Manasvin is a nastika and the second king of the Ananta clan. His whereabouts are unknown in the current storyline, but he is presumed dead.


In his human form, Manasvin appears as a tall slender man with a light skin tone. He has long, thick and wavy gray hair and a blue right eye. He has green-gray scales on his cheeks that go toward his ears. He has a light gray-purplish mask that he can use to entirely cover his face, but sometimes lifts and wears on top of his head. The mask features a black outline of a closed left eye, a black outline of an open right eye, and three darker purple horn like objects that curve downwards, covering the top of the head. He wears purple trousers and a long, pointy tunic which is white on the left side and front, and light-purplish on the right side and back. He wears a long sleeved jacket that has a white collar and is white on the right side, with a light-purplish outline on the sleeve, and light-purplish on the left side, with a white outline on the sleeve. He also wears white gloves. Currygom states that Manasvin keeps his body and face covered up because of the sura traits he retains in human form, which he does not like.[1]


Not much is known about Manasvin, but he seems to be calm and collected. He resents the gods and what he feels is their hypocrisy. He is deeply in love with Sagara and appreciates her honesty.[2]. According to Gandharva, things were better when Ananta was king.


  • Sagara was glued to his side when he was king.
  • He was Sagara's most recent lover and by the time of Ananta's death they had been together for about a century.[3]
  • Manasvin means "determined/clever/wise" in Sanskrit.


After N0 and the Gandharva clan's arrival in the sura realm, Manasvin and Sagara pay a visit to Gandharva to propose a plan. Gandharva describes it as madness and refuses. Manasvin reveals Asura, their ally, refused as well. Sagara suggests that they try Airavata next.[4]

Manasvin is next shown in an earlier flashback consoling Sagara after Ananta's death and advising her to return to Vasuki, since he will become the new king. At first she refuses, calling Vasuki a coward and a traitor, but Manasvin assures her he understands. Reluctantly, she agrees. She then discovers that Vasuki changed to his female form, making him weaker than Manasvin, who then becomes the king.[3]

Finally, an Ananta nastika discloses that Manasvin has disappeared. Despite protests from the nastikas of the Snake clan, Vasuki refuses the throne yet again and Sagara becomes the third King of the clan.


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