Shadow Escape is a multi-type transcendental skill that allows the user to teleport to a region where their shadow touches. When in human form, the shadow can be moved to the same range as in sura form. The amount of vigor used by this skill is lower than with normal teleportation. This skill can only use shadows cast by sunlight, so due to weather conditions and the time of day, this skill can become useless.

A user who intends to use this skill repeatedly to escape a pursuer is restricted by the fact that it only allows a single direction of travel. Another issue is whether or not the user depletes their vigor before the pursuer tires from the chase. If the situation is not in the user's favor, it may be better to hide or find other ways to escape other than running away.


Pingara uses this skill when returning from doing reconnaissance along the Chaos barrier shortly before Sagara confronts Teo and Gandharva.[1]


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