Meiwen Hael was Kasak Rajof's wife, and is already deceased as of the beginning of the webtoon. Kasak married her when she was 23, having met her during his participation in the Fighter Championship. She was his sponsor to get him into the competition.

She later died by his hands during the Cataclysm, during the extreme emotional resonance that drove all halfs berserk. She is survived by her daughter, Agwen Rajof.

When she was alive, she was said to have short hair like a boy's. In the finite, Kasak looks for a male sponsor in order to avoid burdening a woman, but is misled by Meiwen's haircut.

Her ancestors did not have blue eyes, which was a matter of confusion about her daughter's eye color, until it was revealed to be inherited from her ancestor Utpala from Kasak's side of the family.

Currygom has also mentioned that, once the finite was finished, Meiwen would not appear as a character again.