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1-73 blog 10081063229 spectator
Sky + Darkness + other (2-3 attributes total)
Target self
Effect(s) hiding + perfect defense
Requirement human or sura form
Known user(s) Pingara
Blog source Transcendental skills of supporting characters (2)

Spectator is a sky- and darkness-aligned transcendental skill.

Unlike a typical hiding transcendental, it does not simply make the user invisible. The user is also physically intangible, preventing damage even when the hiding spot is hit.

The user must stay motionless in order to maintain the effect. Proportionally more vigor is used the longer the skill is maintained

There is almost no time wasted in becoming undetectable, but the user will be momentarily paralyzed upon release from the skill. It should be used wisely if the user is in the midst of battle.

Pingara uses this skill to escape from Kasak's Destructive Breath at the last second, after Riagara yells at her team to duck.[1]


  1. KuberaSeason 1 Episode 73: The Night it Rained Fire (10)

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