This wiki was founded By Rkrkaps5 on August 24th 2011

Tigu Joined October 3rd 2011 and did the basic front page lay out as it is seen today

Battradio Joined March 25th 2012

March 27th Wiki Co-opted Battradio as Administrator , wiki had about 70 pages , if a wiki was abandoned at the point in time and someone came along a did lots of edits you could be made administrator by the wiki

Imacha appointed 2nd Administrator * April 12th 2011 . Now Retired

Goobera appointed 3rd Administrator * October 12th 2012 Now Retired

Horseshoe Crab joined wiki July 26th 2013 .And was appointed 4th Administrator * because of her very good work here .

Tierra Nevada drafted as 5th Administrator * January 27th 2014 Because of her skills

Mizavari (Mizura ) Shanghaied as 6Th Administrator * September 24th 2014 because of her knowledge of the Kubera universe , would have done it sooner but could not get her to sign in .

* By Battradio

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