Siera Sies is the current Priest of Earth in Kalibloom. He is a cousin of Lorraine Rartia.[1]


He looks as though he is in his teens, when in fact he is already in his thirties. He is actually older than Airi Yui's brother Claude, though most people would think he is younger.

His weight is very low for his height. His cousin Lorraine often mocks him as being a skeleton or an anchovy. Even though a trait of pureblood humans is having the same hair and eye color, both Siera and Lorraine have eyes that are more yellow than their hair color.

Although Siera himself does not appear until Season 2, his image has appeared in Season 1 on occasion.


He takes his position as priest seriously, and gets irritated with Claude, who slacks off from his priestly duties as much as possible.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Being a triple-Kubera magician, Siera is strong with both hoti kubera and bhavati kubera.

Considering his triple attributes with magic ranking #10 as of his introduction, he is surprisingly impractical at fighting. Apart from the Magic Test center, nobody ever saw him fight; he never even participated in any of the Fighter Championships until N19.[4] He also neglects to exercise.

He has a very high divine affinity, and significant vigor for a pureblood human, but he's the type that has difficulty recovering vigor since he's always frowning. He's slightly better at maintaining the barrier than the other priest candidates, without the vigor-draining Golden Knight normally worn by the Priests of Earth.


  • Siera had to stop wearing the Golden Knight after he once unexpectedly ran out of vigor, causing the barrier to suddenly shut down. Eventually, the bracelet was stolen because of this.[5]
  • He accepted money from Asha Rahiro in exchange for promising not to retrieve the Golden Knight if a "stolen goods" law were to be passed. He also agreed not to tell Leez how to remove the bracelet. He did, however, reveal to Leez that he knew how to remove it, but since it was a secret passed down to only Priests of Earth, she can only learn the secret upon becoming an Earth Priest herself.
  • Many readers thought he was female, which Currygom didn't expect.
  • Sierra in Spanish means "mountains." It is unknown if this is the basis for Siera's name, but it seems fitting for a Priest of Earth.
  • He is often seen carrying an object resembling a tree branch with golden brown leaves, which may be a magic item.


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