2-132 the red sky incidents

red sky attacks as described by Mirha[1]

1-06 red sky incident 1

the first attack on Willarv, on a village near Kalibloom[2]

1-06 red sky incident 2

a village near Rindhallow[2]

1-06 red sky incident 3

small settlements near Eloth[2]

Maruna - Crimson Sunshine of Dawn

destruction of Leez's village[3]

If a red sky appears, a village disappears.
– a saying amongst magicians regarding the red sky attacks[2]

The red sky attacks refer to villages and settlements that were annihilated by a powerful blast, preceded by the sky turning red.

They are the work of the rakshasa Maruna, who uses his transcendental skill Crimson Sunshine of Dawn to atomize numerous villages and small towns as he tries to kill specific targets, fulfilling his side of a bargain with God Kubera.

On Carte, the red sky attacks caused hundreds of thousands of casualties. One of these attacks killed Asha Rahiro's mother, and a subsequent attack killed her aunt and uncle.[4]

On Willarv, no survivors of these villages have been found, yet Lorraine Rartia, sent by the Atera temple magicians to investigate the ruins of the latest attack, discovered with a magic item that there was no evidence of dead bodies in Leez's village.

Changing the color of the sky is not entirely unique to Maruna, since Garuda clan suras possess the ability to color the sky using their transcendental skills. For example, Samphati is able to turn the sky yellow. All that humans know about the incidents is that they are the work of a superior sura from the Garuda clan.


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