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2-107 Rindhallow

Rindhallow is located near the north polar region of Planet Willarv on the Ananta continent. The Temples of Darkness and Death are located here.


1-25 Asha in Rindhallow
1-25 Rindhallow scene

The City of Darkness and Death has been described as a very cold city with an icy environment; animals often starve because of the permanent winter season. It is so cold around Rindhallow that the city has a barrier simply to keep its inhabitants from freezing to death.

The daytime sky above the city and its surroundings is green to green-blue. The trees in this region are primarily dusty purple.

Numerous suras are kept in the city's dungeons as prisoners, to allow magicians to train their Death magic. This, as well as Chandra's mass killing of suras during the Cataclysm, are the reasons why Sagara describes the city as "drenched in the blood of my people" and explains her obsessive desire to completely destroy the city.[1]

Rindhallow is Asha's original goal on her route to Kalibloom, but she changes plans when Airi informs her of the gathering of many suras of the Gandharva, Garuda, and Yaksha clans, most likely preparing for a large-scale attack on the city (which is, in fact, being directed by Maruna and planned by God Kubera). It is also where, four years prior to the main story, Asha took her magic exam together with Brilith.[2]


Rindhallow visible from far away



Temple of DarknessEdit

2-142 overlooking the Temple of Darkness

God of Darkness: Chandra
Priest of Darkness: Laila Hemawati

During N0 Cataclysm, the priest at the time (the precursor to Laila) summoned the god Chandra, who was unaware of the changes in summoning requirements, and thus burned up his summoner's lifespan, also killing many suras in the process.

Temple of DeathEdit

God of Death: Yama
Priest of Death: Claude Yui

Claude has taken a leave of absence and has spent a good deal of time slacking off in Kalibloom. He tries his best to avoid returning to Rindhallow. Laila is angry that he just "up and left" during the Month of Darkness (12th month).


Magician Guild in Rindhallow

Rindhallow Magicians GuildEdit

This is where the magic exams are held. Asha and Brilith were partners when they took their exam here in the year N11.[2]


Rindhallow Magic UniversityEdit

This prestigious university has a magic system that rivals that of Eloth University's Divine Majors.[3] The university has "Magic" in the name because it only has a magic department, unlike the universities in Mistyshore and Eloth.[4]

Hella Private Magic AcademyEdit

This academy is run by the Creation brand Hella. It is a school for girls with a complicated admissions criteria and a notoriously high dropout rate. It is also known as the Witch Academy.

Aurora ForestEdit

The city is surrounded by snow-covered mountains on one side, and on the other side lies the Aurora Forest. It is the location where suras have gathered in order to place the city under siege, and it is also the location of the portal opened by God Kubera to bring Samphati to the human realm.[5]


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