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Teo Rakan is one of the best-known quarters in Kubera

Quarters are humans with at least 25% but less than 50% sura blood. They retain completely human forms, without any non-human trait (except in very rare occasions), unlike halfs.

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Quarters often look very similar to humans, and sometimes the only way to distinguish them is that they live twice as long as pure-blood humans; Eiraheeari Catroshife is an example of a quarter with sura blood so diluted that he only has his long age left.[1] Some quarters still have remaining sura traits, as in the case of Teo and the red marks underneath her eyes.

In contrast to pure-blood humans, the eyes and hair of quarters are usually different colors. Mirha Simon stated this fact after meeting Leez Haias,[2] though it was strongly implied in Season 1 when Maruna tried to deduce Agwen Rajof's relationship to Kasak.[3]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Quarters have a divine affinity and are able to draw power from the gods, like pure-bloods, and magic usage is based on their birth attributes. They often possess more vigor and have a better physical constitution compared to pure-bloods.

They are generally unable to take sura form or use transcendental skills without the aid of a god-class item. One exception to this is Ran Sairofe, who is able to take a stronger form at will, although any additional special abilities other than greater strength and vigor are still unknown.[4]

The abilities of quarters vary with their sura blood percentage and the number of generations removed from their nastika ancestor(s). Both Ran and Lutz are considered to be exceptionally strong quarters, which may be due to the fact that their grandmother is a nastika king. Agwen is speculated to be stronger than average (but she has not shown any special abilities as of yet) because her grandfather is another powerful nastika.


Quarters continue to have the same legal rights as pure-bloods after the N0 Cataclysm, unlike halfs, who still suffer from the stigma of emotional resonance which caused them to kill both family and friends during the Cataclysm.

But records about them entering and exiting a city are made.

Most quarters are born from quarter x quarter parents.


  • Unlike suras and halfs, the eating habits of quarters are no different than those of pure-bloods.


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