2-78 Vajra Usage

Asha directs the path of lightning with the aid of a vajra[1]

Unlike Hoti magic and Bhavati magic, silent magic does not require the magician to utter a spell. Agni has stated that silent magic was not an ability originally meant for humans.[2] The more human a magician, the harder it is for them to use silent magic. He lists the following as qualities that make a magician proficient at silent magic:

  • a desire for strength
  • lack of compassion for the enemy
  • a cold-hearted willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of one's objectives.

The type of silent magic a magician can use is decided at birth. Each attribute has 1 or 2 silent magic abilities associated with it. Nobody is required to learn it.[3]

Silent magic itself does not use vigor, but when used with spells that require vigor, vigor consumption increases. hoti indra example: Using hoti indra by itself only uses vigor when cast, but when it is controlled with silent magic, vigor continues to drain out.[4]

List of known silent magic abilitiesEdit

  • Flame Mastery (Fire attribute): Used to control fire, often considered necessary to effectively use hoti agni or Fire-attribute weapons to avoid harming the user.[2]
  • Name unknown (Sky attribute): Used to control the path of lightning magic. Ran Sairofe claims that it's the rarest type of silent magic. Asha Rahiro notes that it consumes too much vigor to be effective normally, but is an extremely useful ability if fighting within the Chaos barrier.[2]
  • Name unknown (Death attribute): Allows the user to see the remaining lifespan of people nearby. It is also a requirement for using hoti yama.[5]
  • Transcendental Resistance (Chaos attribute): Lessens damage from magic and transcendentals. The amount is determined by the number of Nil attributes of the user. single - 30%, double - 60%, triple - 99%.[6] This particular ability seems to be passive, unlike the others. Both Teo Rakan (during her fight with Pingara)[6] and Kaz Lehn (Leez's punching bag) have demonstrated use of this ability.
  • Dream Tracking (Darkness attribute): Laila Hemawati describes it as an ability that can at best be used to wake someone up, and that it is useless compared to other types of silent magic.[7]


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