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1-82 blog 10081063229 Self-sacrifice
Wind + Light + other (2-3 attributes total)
Target multiple nearby objects
Effect(s) recovery
Requirement human or sura form
Known user(s) Shess
Blog source Transcendental skills of supporting characters (2)

Self Sacrifice is a wind- and light-aligned transcendental skill.

It consumes the user's power (physical strength or vigor) to heal the target. (Unless it is used to transfer vigor, there will be almost no vigor consumption.)

It is very inefficient if the target is another sura, as the amount of power consumed is higher than the provided recovery. But on humans, who are much weaker, it can work even better than some of the other healing transcendentals.

Shess uses this skill to heal Ian Rajof at Taksaka's behest when she runs a high fever.[1]

Shess also uses this skill to heal Agwen after breaking up the fight between Kasak and Maruna.[2]


  1. the finite, Chapter 41
  2. KuberaSeason 1 Episode 82: The Night it Rained Fire (19)

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