2-122 p18 receiving an oracle

Receiving an oracle from Asvins

An oracle is a special message received from a god. On the planet Willarv, oracles were received on a regular basis pre-Cataclysm at the top of the Sky Tower located in Aeroplateau.[1] Most of these oracle were only heard, as it is considered the worst sin of disrespect to look at a god. The recipients were only offered choices, and it is up to that person to decide what to do with this information.[2] It is unclear whether a choice needs to be given for every oracle in order for it to qualify as an oracle.

Known Oracles Edit

2-177 the talk

Asha Rahiro was approached by Visnu in N5.[3] It was during this encounter that she was given the ability to use hoti visnu. She offers him everything she has in exchange for power.[4] Visnu instead chooses to take something that she doesn't have, but may gain in the future. He has her kill a group of people who had, unbeknownst to Asha, been offered the same choice but refused, in order to increase her divine affinity. He then explains to her in detail what steps she must take in order to attain her revenge.

2-142 Chandra and Laila

Chandra with a young Laila

Laila Hemawati received an oracle from the god Chandra when she was a child. He told her to cover her face, forget the name she has been using up until now, and if her destiny remained unchanged despite that, then to call for him.[5]

Saha On received an oracle from the god Surya during the Cataclysm. Surya told him that he was worried about his friend Kubera, who was in danger of disappearing.[2] Asha later asks him if he actually received an oracle, but he protests the implication of committing blasphemy. Asha then recants her question.[6]

Claude Yui also received an oracle at an unknown time. The content of the oracle are unknown and he says that he cannot reveal which god gave it to him.[7]

2-117 other oracle recipients

"You were not the only one to receive an oracle..."

Claude Yui (using bhavati yama to possess a transport ship crew-member) tells Asha that she was not the only one to receive an oracle. The silhouette of Mirha Simon is shown along with Saha and Laila, implying that Mirha may have received an oracle as well.[8] She may have been one of the people approached by Visnu on Carte in N5.[4]


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