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Lilia Shu
리리아 슈
2-126 Lilia Shu portrait (detail)
Basic Information
Race Pure-blood human
Gender female
Occupation Aeroplateau Magic Guild Branch President
Magician rank

A (#28)

A (#27)

Personal Information
Age 26
First Appearance
Webtoon Episode 2-126

Lilia Shu is the president of the Aeroplateau Magic Guild.


Lilia appears as a young woman with dark mint green-blue hair held back in a braid. Her eyes are the same color. She wears a light grey hooded magician's cloak with two large, gold clasps across her upper chest. Underneath she wears a dark grey robe.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Notes and TriviaEdit



She was originally from Carte and transferred to Willarv in the year D995. She used to go to the magic school that Mirha Simon went to when she lived on Carte. She was regarded as an honor student after Mirha.[1]

Season 2Edit

29: Isle of MythsEdit

(6) At the Aeroplateau Magic Guild, Lilia speaks with Saha On and Ran Sairofe, telling them that their transport arrived well ahead of schedule and that there is still time before the magicians' conference. Saha tells her that the conference doesn't matter and they need to get to the Temple of Wind ASAP.


  1. Season 2 Episode 126: Isle of Myths (6)

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