1-50 Mistyshore

Mistyshore - coastal city[1]

1-52 approaching Mistyshore

just outside Mistyshore's checkpoint, with the city's turrets visible[2]

1-54 Mistyshore view

another view of the city[3]

1-58 a view of Mistyshore in D997

another view, with seabirds visible[4]

Mistyshore is a city in the equatorial region of the Planet Willarv, near the farthest western point of the Ananta continent. The Temple of Water is located here.


The City of Water, in addition of being an important destination along traveling and trading routes, is home to a University of Magic, and it contains the entrance of a renowned, although extremely dangerous, water channel. The city is also known for being against Half rights, and many Halfs are sold there.[3]

Mistyshore is located near the equator on the west coast of the Ananta continent. Its primarily hot climate and the presence of the nearby sea make Mistyshore resemble a tropical city, with palms and lots of underwood. The trees and plants are mostly of a green hue. Asha tells Leez that apparently Mistyshore's hot climate has driven people to suicide, causing Leez to wail in anguish.[5] Asha also explains that there is often fog in the mornings;[6] this fact is likely the reason for the name of the city.

The city has two temples, but only one is active—the Temple of Water. Mistyshore's other temple is the now-defunct Temple of Resurrection. The current Priest of Water and the former Priest of Resurrection happen to be married to each other.[7]

This is where Asha Rahiro, Leez Haias, and Yuta meet the new addition to their party, Ran Sairofe (who's being practically forced by Asha to join them, to allow them to travel through the Water Channel). They also meet his childhood crush, Rana Reimia,[8] and the odd father-daughter team, Agwen and Kasak Rajof.[7]

Mistyshore is the main city featured in The Finite, and where Ian Rajof lives when she first meets the dragon nastika Taksaka. In the old version of The Finite, Utpala's breath turns Mistyshore into an island.


sign found near the Half auctions[3]

1-43 willarv

direction of travel from Atera to Kalibloom, via Mistyshore[5]


Temple of WaterEdit

God of Water: Varuna
Priest of Water: Huan Sairofe

This is the only active temple in Mistyshore. Its priest is Ran and Lutz Sairofe's uncle.

Temple of ResurrectionEdit

God of Resurrection: Visnu (disappeared)
Priest of Resurrection (until year N0): Eline Haias

This temple was active until the N0 Cataclysm, when the primeval god Visnu disappeared.


Mistyshore Magic GuildEdit

At Mistyshore University, a sign can be seen announcing Mistyshore's Magic Guild's BB, B+, and B-rank awardees for the year N15.[8]

Mistyshore Fighters GuildEdit

The Fighters Guild hosts an annual Youth martial arts competition.[4]


Mistyshore UniversityEdit

1-56 Mistyshore University

Mistyshore University is divided into several colleges, such as the College of Magic, the College of Management, and the College of Art.[8] The university has a good rating, but not as high as Eloth's.

The Dean of the College of Magic is Eline Haias, formerly the Priest of Resurrection.[7]

The College of Martial Arts sponsors an annual Youth Martial Arts competition, which is hosted by the Mistyshore Fighters' Guild.[4]

Ran Sairofe is a perpetual student who consistently fails a required Topology course year after year, preventing him from graduating.[8]

Mistyshore Public Academy of MagicEdit

This is the school that Ran attended when he was 20 years old (when he appeared 10). The teachers told him he had to cut his hair because of school regulations, but his uncle, the Priest of Water, intervened and asked the teachers to allow him to keep his hair long if he kept it in a braid.[7]


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