Pingara is a rakshasa of the Ananta clan. He/she is part of Sagara's core group and is currently in the human realm. (His gender is unknown, so for convenience this article refers to him with male pronouns.)


In human form, Pingara has light-grayish skin tone. He has long bluish-gray hair and red eyes with vertically elongated pupils. He wears a blueish-black overcoat with a lighter lining on the topside, that covers his entire body. Pingara seems to keep his hair inside the coat and appears to have a tail.

In his sura form, he appears as a large snake with grayish scaled belly and smooth bluish-black top side. He has red eyes and three hornlike extensions on his head, two on the sides and one on the top. The side-extensions are curved front- and downwards, and the top extension has a protruding in the front and is curved backwards. His face is grayish and has a blueish-gray pattern that starts from his eyes and extends to and on large part covers his horns.


Pingara appears to have a serious and quiet personality. He is rarely seen talking to anybody but Riagara and Sagara. Despite this, he's shown not to be as blinded as Ria when it comes to Sagara. For example, in Atera he points out destroying the temple doesn't make sense. Riagara tells him Sagara is always right and to do as he is told.



His past is yet to be revealed.


Pingara first appears defending Sagara and also Riagara against Maruna. He is later shown concealing himself, Sagara and Riagara with his Hiding ability, as they spy on Kubera, Gandharva and Maruna.

He is later involved in the attack on Atera. He is talking to his companions Riagara, Cloche, Clophe, Hura and Maruna as they wait for Sagara's signal. His sura form is first outlined along with Riagara and Cloche, as Sagara introduces them to Brilith. He uses Electric Field to wreck havoc in the city, and later along with Hura and Riagara, witnesses Kasak's and Agwen's arrival. He evades Kasak's Destructive Breath attack with his Spectator ability and stays with Hura, trying to fend off Kasak. Once Kasak has flown away with Maruna, he is seen destroying buildings with physical attacks and talking to Riagara near Sagara and Brilith. Once Agni appears, Sagara summons him and Riagara to her defense. They fail to break through Lorraine's multi layer Hoti Brahma defense and retrieve the Staff of Agni, and retreat to the forest. He and Sagara are protected from the flames that Agni sent chasing after them by Riagara. Pingara later leaves along with Riagara under Sagara's orders.

With the rest of Sagara's army, he appears in season 2 in Kalibloom. After Sagara leaves for the Chaos Temple, he remains with the group outside the city waiting for her report. Pingara also hears form Cloche the circumstances surrounding the Upanis' death. Along with the rest of his group, he's retreating to Rindhallow on Sagara's orders.

Transcendental SkillsEdit


  • He is an expert at hiding.
  • Suffers trauma from being Maruna's constant target.

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