1-25 The-four-AA-Magicians

the four AA ranked magicians on planet Willarv, as of the beginning of the story (year N15)


A magician is a pureblood human or Quarter who can draw divine power from the gods. In the past, magicians were also able to draw power, called fiendish magic, from the suras, but humans eventually cut all ties with the suras and promised to borrow power from the gods only.

Since the N0 Cataclysm, magicians can only use the power of 11 Gods who are currently the strongest with the respective attributes.

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Magician rankingEdit


The magician ranking is a classification system for magicians based upon their birth attributes, their powers, and their ability to calculate.

Assigning a rank is done by testing the magicians in the appropriate facilities (see below). After testing is done, the magician is appointed and receives a license attesting his or her rank.

The license has a different color based upon the rank:

  • Gold: AA
  • Light blue: A+
  • Red: A
  • Black: All other ranks, including A++

Usually a black license means that the magician is of average magic power, or still hasn't completed his or her studies at a university (like in Ran Sairofe's case).

1-25 Brilith's A-rank license

Brilith with her A license[1]

Rank doesn't only determine one's magical prowess, but also the privileges granted to the license owner. For instance, only AA rank magicians have the privilege of accessing Eloth's Human Search System.[1]

The ranks are granted as shown below:

  • A++ rank: Magicians with scores superior to the AA ranked magicians, but were unable to take the fourth test due to different birth attributes. Created for Asha Rahiro and currently granted to her only, it also has the same privileges of an A+ rank.
  • BB rank: Magicians with good potential. Many are fourth year university students who do not have a passing grade in Topology. This was granted to Ran Sairofe before his graduation.
  • The ranks B+ and B also exist.[3]

Currently Known Magician Rankings on WillarvEdit

The following are the rankings as of chapter 2-116 (second month of N16, after Ran Sairofe's AA vote):

Name Race Attributes Titles
1 AA Saha On Q Surya-Surya-Surya Priest of Light (Eloth)
Eloth Magic Guild Branch President
Presiding Judge of Magic
Chancellor of Eloth University

Deceased Episode 2-154 Everyone else move up a rank

2 AA Ran Sairofe Q Varuna-Varuna-Varuna
3 AA Claude Yui P Yama-Yama-Yama Priest of Death (Rindhallow)
4 AA Laila Hemawati Q Chandra-Chandra-Chandra Priest of Darkness (Rindhallow)
Rindhallow Magic Guild Branch President
5 AA Lorraine Rartia P Brahma-Brahma-Brahma Representative for Creation&Origin
6 A++ Asha Rahiro P Marut-Indra-Vayu
7 A+ Airi Yui P Asvins-Asvins-Kubera Guest lecturer at the Atera Magic Academy
8 A+ Praul Ajes Q Marut-Surya-Surya Principal of Atera Magic Academy
9 A+ Urha Simon P Indra-Indra-Indra Priest of Sky (Aeroplateau)
10 A+ Teo Rakan Q Nil-Nil-Nil Priest of Chaos (Kalibloom)
President of the Kalibloom Fighters' Guild
11 A Siera Sies P Kubera-Kubera-Kubera Priest of Earth (Kalibloom)
13 A Natasha Ross P Agni-Agni-Agni Professor at Eloth University
14 A Huan Sairofe P Varuna-Varuna-Varuna Priest of Water (Mistyshore)
15 A Erin Florussi P Professor at Eloth University
16 A Mirha Simon Q Vayu-Vayu-Vayu Priest of Wind (Aeroplateau)
19 A Agwen Rajof Q Agni-Agni-Agni Professor of Magic (on leave) at Eloth University
backup for Brilith
22 A Eline Haias P Asvins-Asvins-Asvins Dean of Mistyshore University
23 A Lutz Sairofe Q Brahma-Brahma-Brahma Priest of Creation (Eloth)
Representative for Artram
24 A Rana Reimia P Asvins-Asvins-Asvins Professor at Mistyshore University of Magic
28 A Lilia Shu P Aeroplateau Magic Guild Branch President
31 A Brilith Ruin P Agni-Agni-Agni Priest of Fire (Atera)
32 A Zard Blain Q Kubera-Kubera-Kubera Lecturer at the Kalibloom Martial Arts University
102 Mao Yama-Yama-Yama Priest candidate of Death (Rindhallow)
117 A Ruche Seiran Q Vayu-Vayu-Vayu Atera Magic Guild Branch President
 ?? B Ernst Seiran P Agni-Marut-Marut Atera Magic Guild Branch General Manager
 ??  ?? Leda Halo P Personal Assistant to Mirha Simon
  • P = Pureblood, Q = Quarter

Magic testEdit

Magic tests are conducted at several facilities on Willarv; Eloth's and Rindhallow's are the most prestigious, but Mistyshore has one as well. All magicians who wish to obtain a license must have a partner, and be examined through four tests:

  • Rapid Calculation is an individual test which measures the examinee's ability to solve a set number of mathematical equations within 10 seconds each. It is used to determine the magician's prowess and accuracy in calculations. At Rindhallow, the total number of equations given in the test is 100, but at Mistyshore the number is 1000.[4]
  • Divine Affinity Testing is an individual test that measures the examinee's divine affinity. It is used to determine the efficiency, accuracy, and response time of magic spells.
  • Practical Testing (also translated as Magical Competence Test) is a test taken with a partner. Examinees will fight suras in a magically-created space. In Rindhallow, the number of suras is determined by the magicians' scores on the first two tests; however, this is not the case in Eloth or Mistyshore. The examinees must then strategize and fight all suras as quickly as possible. The longer the examinees take, the more it will affect their scores as well as the injuries they sustain. There are usually 5-10 mara-rank suras from either the Asura or Ananta clan.[5]
  • Barrier Testing is an individual test reserved only for triple-attribute magicians. It is used to determine the examinee's affinity with a barrier orb of the correct attribute and his or her capability to become a priest candidate (back-up) to the priest. Priest positions are limited by the number of temples on a planet.

Magic usage recordsEdit

Usage records for magic spells are kept at Aeroplateau. Magicians who commit crimes are taken there.[6]


Magician license

Gandharva holding a stolen magician's card.

  • It is a well-known, though biased, practice to lend one's own magician license to other people to grant them easy access to other cities. No matter the rank, it is a magician's exclusive privilege to take people with him or her inside a city without trouble. Gandharva once exploited this loophole to easily pass through Atera's checkpoint.
  • Ruche Seiran was the tester for the Vayu room at the time Asha and Brilith took their exam in Rindhallow.
  • The A++ rank was created by Laila Hemawati especially for Asha, which is one of the numerous reasons Asha is well-known among the magicians of Willarv.
  • Both Ran and Airi are critical of the magician ranking system. Ran says magicians should be ranked by ability and not test scores, and he believes Asha (#5 at the time) could easily beat Claude (#2 at the time) in a fight.[7]


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