Rad Orin is a quarter of Yaksha clan heritage, and one of the thieves who stole the item box containing the Golden Knight in Season 1.


Rad has short, medium brown hair and dark green eyes. He wears a long, black jacket with a pop-up collar, a gray shirt underneath, and black gloves.


Both Rad and his colleague Eria Sein, despite being thieves, do not seem particularly violent, since they plan on using evasive measures in the theft of Lorraine's box, they wait for the kid to leave the scene, and are even concerned about their pursuer's well-being.[1][2]


Season 1Edit

Chapter 5: The Golden KnightEdit

(1) (2) In front of Lorraine's shop in Atera, Ari tells Airi to watch Lorraine's box, which contains a god-level item. However, Airi abandons it instead so she can find a healer for her injuries. The thieves overhear the conversation and decide to steal the goods.

1-29 thieves
(3) (4) They escape on the rooftops, jump down from Atera's high wall, and run into the nearby forest, where their movement is stopped by God Kubera's Binding of God, which makes the stolen box too heavy for them to carry. They drop the box and decide to grab the most valuable items from it and leave the rest.
1-30 thieves open the box
The Half mother quickly realizes that the silver bracelet is the god-level item, and enlightens her son about it. Since they deem the bracelet to be useless directly, they decide to sell it for a high price instead, and are finally stopped by the appearance of adult God Kubera. They instantly flee the scene while begging for forgiveness and promising to live good lives henceforth.

Season 3Edit

Chapter 38: DevastationEdit

3-020 thieves

(1) Outside of Kalibloom at night, Rad holds up a torch as he and Eria notice that the sky under the Chaos barrier has gone dark, as if all the city's lights have gone out. Rad remarks that a problem with the city's lighting system could mean that all the safety devices in the Chaos Forest could also be turned off. Just as he suggests that they take a break in a nearby village, the flame of his torch flares. Both Rad and Eria look on in complete shock as Agni forms from the flame, oblivious to the pair.


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