Ping Haias is one of Ran Sairofe's classmates from Mistyshore.


Ping appears as a 16 year old boy with dark skin and bright green eyes. He has dark blonde hair and thick black eyebrows.


He seems to have an honest personality and has a playful side, such as when he teases Ran about his feelings for Rana.[1]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


  • He was originally supposed to appear in Kalibloom, but Currygom decided to change that.[2]
  • Due to their shared dark skin, green eyes, and last name, it is speculated that he may be related to Anna Haias.



In N13, he had graduated ahead of his classmate Ran. He talks to Ran about his prospects for graduating until Rana passes by and reminds Ran of his later tutoring session. Ping wonders why she is helping Ran so much, and suggests it may be because she likes him. Ran denies this, and Ping tells him that he should act on his feelings for her before someone else does. Her good looks, talent, and status as a professor make her the ideal woman. Ran explains that the difference in their rate of aging might cause her to be sad, to which Ping responds by exclaiming that he must really love her.[1]

Chapter 31: Your Justice and MineEdit

He appears in the crowd watching Ran and Rana work out their feelings for one another. He teases Ran by yelling out that he should just accept Rana's proposal, since everyone who studied with him knows he's in love with her.


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