Maruna is a sura from the Garuda clan. Since his father, the King, is currently in a coma, he has the temporary authority to command the suras of his clan. Early on in the series, he assists Gandharva and searches for his siblings in the human realm.


In his human form, Maruna appears tall with a strong build. He has long white hair, part of which grows on his shoulders and upper back. As an adult the fur has formed a thick lining on a red, sleeved coat that he wears. The coat is worn open, which leaves his chest and abdomen muscles bare. He has flame-colored red-orange eyes and a slightly tanned skin tone. He has easily distinguishable long ear-like feathers (his real ears are hidden underneath),[2] with a sleek red top and long flowing lower part, common to Garuda suras and half-bloods. His eyebrows are white and has a red mask-like shape around his eyes. As an adult he wears red boots, red trousers and a short ragged skirt, that is worn on top the trousers. As a child he is shown topless. Maruna also has a pair of red feathered wings, which he can generate and dismiss at will.

In his sura form, Maruna looks like a giant bird-like creature. He has red feathered wings, as well as red lower half of the body. The upper part of his body (approximately above abdomen) is white. In this form Maruna also has arms and legs, that are covered with thick darker red (compared to his feathers) scales which form sharp claws. It is known that he can make the arms disappear when flying. He has a tail in his sura form. He has a white, downward curved beak and, unlike birds, he also has teeth. The white bone structure also forms a wide, sharp edged mask like shape that lies just above his eyes. Maruna has two horn like shapes on top of his head, that consist of red-white-white scales (from bottom to top), that continue into long wavy feathers. The ear-like feathers are relatively much longer than in his human shape. Like many sura, in this form, Maruna's eyes are completely filled, with pinkish-red tone, that is similar to his human form iris' color. Because his sura form resembles that of an overlarge chicken, he's been given the nickname "Chicken," much to his chagrin.


Maruna has a serious and calm personality. He is able to remain calm and approach a situation logically even after seemingly destroying a village. Despite that, he is quick to anger in unjust and dishonorable situations. Maruna seems to greatly care for his mentor and childhood teacher, Gandharva. He cares greatly for his family, even though he didn't get along with his father Garuda very well, and is very concerned for his siblings' well-being. He also likes to play around every once in a while, but never really has the chance to or is misunderstood. Maruna also had a complex over his growth, since he spent nearly 1,000 years in second stage (which is incredibly long for a Rakshasa). He also becomes incredibly annoyed when someone either calls him a "child" (reference to Shess) or a "chicken" and all its variaties ("stupid chicken," etc.).

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Transcendental SkillsEdit


  • Maruna is one of the 12 characters shown in the Prologue. He seems to represent enemy, revenge, and transcendence.[3]
  • Maruna had many elder brothers, all of whom died before he was born.[4]
  • He is rather large in his sura form for a Garuda.
  • Maruna's enormous strength relative to other rakshasas is due to his slow growth rate in early stages.
  • He resembles Garuda, but Maruna said his father was the only member of the family he did not miss.
  • Maruna inherited his father's sword, but gave it to Yuta.
  • Vinata taught him about the insight of the gods.
  • He is sometimes called by his nickname 'chick' or 'chicken', due to either his sura form which somewhat resembles one and his immaturity compared to nastikas and the time it took him to develop.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


1-74 Garuda's children

The Garuda siblings[5]

Maruna is the oldest of the three children of Garuda. He looked after his two siblings and cared for them deeply. When Yuta first arrived at the Garuda clan and started learning to fly, he was often criticized by others because of his chaotic tendencies. Maruna was the only shown to encourage him and accept him the way he was. He told Yuta that, regardless of his other half, he was a rakshasa of the Garuda clan and his little brother.

The siblings had to be separated though, because of the power of names. Maruna was sent to Carte with Gandharva, Yuta to Isholy with Shuri and Kalavinka to Willarv with Vishnu. They are seen saying their goodbyes to each other and promising to reunite in the future.

In the year N0, when his father fell into a coma, he was allowed to have temporary authority of the clan due his resemblance to Garuda and the weakness of the remaining Garuda nastikas.

In the year N1, under Akasha's orders, Maruna began brutal training in order to force him into developing to his 4th stage.[6]

In the year N5, Maruna began his red sky attacks on the planet Carte, which was eventually destroyed.[7]

On or just before the year N15, Maruna began his red sky attacks on the planet Willarv.

Eventually, Maruna ended up in the human realm looking for his siblings.

Season 1Edit

Chapter 1: A Girl with a God's NameEdit

Maruna uses Crimson Sunshine of Dawn to destroy Leez's village. Maruna appears standing, with his hands in his pockets on top a rubble, looking down on Leez. He ignores her queries about the destruction of the village and calmly proceeds to kill her with Crimson Burst. Following Asha's interference, Maruna appears uncertain whether he managed to kill Leez or not, and continues to look for her, in a stationary manner. He discovers Leez's and Asha's hiding spot after the latter teleported them away. His keen eyes are able to discern the spot where Leez fell. Sensing her current location, Maruna transforms into his Sura shape, and attempts to catch up to her. He is first spotted by Asha and later just by glance recognized by Leez. Maruna tries to eliminate his targets, by using Crimson Lightning, destroying large portion of a forest in the process, but fails as Asha teleports herself and Leez to a far away location.

Later, Gandharva goes to Maruna, at the destroyed forest, making fun of him for his inability to kill the person with a god's name. Maruna, aware of his failure, responds by saying that he doesn't need to hear that from a king who had been taking a nap in the forest. He is then offered a curry mushroom, that he effortlessly manages to bite, chew and swallow, much to Gandharva's dismay. Maruna also reminds Gandharva, that although he won't turn down the food Gandharva has brought him, he is carnivorous. Being aware of Atera being Leez's destination, Maruna suggests they head back. Maruna mentions that they were informed by 'him' that the priest of Atera has summoned the fire god Agni and there is nothing they can do.

Chapter 2: The Queen and the BumEdit

The red sky attacks are first discussed between Brilith and Agni. Brilith suggests high level Sura, as well as Garuda clan members as potential suspects, but Maruna is not identified as the criminal. After Brilith has left, Agni changes to his serious personality and decides not to be merciful towards whoever is responsible.

3: The Sorrow of LossEdit


Maruna in sura form preying on lower level Ananta sura

Against his better judgment, Maruna is lead to the outskirts of Atera, where he analyses the defense system and concludes, that breaking the defense system from the outside is impossible. He also notifies Gandharva, that while alone he would be able to escape easily after a failed attempt; he may not be able to guarantee Gandharva's safety, given his current weakened state. Maruna stresses that attacking the city is suicidal, which prompts Gandharva to encourage Maruna to have no fear before the gods. Maruna suggests entering the city through an entrance that humans use in order to avoid activating the defense system, but is still having doubts about attacking the city. He is interrupted by Gandharva, who notices a few people below, and asks Maruna to take a look, as he doesn't have good enough eyesight. Grasping the situation, Maruna is quickly angered by the dishonorable ways of the Half hunters and prepares to kill them with Crimson Homing Beams, but is stopped by Gandharva.
1-12 Maruna cleans up

what Maruna does to humans[8]

Following his tutor's orders, Maruna flies to the road below as he carries him. Despite the dishonorable ways by which the hunters talk to him, he is able to stay put. When the hunters start commenting on Gandharva, he breaks the talker's jaw. He then quickly takes care the other two hunters, even before Gandharva has finished expressing his displeasure about not being able to talk the situation out. To that Maruna suggests Gandharva ask the young Halfs instead, who should still know more than they do. Maruna then scares the already frightened children, claiming he wanted to undo their collars, and is told to stay away by the Nastika. Although Maruna is at first slightly disagreeable with Gandharva's gentle ways of obtaining information, he later transports the children into their village, and puts off Gandharva's suggestions that a monster such as he, would have eaten some of the Halfs. He still has doubts about attacking the city, and is shocked when the Nastika removes his eye in order to enter the city, asking Gandharva to stop.

Gandharva explains his plan to Maruna, who has doubts if his former tutor can survive in his weakened state, after making Agni mad. Maruna then makes a mistake by claiming that Gandharva may be looking for a place to die and follow where Shakuntala is, to which Gandharva firmly responds that Shakuntala is not dead.

Maruna is then left to observe the situation on a nearby hill, where he thinks about his childhood and the power Gandharva used to have then. He affirms to himself that he wouldn't be so worried, if Gandharva had half the power he used to have. After watching the situation for a while, Maruna is surprised of how much a god can weaken by being bound to their summoner. He is then agitated by the fog, caused by Gandharva's Resting Place of Ocean Depths, that prevents him from visually observing the situation. Maruna then considers if he should interfere the long winding battle or not, both options of which he finds can lead to a miffed Gandharva and a possible beating. In the end he decides to interfere, on a note that everything is better than just standing still. He then transforms into his Sura form and flies to Atera, where the defense system is off because of the Gandharva versus Agni battle. Maruna is first noticed by Agni, which gives Gandharva the chance to freeze Agni, and later by many townsfolk, who are confused as to what is going on. Thinking about the situation, Maruna decides to target the entire city, only excluding Gandharva's vicinity, in order to kill their main target. He begins charging a lengthy attack, consisting of numerous Crimson Blitzes. This turns the sky red, which is noticed by Asha, who manages to activate the city's defense system just in time. In the end the attack fails, because Asha is able to keep up the barrier, until Agni leaves for god's realm and Gandharva calls off the attack.

Chapter 10: The Night it Rained FireEdit

Kubera opens a portal to the Sura Realm, but before Gandharva can cross over, Sagara appears along with her 2 bodyguards. Sagara taunts Gandharva, feeling safe because she has 2 Rakshasas on her side. However, Maruna, smelling the snakes, shows up and protects his father's friend. Sagara manages to escape with the aid of Pingara and Gandharva confronts Kubera, but is forced to do as the God says, in order to get his help.

A few days later, Sagara approaches Maruna to try and convince him to attack Atera. She suggests they keep the priestess alive to avoid Agni's anger.The Rakshasa refuses, remembering his father's advice never to trust snakes or insects and leaves. Sagara dismisses it, claiming he still hasn't understood how weak Gandharva is.

Reluctantly and without Gandharva's knowledge, Maruna helps Sagara infiltrate into Atera by breaking the barrier once. He waits with Sagara's army for the signal to use his attack again and, this time, definetly break the barrier. After doing so, he stays back and tries not to participate in the attack, as to not get himself  in trouble with Gandharva. Soon enough, Kasak and his daughter arrive in Atera to help and Sagara's army is unable to deal with Kasak themselves. Riagara sets to find Maruna and manipulates him to fight the dragon half in their stead. She reveals Maruna that Kasak's father was a friend of Vishnu and stayed with him in the Human Realm, when the Primeval God was taking care of Kalavinka. Rather than fighting him, the Garuda Rakshasa tricks Kasak to leave the city by kidnapping his daughter. Once they are face to face, Maruna tries to convince him to talk about Kalavinka and promises to give his daughter back. The dragon half admits he knows about Kalavinka but refuses to tell him anything about it and attacks Maruna. Their fight is shortlived because they are stopped by Shess, who tells Maruna Gandharva found out about the attack and is already in Atera. Cursing Shess for telling his former tutor, Maruna goes back to Atera. By the time he arrives, Agni has made Sagara and her army escape. Sagara offers to hold Agni back and tries to manipulate him, but Maruna, mistaking the situation, grabs her and makes a run for it. The Fire God quickly catches up to them, but before he can use his insight on Maruna, they are saved by Gandharva.

Season 2Edit

Maruna is seen looking for Gandharva, only to be made fun of by Sagara, who tells him Kubera and Gandharva have decided to take matters into their hands and leave him out of it. He follows Sagara's army to Kalibloom and intimidates Cloche into telling him where his former tutor is. Sagara doesn't worry about it, explaining Gandharva had chosen to keep him out of the plan for his own safety.

Recently, Maruna was contacted by Riagara after both Sagara and Gandharva went to the city and didn't come back. He agreed to go with her to find them. They split up to find them faster and Maruna adviced Ria to make a signal if she needed help of some sort. Despite being offended by his arrogance, Riagara admitted he had the strenght to back up those words.

Walking around Kalibloom, Maruna notices the commotion caused by the fight between Yuta and Riagara. He decides not to intervene, considering that if Ria needed his help she'd make it more obvious. Suddendly, he notices Gandharva with Teo and approaches the couple. Gandharva sees him, which prompts Maruna to ask him what he's doing. His mentor doesn't answer and the Garuda Rakshasa hides to avoid Teo noticing him. The Nastika thanks him and walks away with the priestess.

When Riagara is escaping from Yuta, she spots Maruna flying nearby and uses him to escape. While Yuta does recognize him, Maruna remains unaware of his little borther. Ria is informed he just left Sagara with the rest of her army and that he was looking for her. He asks about Elwin and she explains she thought she might be useful.


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