Latent Force allows a rakshasa to temporarily access the abilities available in their next stage, but it requires a lot of energy.

All rakshasas except those in their final stage of development (5th) acquire this skill when they have been stuck in one stage for more than 500 years (Maruna acquired it during his 2nd stage).

This skill takes the form of a temporary buff of damage and speed abilities of the next stage, but the effect varies from individual to individual.

Although exerting powers of the next growth stage seems to be an advantage, other abilities stay the same, such as defense and resistance. In fact, its efficiency in a fight between suras compared to vigor consumption is questionable.

1-79 Latent force shess

Shess using Latent Force: the wings are a sneak preview of his 5th stage[1]

Shess, being stagnant in 4th stage for a very long time, reveals a part of his 5th stage sura form (he has no wings) when using this skill. Even through this skill does not enhance defense, he shows that he can majestically block transcendentals with his wings.

Maruna only uses Latent Force if his enemy is almost impervious to transcendentals, such as during his fight with Kasak.[2]


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