Resting Place of Ocean Depths
깊은 바다의 안식처
1-84 resting place of ocean depths
Water + Resurrection
Target Range around the user (very wide)
Effect(s) Poison purification, temperature drop, fog (or water/ice) appears, rises power of water-aligned transcendentals, enhances recovery speed for Gandharva clan suras
Requirement Being Gandharva, possible in human and sura form
Known user(s) Gandharva
Blog source Gandharva's skills

Resting Place of Ocean Depths is one of Gandharva's unique transcendental skills.

This transcendental changes the environment in favor of the suras of the Gandharva clan.

As the environment of the sura realm was fatally poisonous for his clan, Gandharva used this skill to purify an area. As it couldn't purify it perfectly, weaker members of the clan still suffered.[1]

Although the duration of this skill is not limited, it continuously drains vigor at a fast rate. Therefore, it is hard to maintain if the vigor recovery rate can't keep up with the consumption.


Gandharva has used this skill on multiple occasions. He used it to block Agni's white flame[2] and to prevent Agni from chasing Maruna.[3] He also used it in Kalibloom while he was in his sura form.[4]


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