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Sura speech is a non-verbal language that suras can use to converse over short distances, even in outer space. It appears to be a form of telepathy or based on some form of EM radiation.

Gods can also understand it, as well as a few rare Halfs (such as Elwin). Vritra halfs, unlike most other halfs, can both understand and use it.

Additionally, a sura's "voice" has a different pitch depending on their stage of development.[1] In the males' case, it changes after reaching the 4th stage.[2]



One-way conversation

  • While most humans cannot understand it, suras can understand human speech, making one way conversations possible.
  • It may be an ability that one is born with. If it could be learned, Leny would have learned it from Shess in the 15 years she lived with him.
  • According to episode 2-179, there are certain circumstances in which a human will be able to hear sura speech (but the exact circumstances aren't explained).


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