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This is where the new overlay translations by Babo Kim Scans will be posted on the wiki.

How to viewEdit

There are three methods:

- Plugin method:
This requires installing a script, but loads automatically afterwards.

Note: if you already have the plugin installed from before, open an episode of something else being scanlated first (like this) to ping it (this will inform it that Kubera has been added to the feed).

- Bookmark method: (doesn't require installing a script, just requires a bookmark. You have to click on the bookmark link every time you open a corresponding page on Naver) Both methods only take a few seconds. If one browser doesn't work for you, try another one to see if it works. This method also works on mobile.

Sometimes when you get to the Kubera header, it will go back to Korean from English, hit reload and then the bookmark again and it will return to English.

- Cut 'n' paste: Simply copy and paste the following line into your browser's address bar and press the "Enter" key when you are on a Naver page with an associated overlay translation.

javascript:(function() { var s = document.createElement('script'); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.src = ''; document.body.appendChild(s);})();

Unreleased episodesEdit

Babo Kim Scans is providing links to quick translations for the episodes after the most recent overlay release. Once each new overlay is released, the quick translation link will be removed.

Keep in mind that these are not the final version used for scanlations, and significant changes are possible.

List of quick translations

Released episodesEdit

Naver episodes are linked from each wiki episode article beginning with Episode 2-97. Each episode article infobox indicates if the episode has an available overlay. This is the better option if you also want to read the corresponding Trivia and Spoilers section that goes with each episode. Or, you can just use the direct links below for a quick jump:

Chapter 36: Another Beginning
Chapter 35: Return

Ep. 3-5 Return (5)
Ep. 3-4 Return (4)
Ep. 3-3 Return (3)
Ep. 3-2 Return (2)
Ep. 3-1 Return (1)

Season 3 Prologue

Extra: Season 2 Epilogue

Chapter 34: What Remains

Ep. 2-180 What Remains (3)
Ep. 2-179 What Remains (2)
Ep. 2-178 What Remains (1)

Chapter 33: Asha

Ep. 2-177 Asha (4)
Ep. 2-176 Asha (3)
Ep. 2-175 Asha (2)
Ep. 2-174 Asha (1)

Chapter 32: Loser

Ep. 2-173 Loser (9)
Ep. 2-172 Loser (8)
Ep. 2-171 Loser (7)
Ep. 2-170 Loser (6)
Ep. 2-169 Loser (5)
Ep. 2-168 Loser (4)
Ep. 2-167 Loser (3)
Ep. 2-166 Loser (2)
Ep. 2-165 Loser (1)

Extra: Punishment

Chapter 31: Your Justice and Mine
Chapter 30: Falling Petals
Chapter 29: Isle of Myths
Chapter 28: Emergency

Ep. 2-120 Emergency (8)
Ep. 2-119 Emergency (7)
Ep. 2-118 Emergency (6)
Ep. 2-117 Emergency (5)
Ep. 2-116 Emergency (4)
Ep. 2-115 Emergency (3)
Ep. 2-114 Emergency (2)
Ep. 2-113 Emergency (1)

Chapter 27: Last Stand

Ep. 2-112 Last Stand (6)
Ep. 2-111 Last Stand (5)
Ep. 2-110 Last Stand (4)
Ep. 2-109 Last Stand (3)
Ep. 2-108 Last Stand (2)
Ep. 2-107 Last Stand (1)

Chapter 26: Outsider

Ep. 2-106 Outsider (6)
Ep. 2-105 Outsider (5)
Ep. 2-104 Outsider (4)
Ep. 2-103 Outsider (3)
Ep. 2-102 Outsider (2)
Ep. 2-101 Outsider (1)

Extra: Q&A Special No. 2

Chapter 25: That Which Cannot be Grasped or Held