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Nard Lehn
나드 렌
1-60 Nard and Hanuman
Basic Information
Race Quarter
(Yaksha heritage)
Gender male
Personal Information
Age 30 years (appears 15) during The Finite
Family Hanuman (partner)

Hana Lehn (daughter/deceased)

Lutz Sairofe (grandson)

Ran Sairofe (grandson)
First Appearance
Webtoon Episode 60
The Finite Chapter 10

Nard Lehn is a Quarter of Yaksha clan heritage. He originally lived on Planet Taitalika, and was brought to Willarv by Hanuman, a Yaksha nastika. He was a blind yet capable magician. He is deceased by the time the webtoon story takes place.


He appears to be 15, but is actually 30 years old at the time he met Hanuman. He wore a light tan cape, light brown shirt, greyish-brown shorts, and dark brown boots. Nard tied his dark grey/brown hair back into a ponytail, and wore round dark-lensed glasses because of his blindness.[1]


Nard has a helpful and understanding personality. He gets along well with Ian Rajof, who is close in age and also a Quarter in love with a nastika. He is completely in love with Hanuman, who jokes that he only thinks of her as beautiful because he doesn't use hoti surya enough to see what she looks like. When she leaves him (for still unknown reasons), he goes into a deep depression and wanders around Willarv with his Half daughter Hana until he dies.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • His story is intertwined with that of Ian and Taksaka, and is written in the novel the finite.
  • He is Hana Lehn's father, and Ran and Lutz Sairofe's grandfather.
  • He and Hanuman combined the first two letters of their names to make their daughter's name, Hana.


Nard arrives together with Hanuman on Planet Willarv, landing in a desert not far from Mistyshore via a ray of light from the sky. He asks her if they are to meet this "Tak" person Visnu mentioned, and she cautions him to refer to the dragon as Taksaka and suggests that they need to be careful around him. When he tries to question her, she simply tells him that he wouldn't understand. Feeling a bit offended, he complains that she still sees him as a kid, and explains that since he's a Quarter he's considered to be an adult on this planet. He then asks her to take him to the nearest town, and she leads him by the arm.[1]


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