Lilith (last name unknown) is a quarter of unknown heritage and Asha Rahiro's mother. She died in N5 during a red sky attacks on Carte.


Lilith has the appearance of a young woman with pale skin, long indigo hair and pale pink eyes. She wears a white sleeveless button-down dress, blue wedge heels, and a white sunhat.[1]


Season 2Edit

Chapter 33: Asha

(1) Lilith asks Asha whether she is enjoying her school life. Asha brushes it off as simply a stepping stone to the future, which Lilith points out is a similar attitude to that of her father. He only looked towards the future and pushed himself too hard, ultimately dying under the age of 30 in the Cataclysm before experiencing any of life's happiness. Lilith asks Asha to try living in the present more, and to smile more like a child her age. Asha tells her to leave, saying that her graduation is nearing and they can discuss "trivial things" then. That was the last time she saw her mother alive.

2-175 mom's body

(2) Asha rushes home after not visiting since she was admitted to the academy. She bursts in to the room to find her mother's corpse on a bed, partially covered by a sheet. She lifts the sheet to find that the "body" of the corpse is actually a bundle of fabric, as Lilith's head was the only part of her that could be recovered after her death.


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