Rinn is a half of Garuda clan heritage. Yuta saves her from being sold in a town near Mistyshore.




1-49 Rinn and Yuta

Rinn appears in chapter 44 where she is being sold on a market of a small town. She has her powers suppressed by crimson neck-piece and stands on display for everybody while shivering and slowly crying. [1]After a long auctioning, she is saved by Yuta, who stops the auction and leads her into the nearby woods. She eventually tries to talk to him, and is quite surprised when he breaks the neck-piece that suppresses her powers. She quickly recovers and opens up to Yuta, but is seriously injured by the hunters' hoti marut, which renders her unconscious. [2] Later, her wounds are healed by Asha's hoti asvins and she is transported to the town, where she is laid on a bed in the hotel where Asha and Leez are staying.[3]

She wakes up in the following morning and follows her saviors into the woods. After a short discussion, Yuta decides to see that she safely makes it to her people. They reach a cliff, where Yuta scares and surprises her by taking her into his arms flying off the cliff with her. She safely makes it into her village and keeps one of Yuta's black feathers as a memento. Someone states that she was saved by a Garuda Half then. She hesitates, then confirms to have been saved by a "Garuda Half with beautiful wings."[4]



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