Peil Sairofe is a pure-blood human and a magician who guards Kubera Leez's village. He is presumed dead, along with most of the rest of the villagers.

He is Roen Renode's assistant.

Peil is a magician specializing in creation magic, but is not exceptionally talented. Compared to the other top-ranking magicians the Sairofe family brings forth, he is no big shot.

He has a talent to deal with various complex tools and instruments, such as the telescope affixed to the watchtower.


Peil appears as a young, boyish man, with light skin tone. He has medium length green hair, that he ties on his back, green eyebrows and green eyes. He is seen wearing blueish-gray shoes, blue trousers, and a green long sleeved shirt.


Not much is known about Peil. He seems to prefer things fast-paced, and be able to take the initiative, and has respect for his elders. He also seems to have eyes that notice disorder.[1]


  • He has the same surname as Ran Sairofe, but it is unknown if they are related.


Season 1Edit

Chapter 1: A Girl with a God's NameEdit

1-01 Peil and Roen

(1) Peil and Roen Renode guard the village, and they chat with Kubera Leez for a bit on her way out to find curry mushrooms. He notices and mentions a flaw in Kubera's dress to Roen, and later offers to guard the village alone, so that Roen could join Kubera's birthday party.

1-05 Peil in Leez's dream

(5) He later appears in Kubera's dream, where he suggests Leez as her new first name, and congratulates Kubera on her birthday once the name is chosen. He leaves along with Roen and Anna Haias as the dream ends.


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