This is a list of minor characters that have appeared in the webtoon.

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Many of these characters have been mentioned by name in the story, but have yet to play a significant part. Characters who are given profiles by the author Currygom in the printed volumes will be moved from this article and given their own article.

Characters are listed in order of mention/appearance.

Talith RuinEdit

3-021 Talith - picture

Talith Ruin is Brilith Ruin's father. Very little is known about him so far in the story. He was first mentioned on Currygom's blog in Brilith's profile very early in Season 1. He is not mentioned by name in the story until Season 3, when Brilith recalled some gossip about how her father and herself were neglected when her mother Jibril Ajes, the Priest of Fire, devoted all her attention to the Fire god Agni.[1]


1-30 Enan and Kubera

Enan is a figure from the distant past. He was a human fighter who was chosen by God Kubera to be the first recipient of the Golden Knight, making him the first Priest of Earth.[2]


3-046 Mao

Mao is a Death magician who is at first only mentioned as Claude Yui's substitute who maintains the Death barrier in Claude's absence.[3] She later appears during Airi Yui's visit to her comatose brother and hands her some paperwork Claude wanted her to see.[4][5]

Sairofe childrenEdit

3-004 Sairofe children

The four children of Ran Sairofe and Rana Reimia first appear in the story in Season 3.

  • The firstborn is Anne, first mentioned in Episode 3-4. Kubera fans also saw a sneak peek of her during the year-long hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3.
  • The twins are Kan and Ten, who first appear in Episode 3-2 playing on the beach with Leny. The boys are mischievous, and they think of their dad as strong but having less than ideal magic skills.[6]
  • The youngest is Rim,[6] nicknamed Rimi. She was an unexpected addition to the family, and Rana somewhat resents her for preventing her from returning to work after the older children started school.[7][6]


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