape the walls, and jumps out while Asha is in the library, talking to Brilith.

Outside the city, she is so in awe of all the hustle and bustle, that she has no idea what to buy for Asha. She encounters a box containing a Godly Item, and a grumpy Airi who leaves Ari to guard it. As she stares dazedly at the box, a small boy calls her shorty and tells her to leave.

In her disbelief and anger that someone shorter than her was calling her a shorty, Leez tries to lift the boy, but is unable to even budge him. He pats her on the head for trying, but she feels a much larger hand, and runs away, flustered.


Kubera dreams of cooking various curry dishes for Asha's birthday, using the curry mushroom she bought

After stopping, Leez sees a curry mushroom stand selling them for only 1 gold coin (which is very cheap, considering they are usually sold for 5 gold coins for a set of 3 mushrooms), right before hearing that the box has been stolen by a Half and a Quarter. She buys the curry mushroom at the last moment before they are sold out, and is musing about whether or not to go after the thieves. Even with the announcement made, no magicians seem willing to start a chase. When Ari finally breaks down, crying that he will get kicked out, she speeds after them.

Leez is so focused on catching the criminals, that she unintentionally leaves Atera's barrier. As she falls from the walls, the child creates a gust of wind, that saves her from crash landing. Dismissing the strange incident, Leez continues to run after the criminals, dropping her curry mushroom. However, the child stops the criminals, so when Leez catches up, she only sees a box and a chunky gray bracelet. As she reaches down to pick up the bracelet, it is snatched away. She looks up to see a grown up version of the child, who is actually the Earth god Kubera.

The god tells Leez to wear pants, making her punch him in her anger. He is disappointed, remarking that the Power of the Name has been wasted if that is her full strength. He then tries to take his bracelet back, but is stopped by Leez, who says that Agni will punish him for being a swindler. Kubera makes a deal with her, saying that he will throw the bracelet, and whoever catches it first can keep it.

Leez finds the bracelet in a marsh. She runs towards it, but is intercepted by the god, who suddenly appears in front of her. She stumbles and accidentally grabs him for support. He calls her shorty, reminding her of the small boy she encountered earlier in Atera. She dismisses it as a coincidence, and gets irked when he starts playing with her curls.

Leez insists that the god must have cheated and used magic. Kubera in turn tells her that she is overconfident and grabs her neck, reminding her of Babo Kim for a second. In her discomfort, she kicks him with full strength.

As Kubera is recovering from her hit, Leez picks up the bracelet and examines it. Finding nothing special about it, she puts it on her right arm before heading back to Atera. As she turns to head back, the God grabs her wrist and the bracelet shrinks.

Leez's arm goes numb and she tries to get the bracelet off, to no avail. God Kubera gives her four options: to die, cut her hand off, ask a 5th-Zen god, or find the Priest of Earth. Leez tells him that it is impossible for her to meet a god. In turn, he asks her what she would ask for if she met one. She says there's nothing that she wants, but he sees her crying for her mother through insight.

He tells her to learn how to wear it, and reveals that the bracelet allows a normal human being to use magic. Leez insists on returning the bracelet to its owner. Since she cannot take it off, he offers her the cost of the bracelet in gold and gems. Oblivious, Leez believes him to be a crook.

As she scolds him, Asura clan suras arrive and attack them. Leez attempts to attack, but finds that she doesn't have sufficient strength to cause damage. She is stopped by the God, who tells her that the bracelet corresponds with the strength of her mind, not body. Although confused by his explanation, Kubera mentally encourages herself to become stronger. Her encouragement makes the bracelet turn gold and heavy. She lifts her arm, and is amazed to find that a Sura is destroyed in the process. Thinking that it's a fluke, Kubera turns around to see another Asura Sura attacking. She thinks that she's doomed, but the bracelet turns black and destroys the Sura with a blast. However, just as she is about to attack further, the bracelet turns gray again.

God Kubera tells Kubera that she has a lot of potential. He destroys all the surrounding Asura Suras, creating a huge hole in the process. Kubera is in awe, seeing his hair turn gold and glow. The God tells her of a kind of magic (Hoti Kubera) that strengthens a part of the body and makes it glow. Kubera appears disinterested, caring more about Asha's lost birthday present, and how to return to Atera.

The God fetches her a curry mushroom and transports her, along with Lorraine's box, back into Atera. Despite not hearing any incantation, Kubera still doesn't believe that the man is a God. She thanks him and tells him that he is a good person.

The God, however, sees an Insight of an older Kubera, telling him that he is despicable, and wishing that he hadn't given her his name. She claims that she would have been much happier, if he had just killed her while she was young.

After seeing the Insight, he tells Kubera that he was initially going to kill her, but changed his mind. He tells her to choose her own path: to be killed, or continue on in regret and desolation. In another Insight, the older Kubera tells him that he should not have given her the choice. However, presently, Kubera is puzzled by the question. After little deliberation, she tells him that obviously she would choose to live, because she could die whenever she wanted to.

In response, the God tells her that she is special, and that it is up to him, not her, whether she dies or not. She shrugs it off as a creepy joke, and tries to run away, but he freezes her to the spot. God Kubera tells her that if she does not want to die, she should tell him she will live no matter what the consequences are.

Since Kubera does not want to answer, she cries to a few passing by guards about being held captive by her companion. However, when they take a closer look, they only see a child with golden hair. She screams at him, thinking that it had been a prank, and tells him to release her feet. God Kubera explains to her that his child appearance is not his original one, and that it is convenient for going unnoticed. She, in turn, makes fun of him.

God Kubera, seeing that Kubera is very young and immature, decides to leave for now. He tells her to consider her choice very carefully.


The message written by Kubera Leez on the box, after she brought it back to Lorraine's Magic Store (this message is invisible inside the webtoon)

Before he leaves, she asks for his name, giving her own as Leez Haias. The God disbelieves her, causing Kubera to panic. Fortunately for Kubera, he does not delve into the matter. He tells her that it is good to have an alias, and to keep their meeting a secret.

Now that she can move once again, Kubera manages to reactivate her bracelet one last time, move the box back to Lorraine's shop, and tries to sneak back to the Temple. She is caught by Asha, who threatens to cut off her ear. Kubera tries to explain that she left to buy a birthday present, but her argument is not very convincing, since she dropped the second curry mushroom right before the God transported her. Disappointed, she cries, because she keeps losing things that are important to her. Asha scolds her and tells Kubera that she doesn't need to cry, because she'll consider the present received anyway.

She also tells Kubera that they leave for Kalibloom the next morning. She says that she has business at the Chaos Temple. Kubera does not know what it is, but is happy because Kalibloom is also where the Earth Temple is. and she might be able to take off her bracelet there.

6: The Past I Yearn For/Longing for Yesterday

When Asha inquires why Kubera hasn't asked anything about her, Kubera says that she wants Asha to tell the story herself someday. Truthfully, she didn't ask because Asha is the only person she has left, so she's afraid of driving her away with questions.

During their last meal, Lorraine and Airi arrive, complaining about Asha's lost present. Unaware that the bracelet was the present, Kubera asks what it is, only to have Asha grab her wrist to conceal it (from which we can see that Asha is already aware of the bracelet, and its hidden function/God item properties).

Originally, Asha's plan was to travel to Kalibloom via Rindhallow, but after Airi informs that Rindhallow is currently besieged by Maruna's army, they decide to travel via Mistyshore instead.

Despite Lorraine telling Asha that the number of deaths in Kubera's village seems to be zero, Asha tells Kubera that everyone there has died. She further says that everything happened because Kubera has the Name of a God.

Kubera recalls asking her mother for a different name when she was a child. Anna reveals that she is named Kubera, because someone has told her father Rao that she will be happier than anyone, after being raised under that name for fifteen years. Kubera now believes that her mother lied.

Asha asks her if she want to kill Maruna for revenge. Curious, Kubera asks if she could actually kill him. Asha tells her of the Sword of Return, and its ability to stop Sura from regenerating. Determined to avenge her villagers, Kubera claims that she will pull out the sword no matter what.

On they day they leave, Kubera catches a glimpse of Kaz, but before she can investigate, Asha teleports them both away with hoti vayu.

7: Half (半)

As they are traveling towards Mistyshore, Kubera complains about the heat. She tells Asha to use Hoti Vayu, but Asha says that she has to save certain spells for emergencies. There is a faint smell of blood in the woods that they're walking through, but Kubera dismisses it after Asha scolds her for being slow.

They stop by a town near Mistyshore where Kubera sees a Garuda Half auction. Saddened but helpless, she decides to ignore it, and keeps following Asha.

At their hotel, Asha lets Kubera keep the silver coin change after renting the room. Kubera quickly runs out to buy curry fish fillets that she had seen earlier. While eating, she overhears Half hunters planning to kill an escaped Half.

She follows them into the woods, and intercepts Yuta's Sura transformation. With her strength, she sends one of them flying. The others mistake her for a Half, and can't comprehend why the bone of Yaksha isn't immobilizing her. The Half hunters decide to use magic, but Asha shows up before they can cast any spells. Asha tells Kubera to step aside and turn off her bracelet. Kubera is surprised to see that it turned gold without her knowledge. By threatening the Half hunters with Hoti Indra, Asha sends them running, and afterwards heals the Half using Hoti Asvins.

Kubera convinces Asha to let Yuta and the Garuda Half stay at their hotel, which Asha reluctantly agrees. She is very happy that she has saved a Half, to the point where she just smiles and nods when Asha tells her not to interfere with Half auctions again.

Asha takes Yuta and Kubera to dinner at the hotel's restaurant and chooses a vegetarian dinner, which Kubera happily devours. After seeing a couple leave, she complains about people leaving food on their plates, causing Yuta to swallow his entire dish in one gulp. Unaware that he is a Sura and cannot digest vegetables, Kubera insists on ordering another dish only to be stopped by Yuta.

She later runs out of shampoo in the shower and runs out naked, thinking Asha is the only one there. However, because Yuta is with her, Asha punishes Kubera. Kubera complains about being punished since he didn't see anything, only to be scolded by Asha. Asha explains that even though Yuta looks younger physically, he is in fact much older than her.

Since Yuta does not have a name, Asha tries to name him. However, Asha is so bad at names that Kubera demands to name Yuta, something that she herself has trouble doing.

They leave the town with Kubera still coming up with names. She offers to return the Garuda Half to her village but Rinn refuses because Asha is a magician. Yuta then offers, telling Kubera that he can travel fast without magic. Kubera, oblivious, thinks that he is a fast runner and asks him to have a race sometime.

After Yuta leaves, she complains about not understanding why people hate Halfs so much. In turn, Asha asks her if she can be friends with a Rakshasa. Kubera does not respond but makes a grave and horrified face.

When Yuta returns, Kubera finally has a long list of names waiting for him. She reads them aloud, stopping at "Yuta" and remarking that she quite likes that name. Yuta asks if she took the name from somewhere, which she adamantly denies. She asks if he likes the name and he blushes. Puzzled, Kubera thinks that he's angry but he shakes his head when she asks. She then haughtily boasts about being a much better namer than Asha, only stopping after Asha threatens to cut off her ear with Hoti Marut.

They are all teleported into Mistyshore by Asha.

8: The Wavering King

At Mistyshore's checkpoint, Asha explains that a city's barrier will allow anyone to leave but those who enter have to be thoroughly checked. Kubera recalls God Kubera teleporting her into Atera but her thoughts are interrupted by a bloody Ran Sairofe who cuts the entire line. She and Yuta are scared by the murderous aura emitted by Asha after Ran mistakes her for a man.

Asha leaves Kubera at Mistyshore's magician guild while she leaves for the university. Kubera is bored and orders room service while Yuta runs off. She leaves in search of him but returns in fear of having to face Asha's wrath once again.

9: Rival

While napping, Kubera accidentally activates her bracelet and puts a crack in the wall. Asha finds out about the room service she ordered and wakes her with a bhavati indra spell. She tells Kubera not to do that again because it makes a fool of her. Thinking Yuta to be a Half, Kubera completely misses the point, making Asha express disappointment that Yuta means so little to her.

She later sees Agwen Rajof laying down her father, Kasak, on a bed. Puzzled by their conversation, Kubera asks about their relationship only to be surprised when Asha tells her that they are father and daughter. She observes that it's strange for a daughter to treat her father that way. Asha explains to her that their circumstances are unique and tells her to ask Agwen if she is curious.

Agwen buys a meat buffet for Yuta and Kubera. While she talks with Asha, Kubera happily devours the cooked meat while Yuta eats all of the raw.

When Kubera realizes that Ran has a problem with Halfs, she insists on staying with Yuta because he's been with them longer.

The next morning, she praises Yuta for finding earrings that give him human qualities. However, Yuta feels sick because she fed him ten cucumbers before they left. At Mistyshore's Water Channel, she and Asha meet up with Ran, who calls her a 'chick', due to her yellow attire.

Ran warns her that her clothes are not going to be enough as the water channel is very cold. Kubera assures him that she will be fine because she is resistant to cold climates. Ran misunderstands when she tells him the clothes were given her by the most important person in the world, thinking they were given to her by a lover. Furthermore, she runs off to Asha, causing him to think that she is Asha's girlfriend.

On the boat, she remarks at how useful hoti varuna is. She also appears unafraid of swimming or falling off the boat Asha created. Since they are unfamiliar with the Water Channel, Asha uses hoti surya to create a map. When Kubera states that she doesn't know that spell, Ran explains to her what it does. Kubera realizes that Hoti Surya is how Asha is always able to find her no matter where she goes.

10: The Night it Rained Fire

Leez is absent for the entirety of this chapter as it takes place back in Atera at the same time she is in Mistyshore with Asha, Yuta, and Ran. Her silhouette appears once when Sagara tells Brilith that she is searching for a girl named Kubera.[16]

11: The Power of the Name

(1) Leez is bored of traveling through the water channel and sings a song about floating earwax after picking her ear and flinging the contents into the water.

(2) After a week of traveling, the group finally reaches the exit from Area 50 and decide to stop and rest. When Asha warns of the dangers ahead, Ran balks, causing Leez to tease him for being a scared weakling. While Asha and Ran sleep, Leez is restless and decides to take a bath elsewhere in the channel, and notices Yuta is gone as well.

(3) As Leez looks for a place to bathe, she avoids Area 51-K because of the possibility of suras being present there. She instead wanders (unknowingly) into Area 51-X. She finds a spot she likes, strips down, and jumps into the icy water. Soon she begins to hear noises further down the tunnel. Worried about Yuta, she gets out of the water, puts on her underwear, and heads toward the noise to investigate. She finds nobody there so she thinks maybe Yuta is hiding because she is disturbing his bath. Just as she turns to go back, more noises come from underneath the lake. Since they sound more like a fight than simple splashing, Leez decides Yuta is in trouble and activates her bracelet before she dives in. Deep underwater, she sees a gigantic fish sura that was half-eaten by another sura. Beyond that, she finds nothing and resurfaces in an unfamiliar location. There, she encounters the kid version of Mister floating in a swimming tube, asking if she came up with an answer to his question yet.

(4) Leez is shocked to see him here, of all places. At first she tries to find her way back while convincing herself that she is hallucinating, but is then surprised to see the sign for Area 79-A. The kid tells her to just give him an answer, and not to be stupid because only he can help her find her way out. She tries harder to get away from him, then hopelessly swims to shore and asks him why he is in the form of a kid if there is nobody else around to see him. He responds by transforming into his adult form, freaking her out (she is grossed out by a man using a child's float), but not in the way he expected (embarrassed by her lack of clothing). He transforms back into a child, notes that she is easily swayed by appearances, and asks her again for an answer. She wants to know why he came all this way for that, but he refuses to tell her, making her fume about everyone being so secretive around her. She asks that if she dies, would he stop following her? He replies that he would have no business with her once she is dead, that he can bury her without a trace, and that this location would be a nice place to die. However, she now has more reasons to live than when he initially asked her the question, but if they become her reasons for choosing life, then she will regret it. Leez then asks if he can see his own future, and he admits that he does not know how things will turn out. Leez then remarks that he is placing a choice that he should be making onto her instead, which surprises him. She then says she will make the choice for him, and live. The god now sees a new insight of Leez; the future has changed, this time with Leez swearing that she will kill him if he approaches her. He wonders why, then transforms back into adult form and tells her he will take her wherever she wants to go.

(5) Leez is amazed they can travel so fast, and wants to learn how to do it. He tells her she does not have enough power yet. She laments that she cannot even do common hoti spells since she is bad at calculating, but he tells her she can with some help since not all magicians calculate. This gets Leez's attention (as she is getting dressed). Gods, suras, and a few humans do not use calculations, and it has to do with intuitively comprehending higher dimensions. He suspects she has this ability, so she needs to find a magician to give her a test. She decides to ask Ran, then tells Mister thanks and good-bye. He asks her why she had him bring her here, if she wanted to go to Kalibloom. She says her friends are all here, plus the place where she really wants to go does not exist any longer. Leez tells him "bye" again, but then asks him for his name. He pops up behind her in boy form, startling her, and tells her he has no name and that this fact was important. He refuses to further explain himself, so she says she understands it is just another secret. She offers to call him Alexander, but he tells her to continue calling him "Mister." She says it is weird calling a little boy that, so he tries to convince her that he is still a being older and more powerful than her, and proceeds to mess up her hair while she helplessly fails to stop him. She protests that it was unnecessary to do that to prove his point. He then says that the next time they meet, he hopes she will have become strong enough to be worthy of the Power of the Name, and disappears.

Leez returns to find Asha (with dripping hair) mad at her for her disappearance. Leez says she was trying to avoid Area 51, but Ran tells her the direction she went was also Area 51, making her realize she blundered. Asha promises that her lecture will be no longer than three hours.

12: Lies for You

Leez asks Ran about people who can use magic without calculating. To her surprise, Ran tells her that he's one of them. Seeing her shocked expression, Ran asks her what she thought he was, only for her to answer the boatman. Asha points out that doing so results in a lack of accuracy, resulting in the two bickering over who has the highest test score. When they decide to bet 10,000 gold, Leez thinks that they are unreasonably rich. She then asks them whether there's a test to see whether one can use magic without calculating. When Asha creates a loop with hoti brahma, Ran decides to take over. Before he can continue however, they are interrupted by fleeing magicians on a boat, who warn them of chaotic shifting of tunnels, and of suras up ahead causing their magic to fail.

Asha decides to walk back and forth the same tunnel to reach area 100. Leez gets really sick of it after 40 tries, and doesn't bother to listen when Asha explains her reasoning. After failing for 100 attempts, Leez struggles with hunger. Once they set up camp, she feeds Yuta some chips, causing him to run off. She then asks Ran to do the test before they go to bed. Ran makes two large loops with hoti brahma: a normal one, and one with a twist. Leez correctly guesses that the first loop forms a tube if you glue the edges, and that it can't be done with the second because of the loop. Her accomplishment is shot down by Asha, who claims that any idiot can figure it out.

Ran is mad at Asha for being too harsh and judging Leez by magicians' standards, but Leez recovers and asks him to continue. When Ran tells her that theoretical shape is possible, Leez realizes that it's the case, but that it isn't possible to draw it unless one makes the shape intersect itself, but the actual shape doesn't self-intersect (she is describing the Klein Bottle, a 4-dimensional object). Leez becomes frustrated because she knows the answer but can't express it. The surprised Ran tells her that she can use magic without calculations, but Asha insists that doing so makes one a living hazard, causing Leez to become depressed. Ran decides to teach her a spell that isn't harmful even when it fails: hoti kubera.

Leez is surprised from hearing her own name but quickly catches herself, and asks what the spell does. When she learns that the spell makes one stronger, she is upset that she is getting farther away from being a magician, but still wants to learn it. She asks Asha if she knows the spell, only to see her gone. When she tries to cast it, she fails, but Asha runs back with a worried look. She sheepishly tells Asha that she tried casting the spell because the theory seemed easier than she expected. Ran tells her that she has to see the spell done first, then proceeds to cast the spell. Seeing the golden glow around his arm, Leez is reminded of what Mister told her before.[17] She decides to try again but ends up failing. Asha ends up telling her to stop, while Ran tells her that hardly anyone gets it straight away, while Leez objects to him calling her chickie.

The next day, they reach tunnel 100 on first try. Asha uses hoti surya and informs them that the area appears to be very large, leading Leez to whine about it. Ran and Leez then tease each other about who'd be more scared if they meet the strange suras. On the way, Leez notices that Yuta doesn't seem well, and asks him what's wrong. He responds that he's okay, though she appears doubtful. The boat suddenly stops moving, so Leez tells him to cast hoti varuna again, but Ran tells her that it shouldn't have run out yet. Leez then sees an enormous dark looming figure with red eyes, looking down on them.

While the group wonders what to do, Yuta hands Leez his notebook, informing them to ignore him and go straight to the exit. He then runs on the water in the direction of the monster. Leez yells at him to come back, but Yuta is taken away by the monster. She stands up and tells Asha that they should go after him, but Asha informs Ran to move the boat, and informs her that he will return perfectly fine. Leez is mad and decides to go after him. When Ran grabs her, she yanks her hand away while turning on her bracelet. As she starts apologizing, Asha binds her with hoti brahma, but Leez successfully casts hoti kubera and breaks away.

With hoti kubera activated all over her body, Leez marvels at how strong she feels. Before Ran can stop her, she jumps up the ledge in one step, eventually finding herself in a separate area. There, she wonders if it is even part of the channel, only to see dark monsters forming from the ground. An earthquake can be felt in the tunnels.

The Chaos suras are destroyed by earth spikes, while the area around Leez has changed from the earthquake. Leez suddenly recovers from a blackout, confused by the changed surroundings. She recalls all the previous times this has happened, upset that she can't remember what she did. She then sees Yuta up on a cliff and held by the monster, and runs towards it, yelling at it to let Yuta go. However, she gets caught as well. She wonders if she'll lost Yuta just like she did everyone else, and recalls the people from her village. However, she is stronger now, so she is determined to save him. She pushes back the tentacles and jumps in to punch the monster, telling it to get lost.

To Leez's surprise, however, her bracelet suddenly turns off, and she is slammed into a nearby cliff. After Yuta and the monster leave, she regenerates while surrounded by green light. After recovering, Leez feels dizzy, and finds it strange as it no longer hurts. She wants to chase the monster but stumbles, and is caught by Ran. Though determined to save Yuta, she falls asleep from lack of vigor, and she's eventually carried out by Ran and Asha.

When she comes to, she is in a small village near Kalibloom. Ran is surprised that she recovered so fast. However, Yuta is no longer with them. She runs out, only to realize that the water channel has been closed because the signs aren't working, and because the suras within have gone violent. Tears form as she thinks back on Yuta, but she suddenly sees him, standing in a field of curry mushrooms.

A future Leez laments the fact that she couldn't lessen Yuta's pain nor realized his grief. She regrets not seeing the shadows beneath his smile that day. In the present, Leez rushes towards Yuta and trips on the way. She takes off her shoe then hugs him, telling him that she keeps losing everyone and thought she'd lost him as well. She then praises him for somehow escaping the monster, noting that his sword must not just be for show. Since Yuta no longer has his notebook, Leez notes that it might have been left in the boat like her bag was, then drags him along to find Asha, stating that Asha can buy him a new one.

As she charges into Asha's room, Asha hits her with hoti marut and bhavati indra. Leez blames Asha for not locking the door, only for Asha to tell her that the lock is broken, then lecture her for not having the manners to knock, just like Ran earlier. Leez is surprised that Ran did it as well. Later, at a restaurant, Leez happily asks Ran if his Half-phobia has been cured, though Ran tells her that it's only with Yuta. When Leez asks Asha what she went to buy, Asha responds that she went looking for a float patch to repair the damaged swimsuit she received from Ruche. Leez points out that it shouldn't need repairing since Asha never wore it. Ran starts to tell her what Asha did when Leez was missing, but he's cut off by Asha. Leez then asks Ran if he isn't spending too much when he buys 100 portions of meat for Yuta. The party eventually find themselves in view of Mistyshore.

Leez and Yuta grab onto Asha to prepare for the teleport. When Ran decides to grab Asha from behind, he lets go when Asha glares at him. Asha ends up teleporting without him, while Ran decides to follow with his own teleport.

Season 2

13: Lost

In the Forest of Chaos near Kalibloom, Leez is surprised that Asha didn't teleport them to the city, and wonders whether Asha made a mistake. Asha informs her that the barrier of chaos confounds magic, and tells her to keep an eye out. Leez complains about having to walk more. She then wonders whether it was okay to leave Ran behind, unable to return through the channel, though Asha tells her it isn't her business. To Leez's shock, Asha then sends the hiding Ran flying with bhavati vayu before he can cast a prank on them. In the evening, Ran and Asha start bickering over their bet. Leez tries to pacify them, only to be shot down by both. She whines to Yuta that she'll become a magician too.

The next day, they make their way through the forest. Leez starts to find the trip easy, leading to Asha warning her against 4th stage maras and upanis. Leez asks her what they mean, only to be told by Asha that she doesn't stand a chance against them. Leez then brags to Yuta that she's good so she'll protect him. Not long after, Yuta suddenly kills a large sura. Seeing this, Leez praises him and asks him to teach her how to kill a sura in one hit. As the trip drags on, Leez starts to complain about being hungry, but she recovers instantly the moment Asha tells her that they'll visit a restaurant afterwards. After Ran casts hoti indra only to find nothing there, Asha tells her not to fall behind, so she follows while dragging Yuta along.

The group finally comes within view of the checkpoint. Leez is happy to be getting lunch soon, then complains about being called chickie when Ran asks her if she cares about anything besides food. Asha then joins in by telling Ran to feel sorry for the chickens of the world, much to Leez's dismay. Ran suddenly stops, feeling that something is off. Leez then notices that Yuta is gone, and starts calling out to him. She finally sees him coming out of the forest and offers to hold his hand to avoid leaving him behind again, but he jerks his hand away. Leez apologizes while asking if he dislikes that, and feels embarassed since she's been doing it all along. However, Yuta just hands her his sword. As he doesn't have his notebook, Leez can't figure out what he's thinking, but agrees to carry it. Something suddenly appears and captures Yuta however. Shocked, Leez reaches out her hand to catch him, but he disappears right in front of her.

14: Blood/Hide

Leez argues with Asha over why they aren't searching for Yuta yet. Later, after they settle in their hotel in East Kalibloom, Asha surmises that he was most likely taken by Half Hunters somewhere in the city, and that she has a pretty good idea who the kidnapper is: Riche Seiran, the richest woman on planet Willarv and the only one who could afford to activate the trap. Leez realizes that her name is similar to Ruche Seiran, the Atera Magic Guild President. The group begins to make plans for rescuing Yuta.

On the way to Riche's mansion in North Kalibloom, Leez asks why the city is inconveniently built in the mountains, and Asha explains that the Temple of Chaos was built around the landing place of the Sword of Re. Also, the city became fighter-based since the barrier interfered with magical calculation. Ran remarks that this is basic knowledge taught in schools, prompting a flashback of Leez asking her mom to allow her to change her name so she could go to school. The trio are escorted inside Riche's house where they browse her God-level item collection; Asha quickly takes notice of the Neutral Bow. After some discussion, Asha requests that Ran return with Leez to their hotel, and that Asha can get Yuta back without spending any money.

On the walk back, Leez and Ran come upon the Kalibloom Fighters' Guild Affiliated Martial Arts Academy and decide to go in and look around, after some hesitation from Ran.
Leez complains that classes are over and most of the fighters have already gone home, so next they go to the room of Legendary Fighters. Ran says that seeing photos of dead people is depressing, while Leez remarks that she's never heard of any of these famous people, just before spotting the photo of Rao Leez.

Another flashback shows a young Leez asking her mother questions about her father, such as why he isn't around, and when would she be able to see him. Her mom answered simply, when she's older. Leez asks Ran about the dates under the photos, and he explains that they're the birth and death years. Once he notices which photo she is looking at, he seemed to have a sudden realization, and proceeds to tell Leez of Rao's many accomplishments as a fighter, and that he was last seen on the final transport ship to leave Carte in N5. Leez cries but still insists she doesn't know the guy, only that his story was a sad one. Ran gives a push on her back and kindly tells her not to cry, asking her how that would make Rao feel.

Yuta returns to the hotel with Asha, and is greeted by a bloodied Leez who has just fallen down some stairs in her excitement. Asha now has both the Neutral Bow and the Hide of Bondage in her possession and says she'll get both altered. Ran scoffs at the idea, and as he and Asha taunt each other, Leez steps out on the balcony with Yuta. She laments that everyone she cares about have left her or, like Ran and Yuta, were about to, but she is determined to stick by Asha. In response, Yuta writes down that he will stay with Leez until she no longer wanted him around, prompting her to give him a happy bear hug.

Just before dinner with Teo Rakan, Gandharva thought to himself that she was the first funny human he'd met since his encounter with Miss Kupatergent.[10]

15: The Weapon of a God

The group prepares to go to the Magic Guild in the morning, and the Earth Temple in the afternoon. Ran recalls Rana telling him their destination was the Temple of Chaos, so he wonders what the deal is with the Earth Temple. Leez can't tell him the real reason is the bracelet, so she simply says that she'd always wanted to go there. At the Kalibloom Magic Guild, while Asha and Ran go to compare their magic exam scores, Leez and Yuta visit a Sura exhibit. Upon seeing the Garuda picture, Yuta writes down asking if she thinks these suras are better than the others they had just browsed (since unknown to Leez, he is half Garuda). Leez, however, reveals that she feels only hatred for them, especially the red and white one she intends to kill someday. Yuta thinks to himself that there were plenty of other red and white Garuda, so it can't possibly be his brother...

After Ran makes arrangements to get the Hide of Bondage modified, he declines to go to the Earth temple with the other three; when Leez asks why, he replies, you'll see... At the base of one of the pillars, Leez realizes the top is very high (9050m above sea level) but thinks Asha could teleport them, a moment before Asha performs "hoti vayu" and leaves them behind. Yuta writes that Asha thought it would be better for her to go up gradually to avoid altitude sickness. For a while, Leez thinks Asha is being considerate, but changes her mind when she sees the end of the message, with Asha instructing her to slowly crawl up.

Leez starts climing the pillar with her bracelet switched on to speed up her ascent. At 8000m up, she has to stop for a while because the bracelet turned off. There, a sign advertises a course for learning "bhavati kubera" to make the climb easier, and Leez affirms that learning this spell will be her top priority. After asking Yuta whether he's cold, her bracelet turns back on, so she starts climing again. A sign at the snowy top of their climb gives directions to both temples, but warns that visitors of the Chaos Temple must return through Kalibloom's checkpoint. Leez wonders why the Chaos Temple is outside the barrier, and thinks even the location is chaotic.

Asha strikes a deal with the Priest of Earth, Siera Sies, over the ownership of the Golden Knight, even though the priest is surprised someone is currently wearing it. Outside in the snow, Leez attempts to jump a chasm with the power of her bracelet, which unfortunately turns off just as she launches herself; her one slipper also falls off her foot. Yuta immediately grabs her from behind, with wings out. Once they land on the other side he quickly retracts his wings, hoping she didn't notice them. Leez thanks him for helping her across, but then spots a black feather floating away. Upon their arrival at the Earth Temple, the two of them need directions. When Leez notices Claude Yui in the distance, Yuta has a sudden serious expression and points Leez in another direction. They soon find Asha, and Leez starts to complain about nearly dying, only to Asha to reply that she'll have to think of something harder. Right after, they go to dinner, where Leez asks Siera how to get the bracelet removed. The Priest replies that it is a secret which he can't reveal unless she becomes the next Priest of Earth.
2-18 Future Leez at the Temple of Earth

The next Priest of Earth?

In a flash-forward, grown-up Leez, still wearing the bracelet, stands in silhouette in a Temple of Earth archway.

Outside, Leez laments to Yuta that she can't get rid of the bracelet. Though she acknowledges how useful it is, she wonders how to pay back the owner. One of Siera's assistants appears and informs them that they can start their descent right away since Asha still has business in the temple. The assistant is impressed that someone was able to climb to the temple using only "hoti kubera," and Leez adds that the bracelet helped, before realizing that maybe she shouldn't have mentioned it. The assistant assures her that everyone in the temple would recognize a God-level item created by God Kubera, and that Asha has already compensated the Priest. Leez is surprised at the mention of Kubera and at the fact that Asha paid for the bracelet. The assistant informs her of the name of the bracelet, the Golden Knight, created by God Kubera, and that his remaining items are stored in a nearby underground tunnel. In conversation, the assistant mentions Asha's murder of 29 people by magical accident. Yuta begins to reach for Leez as she steps away in disbelief about Asha killing anyone.

Back at the hotel, Leez just finished showering and prances around in her underwear before putting on her pajamas, embarrassing Yuta. She asks Ran if he wants to order dinner as he examines the Neutral Bow, searching for the name of its original owner. While Ran and Leez chat, Yuta picks up the bow and activates it. They immediately rush him to a window before it shoots harmlessly straight out into the night air; but then a giant whirlwind forms in the path of the arrow and destroys one of the city's pillars. The three of them stare in shock.

Asha is making her way back the hotel when she hears the loud BOOM of the Neutral Bow and sees the destruction it caused. A crowd had formed in front of the hotel demanding Yuta's sponsor, as Leez and Ran try to explain to everyone that it was an accident. Asha takes responsibility for Yuta and receives a bill for the cost of repairs, then notices Ran and Leez arguing over the bow since they now both desperately want to own it. Leez says that she can work (adding that she has worked part-time), while Ran says he can pay immediately. Asha decides to make a bet between the two: each would be given a task to accomplish, and the first to do so would win the bow. Ran's task is to learn how to fire the bow, and Leez needs to learn how to use one of the bracelet's transcendental skills. In both cases, Ran has to pay Asha 100,000 gold, but Leez doesn't have to pay anything. Leez is surprised that she won't lose out either way, but decides to work hard when she sees Asha's threatening glare. Everyone then calls it a night.

16: Caution/The Border

A sleeping Leez dreams about a mysterious person (who appears to be Ananta) expressing sympathy for someone who will lose once again; she suddenly wakes up with Asha siting on top of her, strangling her. Leez is unable to push her off until she activates her bracelet, sending Asha crashing into the wall. A confused Leez asks if she is okay, but Asha simply responds that she must have been asleep, magically repairs the wall, and instructs her to get ready since Ran is already out with the bow. Leez comes to the conclusion that Asha's strange sleep habits were the reason she slept alone, but she then rubs her sore neck, doubtful.

Later on, Leez wonders where everyone else has gone to, recalls the morning's incident, and continues to try to convince herself that Asha was really asleep. She then decides to go out by herself to practice with her bracelet. No matter how hard she tries, she can't do more than switch the bracelet on and off. Like Ran, she had also seen her dad's name on the bow the first time it was fired, and she was determined to win it. Claude appears, admires her bracelet, and says he would like to ask some questions about the Neutral Bow. Leez readily complies after she assumes he is part of city security. After their talk over lunch, he asks her if she is always so trusting with strangers since she never asked him about himself; she replies it is just how she is, if she feels a person hasn't done anything bad. Claude then observes that she resembles the fighter whose name was on the bow, which makes her excited to find someone who might have known her dad, but it turns out he was still a kid when the N0 Cataclysm occurred, and only knew him through hearsay. In return for the information Leez gave him, he offers to answer three questions from her. She asks if he knows of the bracelet's transcendental skills, and he says that in fact, it contains five of God Kubera's skills.

Leez reviews her notes on the Golden Knight's embedded skills: Piercing Hit, Pushforce, Counterattack, Regeneration, and Earthquake. When Claude praises her by saying she must do well at school, Leez hesitates a while then thanks him while smiling. Claude says that as with Earth priests, she has to figure out how to use them on her own. Recalling her earlier events with Asha, Leez asks her second question: If a magician wants to murder someone, what method would they use? Claude replies that the most suitable method is this: "hoti yama". Leez pauses for a moment, then complains that she thought he had really cast it. He adds that if that particular spell isn't suitable for the magician, then instead they would try "hoti marut" or "bhavati marut". Leez concludes that a magician who intends to kill would use a spell and not physical means such as strangulation. Claude infers that a magician has actually tried to strangle her, but she protests no, it was just a bad dream she had. When he spots Asha and Ran returning to the hotel, he says her third question would have to wait until later since he has to leave now.

Inside their lodgings, Asha is furious that Leez spoke to Claude of all people. She cautions Leez about talking to any strangers in the future, declines Leez's invitation to dinner, and leaves. Seeing her upset, Ran pats Leez on the back, saying he'll side with her when she fights against Asha, but Leez just meekly protests against him calling her chickie again.

17: Reflection

At the lodgings, Ran calls Leez to go buy new clothes and shoes. Exhausted from using all her vigor during her transcendental attempts, Leez doesn't get out of bed and tells him that anything is fine, then falls sound asleep. She wakes up as the sun is setting, feeling stuffy and with her clothes feeling too tight. When a button breaks off, she decides to change into something else, but sees her own reflection, where she is now taller, with longer hair and a larger chest

Later, Ran returns with heaps of clothes and tells her to come out. However, Leez barely opens the door and snatches the bag before he can see her, then promises to come down after changing. Ran finds her behavior strange, and thinks her voice sounds more mature as well. Later, after Leez comes downstairs, she asks him if she can borrow the cap mixed in. Ran agrees, only to see her all grown up, with the cap hiding her face and wearing pants and a blouse. Surprised, he spills coffee on himself. Leez tells him that she found herself like this after waking up. From their conversation, Ran then realizes that Claude cast hoti yama on her, as the effects only show up 12 hours after it's cast. He tells her to find Asha and go to Claude to have the spell removed before the sun rises. Disappointed that she'll revert then, Leez wants to go outside before that happens. Ran promises to not to call her chickie if she listens to him, but she assures him that she's not afraid of molesters, then leaves before Ran can say more.

Outside, Leez enjoys the approving comments from the crowd, though she wonders why this is a spell for murder. She decides to look around a bit before returning to the hotel. However, she comes across a green-haired man being picked on by another person. Mistaking the former as a Half, she introduces herself as the person's sponsor, and offers to settle it with an arm wrestle. After promising not to use magic, she wins the match in just 3 seconds, causing a commotion among the onlookers. She then drags the green-haired man away. Once they reach an area with few people, she offers to part ways. However, the man asks for her name to repay her kindness. As her appearance has changed, Leez decides to give him a fake name: Riche. When he compliments her on her beauty and kind-heartedness, she laughs and thanks him awkwardly. He then asks whether they've met before, much to Leez's bafflement.

The man then thinks he must be mistaken because of his age. From the way he is talking, Leez guesses that he really might be a Half. She tells him to be careful and the man asks her where she lives. When she admits that she doesn't live in the city, the man tells her to leave, as he dreamed that the city would be invaded and destroyed by suras. Leez accepts to do so, but adds that she'll need to talk it over with the rest of her party. However, she tells him that she understands why one would be wary within cities, as the whole city would fall into danger if suras target even just one person within it (her, in particular), as suras are evil creatures who would not hesitate to kill innocents to get what they want.

However, the man tells her not to think of it in such black and white terms, as his daughter is waiting for him, so he doesn't have a choice. Leez is baffled by the change of topic, while the man describes the perilous path he must walk, though he might die before seeing her again. However, she tells him that he doesn't need to go to such extents, asking him what a daughter would feel if her father died trying to reach her. She concludes that the daughter would miss him but not blame him, as no child would want their parents to suffer. So, he should take care of himself first. At that moment, a gust of wind blows off her cap. She hurriedly chases after it, and when the man asks her why she is so attached to it, she claims she has hair loss.

The two walk together some more, and the man thanks her once again. He tells her that although he won't give up on his daughter, he'll find a path with fewer regrets. Leez smiles and tells him his daughter woud also be happier this way, but she hides her face further under her cap when the man stares at her and calls her pretty. This turns to bafflement when he adds that he's not talking about her face, as pretty faces are really common. When he tells her that her father must be really proud of her, she smiles and promises to work harder to make her father proud.

Later, Leez returns to the lodgings, happy that she was able to help a Half. However, she finds an angry-looking Asha there, who casts a bhavati marut spell that narrowly misses her and destroys a sign behind her as well. Asha informs her that she'll die if the spell isn't lifted by dawn. Now worried, Leez asks whether it can't be undone by someone else, or with hoti asvins. Asha explains that hoti asvins doesn't work, so the only way to undo the spell is to have it cast again by a magician with equivalent or higher divine affinity. As Claude is ranked 2nd among all magicians, nobody else can remove it. Claude's rank surprises Leez, who then tells Asha that Claude went to the Temple of Chaos. Asha suddenly changes her mind and decide to return to the lodgings, as she's convinced that Claude will come down on his own. Leez takes her cap off and starts to apologize repeatedly, promising never to cause her trouble again, and adding that she doesn't want to die yet since she hasn't even started on her revenge. Her face looks exactly like Rao Leez.

Later, the whole group is brought to the temple of Chaos using bhavati kubera. Leez decides once again to learn this flying spell, then hugs Yuta and promises to bring him along when she learns it. Asha tells her to give Yuta some distance, but Yuta denies being uncomfortable.

At the temple of Chaos, the pouting Leez confronts Claude along with Asha. Asha threatens Claude by casting bhavati marut. When Asha reveals that she can cast marut spells without worrying about the interference of the chaos barrier, Leez realizes that Asha was just trying to scare her earlier. Once she's back to normal, she eats with the rest of the group. Ran realizes that he didn't see her face properly. Leez claims that she resembled a famous person then. She decides not to reveal the fact that she's Rao's daughter, as Asha warned her not to talk about her village, and the revelation could lead to Ran asking more about where she came from. She decides to put up with the times Ran calls her chickie. Later, Leez, Ran and Asha walk on an overpass in the Temple of Chaos. Leez promises not to wander around and leaves ahead of the other two.

18: The Test of the Sword

At the Temple of Chaos, the sky slowly turns from red to yellow as the opening of the Temple approaches. Leez borrowed a book from the Temple library to learn bhavati kubera and managed to read half without too many problems. She also observes:

  • that Asha spends her time reading books on sura biology and puberty
  • that Asha ignores Claude's attempts to visit
  • that Claude has apologized to her for the hoti yama spell (but to get even, Leez plans to find a difficult third question for him to answer)
  • that Ran has been meeting up with fighters (she doesn't understand why he'd waste money to stay at the temple just to try the Test of the Sword for fun)
  • and that Yuta usually sits beside her doing nothing, but has gone hunting that morning.

Later, as she observes the schedule for the Test of the Sword with Ran, she asks him about the tests and is relieved that she neither needs to study in advance, nor does she need to do magic. She sees Asha returning with a healthier-looking Yuta, and asks him whether he ate something nice. Asha just coldly asks her about her transcendentals. Leez pouts and tells her that it's hard to learn when nobody's there to teach her. While holding out the book on bhavati kubera, she affirms that she thinks it's better for her to learn magic, adding that no matter how she thinks of it, this is more useful to her. To her surprise, Asha changes the conditions of the bet to Leez learning bhavati kubera. Leez is happy until she reaches a later chapter, informing her that she has to complete studies in Intermediate Level Topology, University-level Physics and University-level Astronomy before proceeding.

The Test of the Sword begins. Leez, now 17 years-old, admires from afar the woman who is both the President of the Fighters Guild and the Priestess of Chaos. Because Leez can't see her from the distance, Yuta draws her a portrait, and both Leez and Ran are surprised by how good he is at it. Leez starts poking fun at Ran for his Half phobia, and the latter responds by calling her chickie again, declaring his promise not to call her that to be forfeit, since Leez didn't listen to him. The two start to bicker again.

For the first test, the participant must break through at least 20 wooden boards. Leez finds a sample and shows it to the others. To the surprise of the other participants, Ran breaks 94 boards. Leez teases him for no longer being a weakling, but she's convinced she'll break all 100. However, the test supervisor informs her that magical items to enhance her strength are against the rules. Leez has to take the test, even though the bracelet restricts her strength. As a result, she 'only' breaks 51 (enough for people to mistake her for a Half). Ran makes fun of her and she ends up chasing him and grabbing him by the hair. Leez then encourages Yuta, then congratulates him by patting him on the back for scoring 47. Next, she cheers for Asha, who scores exactly 20. When Ran tells her that she barely passed, she tells him that unnecessary display of strength is a sign of immaturity. Leez is impressed that Asha shut him up with just one sentence.

The second test involves dodging blue balls and hitting red ones. Ran has a perfect score, while Leez scores 99 because her breasts prevented her from avoiding one of them. She then proceeds to complain about her 'useless lumps of fat.' Leez notes that Yuta scored 98, but looks as though he let the last two balls hit him on purpose. Asha scores 90 because she doesn't want to remove her fur cloak. After this, Ran asks her if she's secretely exercising, and she responds by taunting his inability to calculate trajectories, leading Leez to deduce that Asha has a talent in making Ran shut up.

Before the next test, which measures one's divine affinity or transcendental value and has a pass threshold of 500, Leez leaves to buy some cotton candy. She returns to see Yuta writing that he'll withdraw. When she tries to hand Yuta some cotton candy, Ran then Asha take it from her, much to her consternation. She apologizes to Yuta, who writes that the thought alone makes him happy, which cheers her up. Shen then learns that both Asha and Yuta are withdrawing, as Leez is apparently the only one who needs the Sword of Re. Leez is surprised because she thought Yuta needed it too, but Yuta responds that this is no longer the case. Leez says she feels lonely now, completely ignoring Ran. For the test, she placed her hand on the measuring device, activated the bracelet (which had a known boost to divine affinity of 2250), and cast hoti kubera. However, after substracting for the value of the bracelet, her divine affinity is 0, a value she doesn't understand since she isn't a Half and not even a Quarter.

Leez has to measure her transcendental value instead. Unfortunately, she has to use a transcendental too. Asha proposes a method, so Leez follows her into the testing center. After she places her hand on the device, Asha suddenly casts bhavati marut, instantly slicing her head. The device displays a value of 5740, for a value of 4240 after substracting for the boost from the bracelet. The crowd is really impressed and note that she has the highest score now. Leez, however, yells at Asha for what she's done, while self-regeneration activates. Asha claims that it's the least painful way, but Leez still doesn't understand how she could stand there and look at her as though it was nothing. Asha coldly reminds her of the reason she wants to draw the sword, then tells her to stop whining. Leez looks down, her head still bleeding. Asha then reassures her that she will never truly intend to harm her. Leez realizes that Asha isn't looking her in the eyes as she says that, but forces herself to smile and agree.

While eating together, Ran notes that Leez has overtaken him to take 1st place. An announcement states that the top 6 candidates can attempt to draw the sword first. Leez will thus have the first try.

At the waiting site, a supervisor explains the rules. Leez is a bit worried about potential accidents during the 5 minutes, as nobody can enter until then, but Ran tells her nothing is there. Ran tells her that she's rooting for her, but Leez complains about the fact that he keeps calling her chickie. Ran tells her that calling her by his name bothers him. She finds this puzzling, but is called to enter the testing site. Inside, the door closes and locks her in. She happily walks towards the Sword of Re, only for a blue-haired girl to suddenly step on it.

Leez mistakes the Sagara for a supervisor and asks for instructions. However, Sagara asks her if she's wearing God Kubera's bracelet. When she confirms it, Sagara tells her to give it to her, adding that it'll come off if Leez dies. Leez stops her attack and asks her who she is.

A battle ensues, destroying many of the pillars. Leez finds herself injured and out of vigor, with her bracelet turned off. Sagara claims that she has nothing against her, but that she was just unlucky, and attacks again. Leez knows that something has gone wrong, but she doesn't want to fail the test. Her bracelet suddenly emits a black aura. Suddenly, the transcendental 'gravitational field' activates. Sagara claims that it's useless, but Leez denies being responsible for it. Her bracelet turns on again. When Sagara attacks again, she repels her with Pushforce, then attacks with Piercing Hit, slicing the pillar behind Sagara. Leez is then surprised that the attacks are working. However, she is no match for Ssgara. With the little time she has left, she rushes towards the Sword of Return. Sagara grabs her by the hair and insults her for using pigtails with a face like hers. Leez grabs Sagara's hair in return, yells that she knows that she is ugly, tells her to shut up and kicks her with Piercing Hit. Just before she can pull the sword, however, Sagara reappears behind her, and slams her into the wall.

19: Rift

Leez struggles with the pain, and wonders if she will die without accomplishing anything. Before passing out, she sees the figure of Mister, and wonders if she's dreaming. Self-regeneration activates and restores her. God Kubera picks her up and after talking to Sagara, he picks up the Sword of Return and opposes her. He leaves with Leez after Yuta's arrival.

Under a clear purple sky, the sleeping Leez enjoys the warm weather, gentle wind and soft grass. However, she wonders why her pillow is so hard, and peeks from an eye. Mister asks her to get up, now that she's awake. She realizes that she's been lying on his legs and bolts up screaming, scolding him for nearly causing her to die of fright with his sudden appearance. Mister claims that he was sitting there all along, and that she crawled up and put her head there on her own. Leez chides him for pining the blame on her, when she would have obviously stayed on the fluffy grass. She adds that even if she did it, he should have pushed her away, as only people going out should do such things. She teases him and asks him whether he likes her, but quickly dismisses this as a joke, claiming that it'd be disastrous if that were to happen.

Leez then thanks him but feels disappointed about failing the test. Mister tells her that she did draw it but forgot because of the shock, and points to the Sword of Re under a tree. Dubious, Leez reaches out, but draws it without trouble. Excited, she waves it around and thanks him, then promises to train hard. Before he leaves, Leez offers to grant him a wish to thank him. To her surprise, he tells her that he's never wished for anything. Leez asks what he prays to the gods for, telling him that in her case, she prays to Agni for good weather, to Asvins to avoid getting hurt, and to Kubera for mushrooms. He tells her that he doesn't pray to any god. Leez is baffled, as she thought him to be a magician, and tells him that his beliefs are his own choice, but still asks him what he could want from him. The person's hair turns silver again, and tells her that he should perhaps not miss this opportunity, but that he must bring her back before the sun sets in Kalibloom. Leez suddenly realizes from the position of the sun that she is no longer in Kalibloom. She starts to worry about being lectured by Asha, but Mister tells her that there won't be a next time, so he asks Kubera Leez to spend the day with him.

Leez and Mister walk through the forest. He tells her that she doesn't need to worry about the sword getting stolen. Leez wonders what she can do for him, such as giving a shoulder massage. She then asks him how he found out about her real name, recalling that he knew she used a fake name before. She asks him whether he did a background check on her, and becomes frustrated when he doesn't respond, arguing that it's very suspicious of him. However, he places a finger on her mouth and asks her not to ask any more questions. He then starts to play with her hair again, causing her to swat his hand aside. Mister tells her that he wants to spend a day like normal human beings and lets her decide.

Mister takes Leez to a restaurant where she orders large amounts of food, then decides to stop even though she's still a bit hungry. Mister tells her she can order more, but she worries about running out of time. She then tells him that she managed to learn one spell, then asks her about his parting words at the water channel, about becoming strong enough to be worthy of the Power of the Name. He takes not of her excellent memory for unnecessary things, but notes that she still needs to improve on other aspects. He recommends Teo Rakan as a teacher, as she's unrivaled in using transcendental skills and is similar to her in many ways. Leez thanks him and asks him to take her to Atera. There, she reminds him that it's where they met first. She is surprised when Mister tells her that she takes after him in her tendency to trust. Seeing him upset, she ruffles his hair to cheer him up.

In Atera, Leez wears bunny ears picked by Mister, then picks wolf ears for him. She worries again about making her 'friend' wait, adding that said friend is a talented magician who lets her tag along. Leez confirms that she considers Asha her friend, but when he asks her if the feelings are reciprocated, she recalls the time Asha nearly strangled her. She admits that she doesn't know what Asha thinks of her, but thinks that either way, she owes Asha her life. Mister then tells her to believe in those who give her their trust, and to avoid the mistakes he made. Leez wonders if he's worried that she doesn't trust him, then reassures him that she does.

Back where they left the Sword of Re, Leez asks Mister when she'll see him next, adding that she'll be stronger next time. However, Mister tells her that there is no next time, though it may not be the last. He asks her to forget about him, trust those by her side, and hold onto them, as the more remain, the better. Leez asks him whether she should trust just anyone, so Mister tells her to forget about it. She then tells him that she wants to hold onto him as well, and asks him to come back and check on her. She won't even complain about him touching her hair.

At the temple of Chaos, Leez ends up being dragged by Asha into the lodgings by the ear. Asha then flings her to the ground. Ran asks her if she's all right. Leez admits that she doesn't know what she did wrong. She came across Asha outside the temple, but Asha just grabbed her by the ear. Ran asks if Asha wasn't looking for her, like in the channel, but before he can say more, Asha threatens him into shutting up. He's then surprised to see her holding the Sword of Re. Leez happily confirms that she drew it.

20: Enmity

In the evening, Leez brings Yuta a big bowl of meat to help with his fevers. She tries to place a hand on his forehead to check for his temperature, but Yuta ends up pushing her away. She wonders what's wrong, and climbs over his bed to reach a notepad so he can tell her what's wrong, while reassuring him that she's not offended. However, Yuta pushes her into the wall, leaving scratch marks on her face. Before Leez can ask more, he leaves by the window. Ran and Asha suddenly enter. Leez hides her cheek, and to defend Yuta, she claims that she spilled the meat by mistake, so Yuta got angry and went outside. Ran asks her why she's hiding her cheek and whether Yuta bit her mouth. The surprised Leez spills the fact that Yuta pushed her. Ran starts to argue against Asha for sending Leez in alone, then scolds her when Asha reveals that she did it on purpose to test things out. Leez observes the argument, ignored, and quietly leaves.

Leez puts on a bandage. Alone on the balcony, she thinks of how hard she tries to get along with everybody, yet she's still left out. Despite traveling in a group, she feels all alone. She then tries to perk up, as she's worried that they'd not want her around anymore if she's depressed. She removes the bandaid, expecting the injury to have healed, and decides to laugh it off when Yuta returns. However, the bleeding hasn't stopped.

When she goes to Asha for healing, Asha starts nagging at her for not coming sooner, as there is a time limit to the spell. Leez explains that such injuries usually heal right away, as she's always healed fast. She wonders if she contracted a rare disease, only to be told by Asha that it's just because she peeled off the band-aid. Asha proceeds to explain that the Sword of Re nullifies one's natural regenerative abilities, though it doesn't affect the restorative powers of a pureblood human. Leez doesn't want to bother Asha each time she's injured, so she decides to learn healing magic. However, Asha dismisses the idea and tells her that restoration magic is much more difficult than the bhavati kubera spell she's having trouble with. Leez apologizes and says she'll have to rely on Asha until she can use healing magic on her own.

Suddenly, she recalls the bet for the Neutral Bow, and happily asks if the conditions can be changed back, since she knows how to use transcendentals now. Ran is disappointed about losing the bet, but Asha scolds her for wanting to change conditions on a whim. Leez complains that she needs to study physics and such before she can read the next chapter, so it'll take her a lot of time. Asha just tells her that university physics is not that difficult. Leez inquires about Yuta again, wondering what made him angry. Ran starts to explain, but he's silenced by Asha again and decides to just agree that he was angry. Leez then asks whether they can see someone called Teo Rakan. Ran starts to make fun of her for remembering everything about the woman at the opening speech, save for the fact that she's Teo Rakan. They're interrupted by the arrival of Zard Blain, a professor at the Martial Arts department at Kalibloom University.

Zard suggests holding the ceremony to present the owner of the Sword of Re at the city square. Asha reluctantly accepts, but tells Ran that she wanted Leez to remain out of the spotlight. Zard notes that the time hasn't been fixed as Teo's daughter was kidnapped. Leez asks him what happened to the blue-haired girl who attacked her during the test to get her bracelet. To her surprise, neither Zard nor Ran is aware of any girl.

21: Frozen Tears

In the evening, a sudden occurrence causes Leez to nearly choke on her water. When she gets to the balcony, she is shocked to see ice mountains everywhere, and a huge dark shadow looming in the sky. Outside, Leez is surprised by the state of the sky, the ice mountains, and the fact that people are fighting each other. A panicked Ran grabs onto Leez, begging his 'mom' to help him. Frustrated, Asha tells Leez to carry him. Leez isn't sure how since one hand is carrying the Sword of Re. The group heads towards the magic guild. Suddenly, a huge wave nearly washes over Kalibloom. Leez asks Ran to get up, but realizes that he's fainted. As the water stopped before the city could be submerged, Leez praises the Priest of Earth for the strong barrier. However, Asha informs her that it wasn't him, and that the God of Fire has arrived.

At the magic guild, Leez wonders if the black part of the sky is a storm cloud, only to be told that it's not. Asha then tells her to stop fretting, since it's safe as long as the god is maintaining the barrier. Asha informs her that she learned of Agni's presence when they visited the Temple of Earth. Leez sheepishly notes that once again, she is the only one who didn't know. Riche arrives and lends her god-level items to the magicians there. Leez asks Asha if the Vajra she picked is better than the Neutral Bow. Asha asks her where Ran's bag is. Leez admits that it must have fallen off on the way. Asha proceeds to scold her, as the Neutral Bow could be resized and was inside the bag. Upset, Leez wonders why Asha didn't tell her earlier, then apologizes and runs out to find it before Asha can stop her.

Near the shore, Leez takes off her shoes and leaves the Sword of Re there. She locates the bag underwater, stuck under some rocks, but it's swept away by the currents as soon as she moves the rock aside. She chases after it, slowly blacking out because of the lack of oxygen, but she's rescued by Asha at the last moment. Back on shore, Leez asks Asha why she stopped her, only for Asha to slap her hard enough for her face to swell. Leez decides that she deserved it for losing the bag. When Asha asks her if she believes that to be the reason she's mad, Leez comes up with several other trivial possibilities. Asha asks her why she thinks like that, and Leez admits to just being a burden. She starts to apologize and promises to do everything Asha tells her, so she asks Asha not to hate her, while mentally pleading to her not to leave. Leez turns hopeful when Asha heals her. When Asha informs her that they have been swept outside the barrier, she wonders if this is the reason she's mad, only for Asha to yell at her that it isn't.

Asha then tells her that they must think of a way to defeat the huge sura. That sura is apparently consuming all the water. They decide to inform the God of Fire, who might be unaware since he doesn't like going underwater. Leez volunteers, only to be tossed into the air by Asha's bhavati vayu. She immediately starts to apologize when Agni catches her, but is puzzled to recognize Babo Kim-oppa.

In Agni's Insight, the future Leez says that she only chooses to fight on in order to protect the Name until the end. She asks a person whether he's disappointed that she doesn't seek to save the lives of others. When the person answers no, she turns around and smiling, tells him that he must already know the answer she would give.

In the present, Leez apologizes for mistaking Agni for someone else. To her surprised, Agni talks about the water flow before she can mention it, but still thanks her for the information. To avoid getting in the way, Leez tells him that he can just toss her to the mountains, as her body is durable enough to endure it. However, Agni tells her that her heart is bruised and battered. From his words, Leez realizes that he really is Babo Kim, and starts to cry when Agni tells her to cry properly. Agni comforts her, and before he leaves, he tells her that someone who loves her very much will stay with her until the end. Puzzled, Leez watches as he flies off.

Later, Leez and Asha joins up with the magicians, who are now armed with the god-level items lent by Riche. Parr has also joined up with them. The group spots the man who was with Teo, but when part of the group confronts him, Maruna appears and annihilates them. Asha recommends for the group to retreat, but most magicians refuse to listen. When she tells Leez to retreat, Leez refuses, as it's finally her chance for revenge. When Asha points out that she doesn't have the Sword of Re, the Sword of Re suddenly appears by Leez's side, pulsating with red energy.

22: The One to Stand Before Me

Asha is surprised to see that Leez has retrieved the Sword of Re, but another person has taken control of Leez. 'She' accuses Asha of stopping Leez, regardless of whether Leez has enough power or not, to maintain a pretext for using her. When Asha asks 'her' who 'she' is, 'she' responds that she is someone who wishes for Leez's happiness more than anyone in the world, and someone who respects Leez's chosen path, unlike Asha, who just suffocates her. As 'she' holds up a now crackling Sword of Re, 'she' concludes that it doesn't matter whether it ends in death, as it would be better than living her life as a pawn. 'She' mentally apologizes to Leez for not giving her a better future. A large attack forms and launches in the direction of Maruna.

Maruna is unharmed, as Hura took the hit. 'Leez' looks up to his flying form. Maruna launches another attack, but 'Leez' suddenly appears behind him, still regenerating, and slashes the Sword of Re in his direction. When Maruna prepares another attack, 'Leez' starts to taunt him, causing him to prepare a larger attack. Mentally, 'Leez' points out that humans can have infinite vigor with the right mindset. She tells Maruna to blame his own arrogance in not transforming sooner. The Golden Knight turns black, activating Counter-attack and sending the attack back at him. Yuta suddenly appears and nullifies the attack. 'She' clutches herself while trembling, and asks herself why he had to appear now.

Leez suddenly regains her awareness. She realizes that she spaced out again and that she now has the Sword of Re, but she is also exhausted as though she ran out of vigor. She sees Yuta and Maruna and runs to protect Yuta, warning him that the other is a superior sura. She tells Yuta to run while she holds the opponent back. However, she is so tired that she can barely stand. For a while, Maruna does nothing, but eventually transforms into sura form. Worried, Leez tells Yuta to run in directions opposite to her, as she should be able to lure the sura after her. She realizes that Yuta is crying, and promises that he won't die. As she starts running, however, she hears a sound. When she turns around, Yuta has become older and taller.

Surprised, Leez calls out to Yuta, then stands in shock as Yuta transforms into sura form. Her distraught expression changes when she looks at the ground, where Yuta has carved: please run. As she watches the ongoing battle, she acknowledges that he was a sura after all. She isn't surprised. From the many suspicious instances during their time together, she had already realized that he was a sura, but she also realized that everybody was hiding the fact from her. She deduced that they thought her unworthy of his trust. Unwilling to admit that she was the only one left out, she pretended to be naive, and to believe everything they told her. Yet if one day, they'd trust her enough to tell her, that would make her really happy. Tears trail down her face.

Leez interrupts the battle between Maruna and Yuta by throwing the Sword of Re at the former. However, he dodges, and the weapon leaves a crater in the mountain behind him. Leez thinks it's a pity that her only chance missed. She then turns to Yuta, whom she thanks for trusting her enough to reveal his true self, and for trying to protect her. She is sorry that she didn't run away like he told her to, but despite trying, she couldn't leave her behind.

Yuta shelters Leez in his mouth until Maruna leaves. Leez then apologizes for merely causing extra trouble. On the way out, she accidentally pricks her hand on one of his teeth. Once out, she worries that other magicians might attack him if they see him like this, and wonders how to keep his secret. Yuta finally returns to human form. She looks at him once then averts her eyes. She apologizes for treating him like a kid before, then sees his question in the ground, asking her whether she's okay with him being a sura. She admits to being scared for a second, but once she saw his message, she realized that he was still Yuta, and that he was brave enough to reveal his identity for her sake. She then asks him if he knows the sura. She reveals that it's the one who destroyed her village, and she had imagined killing him thousands of times, yet she couldn't do anything when she faced him.

However, she smiles at Yuta, tells him that she knows how good he is, and that she doesn't hate him. After all, they are friends who trust each other. When Yuta nods, she thanks him and wonders how she can get the sword back, but the sword flies back to her as soon as she puts out her arm. She wonders if she can use it for surprise attacks, then decide to look for Asha. As they leave, she notices Yuta standing very close to her. Embarrassed, she admits to thinking of him like a little brother before, but that it tickles now when he gets too close. As she says this, she pushes his face away. However, Yuta grabs her hand and licks it, causing a moment of shock. She then deduces that he is trying to make her bleeding hand better, but when she sees the way he gazes at her, she quickly runs off with finding Asha as an excuse.

Back in Kalibloom, where the barrier is now off, Yuta tells Leez that Asha is heading towards the magic guild. He tells her to go there while he heads for the temple. Leez thinks that he's going to help the Priest of Earth, so she thanks him, tells him to be careful, and runs off.

At the magic guild, she meets up with Asha and Parr again. Parr has found Ran's bag and returned it to her. Ran's brother, Lutz Sairofe, is also there. Leez bows to him as he leaves. She asks Asha whether she's curious about what Leez has been up to, but Asha tells her that she's not in the mood to talk to her, and leaves.

23: The Good/The Line

A few days after the attack, Leez recounts everything that has happened since, including the city restoration process, the arguments over the Gandharva Halfs, the search for the Priestess of Chaos, the fact that Agni can no longer leave Atera, the fact that Kasak is always out patrolling, and arguments over Claude's lack of contribution during the war. Leez herself is still studying the book on bhavati kubera, with two other books by her side, while lying in her bed. But she is most concerned about Yuta, who has since disappeared.

Outside the hotel, Leez asks Ran about Asha, who has been very busy those days as a high-ranking magician, and is often called to meetings. Leez asks if Ran will also become that busy after becoming an AA, but Ran suspects that he'll become one in name only. He then thanks her for finding the Neutral Bow, but Leez tells him that he should thank Parr, only for Ran to remind her that Parr is a Half. Leez is joining her search party to help a little, though the one she hopes to find is Yuta. Ran tells her that he'll find his brother to talk about the Neutral Bow. Leez finds it strange that neither Ran nor Asha mentioned Yuta. The two then go separate ways.

After Leez joins up with Parr, the the two puzzle over Ran's attitude towards Halfs, and he doesn't actually hate them. The rest of the party, including Kasak, has already left. Leez is happy that she'll finally be able to meet him, but Parr warns her that Kasak isn't friendly without his earrings, and has been even grouchier recently. However, Leez suddenly finds herself tackled by Yuta, who hugs her and doesn't let go.

Leez is confused by the sudden development. Her hands are tied up, her bracelet won't turn on, and her arms are going numb. She asks Yuta to let her go, but he ends up hugging even tighter. She quickly tells him that she can't see his face this way, and he finally lets go. She tells him that she's glad to see him safe, and avoids mentioning her throbbing hands. When Yuta moves closer to her again, she panics and tells him not to, then tries to change the topic.

She decides to ask him about his belt, which he didn't have before. In a flash of light, it turns back into the sword he held before. Impressed, Leez compliments him on his cool powers. This causes Yuta to bluch proudly, reminding Leez of the cute Yuta she used to know. She then asks about his scarf, which can change in length and move on its own. When the scarf slithers towards her, she panics again, only to see it wrapped around her neck when she opens her eyes. Smiling, she apologizes for earlier, telling him that even though he looks different, he's the same nice person on the inside, and even let her wear his scarf (unaware that it's part of his body).

While she ponders on a way to get him through the checkpoint, the scarf suddenly wraps around her mouth, preventing her from speaking. Kasak and a group of fighters appear, informing her that he will never pass through the checkpoint as a 'Half.' Kasak then turns into sura form. Leez is worried since they all heard her calling Yuta a sura. However, they all think she's a hostage. Leez tries to talk, but the scarf prevents her. Yuta suddenly pretends to threaten her, causing the others to back off. Yuta grins at her, but she just looks upset, then looks away. The Sword of Re appears in her hand, and she uses it to slice through the scarf. She tells him not to panic, and tells him he should explain himself first. She then turns to the group of fighters and tries to convince them that Yuta is a good person.

Asha suddenly shows up and tells Leez that appealing to Kasak's emotions is useless. She tells everyone that it's useless to turn a possible threat into a certain one. Kasak says that even though the others didn't hear, Yuta had shady desires. Leez asks him about it, but Yuta just looks at Kasak upset. As Yuta isn't the kind of threat that Kasak worried about, he agrees to watch over Yuta a bit longer. Leez thanks him when he returns to human form. Kasak then tells Leez to return inside the city and not come out until she's read 'The Biology of Sura'.

Back inside the city, Leez, Asha and Ran tries to convince the people of Kalibloom to let Yuta in. Lutz and Claude have also taken their side, while Agni has sent a message approving it, as long as the Priest allows it. However, Siera is worried about those who hate suras. At night, Leez asks Ran how long he knew about Yuta being a sura, and Ran tells her that he found out in the water channel, then didn't say anything because Asha told him not to. When Leez asks the same question to Asha, Asha responds that she knew since the day they met him.

During dinner, the still smiling Leez tells Asha that it'd have been nice for Asha to tell her earlier. Ran chimes in, saying that he thought that Leez had a sura phobia or something, but Leez is fine. They conclude that it was a misunderstanding. When Ran adds that he seems to know Leez better than Asha, Leez playfully asks him how, and he responds that he even knows her shoe size. Asha suddenly tells then that she held back the information because her village was destroyed by a superior sura. Leez tells her that Yuta isn't that red bird, but Asha reminds her of the time when she asked her whether she could befriend a superior sura. Leez tries to explain herself, but Asha tells her that if she had known at the time, they'd never have become friends. Leez wants to say that it isn't true, but Asha tells her to stop arguing like a little kid. Leez looks upset, and Ran starts to tell Asha that she is being too harsh. However, Leez interrupts him and tells him Asha is right. She then turns down the offer for dinner, claiming to have an upset stomach, and leaves.

Outside, she tries to get over her frustrations by telling herself that a misunderstanding is better than not being told because they didn't trust her. Kasak suddenly asks her whether it's all right for her to wander all alone at night. Leez explains that she is returning to the lodgings. When Kasak asks her whether she's read the book he recommended, she admits that she was unable to find a copy. Kasak then hands her one, with instructions to finish it during the night before Yuta enters the city. He explains that there is a task only Yuta can accomplish.

The next day, Leez greets everyone while appearing bright and cheerful, but she ends up tumbling down the stairs. Ran offers to buy her something nice to eat, and she loudly repeats this to Asha. Zard comes and tells Asha that she's needed at the Forest of Chaos. Leez goes to change clothes, and returns with several layers of clothes. She tells Ran that she's feeling cold, much to his disbelief, as he'd seen her in the water channel. She turns down an offer to stay at the lodgings in case she's sick.

Near pillars of ice, she happily greets Yuta, and tells him that the shirt she chose looks good on him. She bought it while shopping with Ran. From the looks on his face then, she deduces that he must not like it that much, and promises to ask Ran to buy him something else. She then spots Asha and asks her what's happening, but Asha ignores her. Parr then explains the situation, where she ran away from the suras, and Teo ended up encased in ice that won't melt. Seeing Parr's expression, Leez recalls her village, and tries to cheer her up. She asks Yuta if he knows a way, but Yuta 'sadly' shakes his head. Suddenly, the ice starts to disappear. Leez realizes from the ensuing scenes that Asha can turn back time.

24: Taboo

After Teo is revived, Leez, still wrapped in many layers of clothes, celebrates Yuta's return by offering him cakes made of raw meat. She spent all day making them. Ran thinks she wasted her time with the decorations, as he prefers raw meat with nothing on it. Leez thinks it's fine though, since cakes are meant to celebrate. They hear a commotion outside, and see that a crowd has formed to ask Asha to use hoti visnu. Ran explains that it's too late, since the Name is crossed of pretty fast if the body hasn't been frozen first. Leez just silently stares out the window.

The next day, she returns to see Ran sleeping downstairs, with a table full of empty alcohol bottles. She's surprised by how much he drinks and asks Yuta to help with the bottles before Asha comes down. Yuta sweeps up all of them with his scarf. He then tells her that she should take off some clothes, since she looks hot. He calls her bluff when she claims to feel cold. He then asks her if she's keeping her away because he hugged her in the forest. He tells her that she used to hug him without permission as well, so he thought she'd be happy, like he was when she hugged him. Leez mentions his stage of development, but he cries and he begs her to believe that he's still the same inside. Leez recalls her argument with Asha, and realizes how much it hurts when others refuse to believe one's words. So, she removes a hat and tells him that she believes him. The grateful Yuta starts to wrap his scarf around her, but he ends up dropping all the bottles.

After this, Leez gets him another shirt, this time without buttons, since he didn't bother to button up the last one. However, he writes to her that clothing bothers him, so he prefers it off. This really surprises Leez.

Some time later, Leez and Ran inquire on each other's progress on the bet. Leez bets that she'll win, much to Ran's disbelief. Since the number of visitors has started decreasing, she decides to start practicing magic outside. Riche arrives alone with a question for Asha: why she didn't revive her victims with hoti visnu. Asha coldly tells her that she was incapable of the spell back then. After further exchanges, Riche finally leaves. Leez remains silent through the encounter, but Ran suddenly asks Asha about the murders. Leez awkwardly tries to change the topic by saying that Yuta is late from hunting, then suggests for all of them to have dinner.

One day, Leez (who is with a fully-clothed Yuta) tells Ran that she has surprising news: she's been practicing bhavati kubera, and managed to float up a bit during one of her tries, but she hasn't been able to repeat it, probably because she doesn't understand it completely yet. Ran acknowledges that she's been working hard and that she'll probably win, then leaves. Leez wonders if Ran was affected by the news of Asha's murders. Leez herself wasn't too surprised that the story she heard at the temple was true. Yuta asks her whether she believes that they were accidents. Leez says of course, as friends trusts one another, but she looks away from Yuta and leaves while saying so.

25: That Which Cannot be Grasped or Held

N16, 1st of the 2nd month. Many voices call to Leez to wake up. Leez, crying, thinks don't go.

N16, 35th of the 1st month. Leez asks Ran where Asha went. Ran tells her that Asha is busy and won't be back in the evening. He then asks whether to order room service or eat out. Leez wants to eat out, since she has something to buy. When Ran points out that she doesn't have money, she brags that she's saved up change from shopping with Asha. Ran is outraged, and offers to give her money if she needs it, but Leez doesn't see a problem with saving up change, and asks him if he throws away his change as well.

N16, 36th of the 1st month. With ingredients she's bought, Leez has prepared lots of dishes, most of which are for Asha. She stops Ran from starting, since Asha and Yuta aren't there yet. Ran suddenly yells out in frustration and expresses pity for chickie, much to Leez's confusion. They then hear people talking about Kasak, and see him flying away. Leez finds it a pity that she never had a good look at his sura form. They hear the people outside talking about magicians leaving for Rindhallow or perhaps Mistyshore. Ran suddenly tells Leez that he has to leave, and to not wait for him for dinner. In the evening, Leez sadly notes that nobody showed up, and puts away most of the dishes into the refrigerator. She thinks it's a pity that she doesn't know Asha's location, as she'd be able to bring the dishes to her then, even though Asha would probably only say that they're edible. She then wonders where things started going wrong. Did she make a huge mistake towards Asha? Will things get better if she apologizes?

She hears a sound and turns around, but the one there is Yuta. She greets him and tells him to sit down, but she realizes that he's crying. He doesn't respond when she asks him what's wrong. Leez then thinks back to when Agni comforted her, and comforts him by telling him that he can come to her anytime when he feels like crying. She then turns around to get the raw meat out of the fridge, adding that eating can relieve stress when one is feeling down. When she turns around however, Yuta has a hand covering his face for some reason.

In the evening, Leez says that Asha and Ran are both really late. She wonders what they're talking about. Even though she drew the Sword of Re, and practiced and worked hard on her magic and transcendentals, she still can't join the others. Since it's late, she sighs and says she'll have to give up on reconciling with Asha that day. Yuta asks her why she'd want that, since she didn't fight with Asha. Leez admits it, but adds that she apparently did something wrong. When Yuta tells her that there may be other reasons, she tells him that she appreciates him saying that, but that it is her fault. In fact, it has to be her fault, because then, she can reconcile with her with effort. She doesn't want it to be a situation that she's incapable of resolving. When Yuta asks her if she likes Asha that much, she admits it: when she had no one left, Asha was the friend who helped and protected her, a savior behind whom, every now and then, a halo seems to appear. So, just like how Asha stood by her side when she was alone, Leez will always stay by her side, as it is the only thing she has to give to the rich magician.

Yuta suddenly asks her if she'll come with him to another city. The question confuses Leez. Yuta then tells her that he'll do everything necessary for Leez to be with Asha. Leez doesn't get it, since Asha will return eventually. Yuta suddenly crumples his notebook. Worried, Leez tells him that he doesn't have to force himself for whatever business this is. However, Yuta suddenly pulls her in with his scarf, kisses her and hugs her. However, the moment after, Yuta bites her. Her body starts to regenerate. She wearily looks at Yuta, and closes her eyes. After an argument between the people who's gathered there, Yuta leaves his scarf with her and flies away.

26: Outsider

In her sleep, Leez recalls the voices after Yuta bit her. They plan to let Yuta keep eating and killing her for the sake of keeping him on the side of humans. Through her tears, however, the last thing she recalls is Asha turning away and leaving. She suddenly wakes up coughing. Several women offer her some water. They ask her how much she recalls, and Leez tells them that she was preparing dishes for Asha. She looks down, then smiles, and claims she fell asleep then and doesn't recall anything else.

Later outside, Ran confronts these same women, who are members of Asha's fan club, when they call Leez shameless for expecting Asha to come down, even though Asha had gone to stay at the temple of Earth. When Ran turns to Leez, she claims that she didn't hear anything, and asks him to please stop talking, while she grips Yuta's scarf.

Later, alone, Leez recalls Mister's words, urging her to hold onto those by her side. Yet people still left, even when she trusts them and holds them close: her mother, the people of her village, Mister, even Yuta and Asha. In the end, there's nobody left. Ran suddenly calls her by her name, Leez, then invites her to have some fried chicken at the cafe. Leez stares at him, baffled.

At the cafe, Ran asks her if she's all right. Leez claims she is, as she never dwells on thoughts of her village. She asks him not to worry about it. Ran then tells her that his brother already told him about the Red Sky incidents, but asks her why she hid herself. Leez tells him that she had reasons to stay hidden, but then she recalls Asha telling Ran about her village being destroyed. She admits that she isn't sure anymore whether it was supposed to be an important secret. Ran then asks her if she can tell him now. He's always wanted to know why Asha had her travel with her, how she ended up with the Golden Knight, and whether she is the one who drew the Sword of Re.

When Leez hesitates, he asks her if she remembers what happened at the restaurant. She seemed hurt then. Leez laughs it off and claims it was her fault for acting repulsed then, but Ran says it's because it reminded her of the sura that destroyed her village. Leez is surprised. Ran explains that it's a normal reaction, especially in a world with no superior suras around. He already explained to Asha, but thought it was best for Asha to settle it with Leez herself. Leez starts crying, and when Ran panics, she tells him that she's grateful. Ran admits that like Leez, he felt left out all this time, wanting to interfere yet unable to. He asks her to tell him more, just so he can help her.

27: Last Stand/Last Resort

Leez tells Ran about what happened to her village, and how she's been accompanying Asha ever since. However, she claims to have no idea why the sura attacked, as both her mother and Asha told her to keep her name a secret. She also tells him that she ended up wearing the Golden Knight by accident, and that she blacked out right when she was about to draw the Sword of Re, and doesn't remember what happened after, purposely leaving out the parts about Mister since he told her not to mention him. Ran decides to accept her explanation as either true or as the extent to which she trusts him. Leez then apologizes for not telling him more, but he laughs at her for being too honest.

Ran then explains that he doesn't call her by her name, because it is the name of Rao Leez. Rao was like a brother to him, and before leaving for Carte, he even told him that he was about to have a child. If the child took after him, he or she would take after him in many ways: personality, curly hair, strength and unusual skills. Leez looks down and tells him that the child may not take after the parents and be a disappointment. She then looks depressed. Ran then tells her that it doesn't matter who the child is. What matters more is that he can help a child who lost her home, and to whom he's grown attached. He asks her to come with him.

After a moment of silence, Ran awkwardly adds that he's only talking about sponsorship, nothing shady, since he already has someone dear. Leez is surprised he has a girlfriend, but adds that it would be weird otherwise. She tells him that she's been with Asha a long time, and Asha promised to tell her how to accomplish something she really wants to do. It's the reason for Leez drawing the Sword of Re, and learning transcendentals and bhavati kubera. Ran is about to say something, but Asha appears and tells him she takes back what she told him before. She gives Leez the choice of coming with her, or to leave with Ran.

After Leez decides to stay with Asha, she asks a depressed Ran why he won't eat some chicken. Ran is mad that she picked Asha with no hesitation, but Leez explains that she was afraid of losing Asha for good. She's grateful for his offer, but only Asha can help her with her goal. When Ran asks why it can't be him, Asha explains that it could end in his death. She then explains that she had planned to leave Leez because the latter apparently gave up on her goal, as she only ate and slept. Hearing this, Leez looks down frustrated. However, Ran becomes mad and argues in her defense. He explains that Leez has been studying in her room and only sleeps a lot because she used up all her vigor from training. The results speak for themselves: she's finished the book and started practicing bhavati kubera even though it takes a month for people to learn the spell at specialized magic schools. However, Asha just asks Leez how she practiced magic.

Awkwardly, Leez tells them that she jumped off. In the previous instances where she used a spell or transcendental for the first time, she had been desperate to use them. So she decided that she'd only be able to learn bhavati kubera if her life were threatened.

Some time ago, Leez decided to practice the spell by jumping off cliffs. At first, Yuta kept catching her, but she told him that she won't be able to learn the spell if she felt too safe. She would regenerate thanks to the bracelet anyway. She tried again, and crashed into the ground. When she woke up, she thanked Yuta for not catching her. However, he grabbed her hands and started to cry. Gently, Leez reminded him of her promise to take him flying. Even though he could fly on his own, she still needed to learn the spell: it's harmless to others if she casts it wrong, and her attributes give her a boost. It's also be useful when using the Sword of Re, and the Neutral Bow is also at stake. In order to not remain helpless like back when she faced Maruna, she couldn't give up. Yuta let go of her hands and promised to stay and watch. Happy, Leez ran off to try again. At that moment, in Yuta's Insight, a future Leez superimposed onto her current self, admitting that it was painful and frightening, but thanking him for being there. Leez admitted to liking Yuta very much. After this, Leez kept trying, until on one attempt, she hovered in place for a bit. However, after trying to move around, she ended up crashing anyway. After that, she couldn't get it to work again.

Ran warns Leez and Asha not to tell anyone. Asha says that fortunately, Leez didn't use the method she suspected. When Ran complains about Asha's lack of empathy, Asha tells him that in Leez's case, the gains far outweighed the losses. As the two argue, Leez tells Ran that she needs to face the consequences. After Asha tells him to leave, however, the two start to argue again. Leez starts to chock and drinks some water. She then asks them to talk about something more positive, as it might be their last opportunity to eat together. A fighter she admired once wrote in his biography to always put forward one's best self before parting ways, as they might never meet again. So, they should let it go. After this, Ran calms down, though he gets mad again when Asha tells him to pay up for losing the bet.

That evening, Leez knocks on Ran's door. She presents him with the Neutral Bow to thank him for his words earlier. She admits that if she had a male relative, she hoped he could be like Ran. Since she has the Sword of Re, she doesn't need the Neutral Bow, and its owner was like a brother to Ran, so Ran should have it. She then runs off before Ran can return it.

The next day, Ran and Leez comment on the transport ship, which is made with the carcass of a huge sura. Ran tells her that she never saw it because she was always sleeping around that time. The two bid each other farewell, telling each other to stay strong. The Hide of Bondage worn by Lutz suddenly reaches out and catches Yuta's scarf. Since the transport ship is about to depart, Leez has no choice but to take off the scarf. Ran promises to send it to her along with the modified Hide of Bondage. Mentally apologizing to Yuta, Leez then runs into the transport ship.

28: Emergency/Flight

Within the transport ship, Leez marvels at how normal the interior looks. She asks Asha if there's another way to kill the red bird in Aeroplateau. Shen says that after the Sword of Re and hoti kubera, she only needs to practice bhavati kubera a little more. However, Asha flatly tells her that she won't be able to, without seeing someone demonstrate it first. Leez looks upset, then sighs and says she'll have to find a teacher in Aeroplateau. She then asks if she can get food there. Asha coldly tells her to go look herself and stop talking to her, as she needs to rest. Leez smiles and leaves.

At the canteen, she's happy after eating. The ship crew marvels at how she's not getting motion sickness. Leez inquires as to whether there are many magicians in Aeroplateau. They tell her about the city, but tell her that earth magic can't be used in Aeroplateau and its surrounding area. They're confused about the fact that Asha never told her. Just then, the transport ship passes through the boundary into the zone where earth magic can't be used.

While alone, Leez tries to convince herself that she shouldn't be worried about what she learned. She then wonders if Asha doesn't want her to learn magic, as she appeared to disapprove in the water channel as well. She doesn't understand why that'd be the case, and if it were true, why Asha didn't stop her from learning bhavati kubera. She deduces that all the recent issues would make sense if Asha actually hates her and doesn't bother hiding it. However, Asha saved her many times instead of letting her die. She decides she shouldn't doubt her.

The ship suddenly jolts. An annoucement warns that the stabilizer system has stopped working. Leez decides to activate the bracelet, only to realize that it won't turn on. The ship suddenly rolls over. Leez protects herself by holding her head. She tries to find her way back to her seat, and comes across a crew member. The crew member instructs her to use an elevator to return to the passenger room.

In front of the 'elevator', Leez sees a warning to only use it in case of emergency and while following staff instructions. She decides to enter since it's an emergency, and she has received instructions. There, she finds a single button and pushes it, assuming that the elevator only goes back and forth between two areas. However, the door closes and announces the launch of the Emergency Escape Capsule, warning the riders that earth magic is unusable before impact, so they should prepare other spells or equipment. As the countdown begins, Leez tries desperately to open the door. She only manages to open it a bit, and realizes that Asha is approaching. She calls out to her, and asks her to open the door. However, it only appears as though Asha said something. After this, Leez can't remember anything. The capsule, bloodied from the inside, launches.

A child-form God Kubera stays next to the injured body of Leez, lying on the ground. He sadly asks her where she wants to go.

29: Isle of Myths


30: Falling Petals



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