Nine Snakes of Hell
지옥의 아홉 뱀
Nine Snakes of Hell3
(Earth) + Fire
Target see description
Effect(s) Summons
Requirement Being Vasuki / wielding the Sword of Hellfire + 0.5% of required vigor is deducted from the summoner's vigor
Known user(s) Vasuki, Agni
Blog source Agni's skills

Nine Snakes of Hell is one of Vasuki's unique transcendental skills and summons 9 "snakes". It has the properties Earth and Fire, so 4 snakes have the Earth attribute, 4 have the Fire attribute and 1 is a mixture of both.

Agni copied this skill through the Sword of Hellfire. He is able to summon 4 fire snakes, but the consumption of vigor increases with the number of snakes, so he usually summons one or two.


Agni used this skill against the Ananta Sura who attacked Atera. The Anantas were offended that Agni used this particular skill against them, since Vasuki is also an Ananta.[1]


  1. Season 1 Chapter 80: The Night it Rained Fire (17)

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